I feel like I can’t keep up with my habits and routines no matter how much habits I make

Ivan O.
It’s not about how many habits you make. Start with one, commit with one, get that one ingrained and then add another one. Step by step.
Cody G.
Try to focus on one habit. Celebrate maintaining the routine. You will feel motivated and confident about taking on more items, but only do so one at a time and spaced out so that you are not overwhelmed.
Randall U.
I believe self-compassion goes a long way with making changes. Celebrate the small victories, the more exciting it feels to cross these habits off of your daily to-do list, the more you’ll naturally look forward to doing them. Maybe a small treat, a jar that you put coins in each time, take time to thank yourself each time you do something. It sounds silly, but we take the time to degrade ourselves when we slip, we should put at least that much energy into when we succeed.
M Cio Z.
You might consider making fewer habits and routines. Make your list small and then you’ll be able to complete it and gradually add more habits back one at a time
Mabel E.
Shooting for the stars and taking a habit on is great. I believe in starting small. Pick one habit and try it for two weeks. Them take on another one. Remember time is precious and you are in control. Do not worry about accomplishing a lot all at once. When starting small you will see the benefit and mental well being from your small success. As they say, Rome was not built in a day. If you are having a problem finding a habit to stick with, it’s important to find your why. Ask yourself, “why is it important for me to pick a habit and change my life.” It’s from here you will find your motivation.
Tristan U.
Try starting off small. Rather than putting in a bunch of things you want to do in the morning, work your way up. Start with making your bed. Affirming you’re going to have a good day. And grooming. Add things you think you have time for, like taking your vitamins. Remember you can move things to different times of the day.