How do you keep yourself from continuously checking your phone through the day?

Lindy G.
I use an app called Freedom to only allow me on social media at certain times, an app called RescueTime to log what I spend time on, and I answer non-urgent messages at scheduled times as well as checking email maybe one or twice a day.

Hans Eberhard O.
Sampai saat ini ak masih ketergantungan bgt sama hp karena merasa ga ada kerjaan lain. Ini adalah salah satu kebiasaan yg pgn aku ubah kedepannya pelan2.

Marli U.
I use the app called AppBlock for this. I have set up a maximum allowance of 30min for social media, 30min for games on my phone and 30mins for any online shopping links and apps including Amazon. I have also set all of the above to be inaccessible from 10pm until 8am to stop me going to sleep and waking up with social media.

Christiaan P.
Start putting it one mute, and then lay it screen down on the table. And don't touch it. It's an addiction so it's going to take some dedication to create a new routine for your life. Maybe start wearing a watch so you don't even have to check the time anymore. If you are at home mute the phone and just leave it some were in another room. Stop keeping it by our site all the time. Good Luck. If you want to, you can!

Victoria X.
I turn it off;(completely,I shut it down) just before I get off my morning bus and leave it buried at the bottom of my schoolbag, out of my sight, then turn it on just after getting on my bus home so that way it can't distract me and I won't think about it when I'm doing important work. When I get home, I leave it to charge so I don't constantly see and think about it.

Matteo Q.
I work full time so i can't keep checking my phone, i have responsibilities at work that make me forget where i put my phone throughout the day.

Anthony S.
I put my phone away for a while or put it in silent mode. Sometimes I leave my phone at home. Also I remove apps like Netflix when I use them more than I want to. Good luck!

Sheila O.
I have the curiousity of what's happening on the outside world and always find out the information from my mobile phone as it is convenient to get access to.

L Rke P.
At this point I do not look at my phone until after my morning routine is completed and the first habit of my evening is to disconnect so it goes off then or shortly after (I’m responding to this question after). I haven’t limited it in between these times – yet. Best wishes to you. Baby steps.

Holly U.
I have this app called forest (android) you "plant a tree" ( set a timer) and whole the tree is growing you can't exit the screen or the tree will die. It's taught me to live without my phone.

Alex Z.
I talk with my friends instead of checking my phone and when i feel the urge to check it I tell myself to do it later. I check messages maybe once in two hours and you can also it but you can start with maybe not checking your phone for 30minutes and then work you way up. And you need to realize that you choose how you live your life.Either you live it every second or you don't and you spend your time watching your phone

Clara P.
I fill my day will activities unrelated to my phone. When I am with my family I am unattached to my phone. The most important thing is being present for them.

Mya Q.
By using the App "Forest" or by simply hanging our with other people, because I find it unpolite to be on your phone while talking to someone personally.

Earl Q.
I have a todo list and when I’m in the process of completing an errand or a task. I silence my phone and don’t look at it. I keep a notebook on me and a pen so anything I think of while I’m doing my task I write it down. Even if it has something to do with me phone. Then once I’m done, I reward myself with a 15 minute break. In those 15 minutes I do what I wrote down. Call someone, text someone, check something, maybe go in social media. Then after 15 minutes I go right to the next thing in my list. The only time I touch my phone while I’m complete it a task is if I get a phone call.

Elli N.
Hello! This is a super common habit many people have, so don’t feel alone in this! Here are some ways to help break this habit. You could always snooze notifications on your phone, keep your phone in a different place of the house, set up a time limit on your phone in settings, or get an app similar to ‘forest’ which helps with concentration and not using your phone in times you need to focus. I think the most helpful one of these tips is keeping your phone in a different room than the one you are in. If you are trying to relax and disconnect from the online world, keeping your phone away form you is super helpful, this will also help with waking up in the morning, because you will have to get up to shut off your alarm. I hope these tips are helpful for you! Goodluck!😊

Jai F.
There are apps that you can download. Your Hour is a good app, you can set limits but it's just good so you can see your pattern

Gloria B.
Stay off social media as much as I can. Look for stuff to do that doesn’t include my phone ( cooking cleaning do my hair etc..

Ale T.
It's hard for me not to checking all the moments…I still am not so good in this. But sometimes when I am at home, I leave the cell in the bedroom and try to forget it

Kieran Z.
i usually turn my notifications off for any apps i use very frequently throughout the day, that way i can not see anything people are saying! it has been working perfect on me:)

Anton C.
I’m still struggling with this myself, but the most effective solution I’ve found is just shutting it off completely and putting it out of sight during periods that I need to focus. It’s a little extreme,but it’s helped me a lot.

Lea F.
Structure your time through the day. Have times that you allow as phone time, and times where the phone is away. That way when you have the urge to check your phone during ‘non phone time’ you can remind yourself that you have a structured time ahead, to check and use your phone.

Emma O.
Get an Android phone. It has a light that tells you when you get a message. You don't have to check every minute. Also there currently are tons of options to change messages and they are working on new features in which you can turn off all notifications for a set time.

Kurt N.
Usually I use to do something that distracts me from checking my phone all the time like drawing, reading, go out with friends and have fun with them. Another method that can be useful is to silence the phone and hide it somewhere (in my bag or in the desk of my room).

Tanya N.
I donot have much affection with my phone
I Just need it for searching something other related to myself …… I donot check much social media it’s once or twice in a day . Sometimes I get swayed away by the vedios on YouTube and kill my time doing nothing …. I only check out my goals on fabulous at night

Emily W.
i use screen time to regulate which apps are on during the day – so like the reverse of what it’s designed to do. i set it for 11am – 7pm and only turn on messaging and social media for 15 min increments if there is something specific i need to do 🙂

Brandy N.
I work as a paralegal and I hide it under a stack of papers. I know that sounds silly but my family and my boss have different ringtones so I don’t try to find it until I hear one of those.

Francisco Q.
My phone is usually on vibrate and I distract myself by doing more important things when I'm bored.

If I'm looking checking my phone for validation, I just tell myself "I don't need to find validation from notifications other people send me." Just go about your business like it's 2008 and enjoy life.

Ray T.
Turn off notifications, move social media apps to the last page and maybe in a folder. Make it take effort to reach for social media or a news feed, so you have time to catch yourself!

Limpho Q.
I find it very hard to take long before checking my phone. What I have done is to mute notifications in order to minimize checking every message that comes

Liana J.
My phone ringer is turned off, only vibrates with calls. I turn off notifications for texts and emails. I do not allow push notifications to run my day. I check my phone at certain breaks in my day but do not let it run my day or control my focus. I try to beat my screen time each week.