My grades are kind of bad. What should I do to make them good?

Francis J.
Find what mood helps you focus the most and practice studying when it’s mentally the easiest. Find a way to turn anything you find tedious into something you enjoy i.e eating plain rice, enjoying the rain. If you can do that you should have no issues concentrating! If you don’t understand something look for somebody who has more knowledge on the subject but more importantly can be trusted to be a reliable source of information.
Jonas W.
Find a way for you to study, and study smarter, not harder. Make sure to eat healthy, get sleep, and exercise! Your brain can’t be healthy if your body isn’t. Also try to beat the procrastination bug! Put away all distractions and get your work done ahead of time so you can review it later. Try to be well-rounded, and remember to take a break every so often! And remember, even if you have bad grades, that doesn’t make you dumb. School tests your memory more than your intellect.
Christian T.
First of all, why are they kind of bad? Did you try really hard but it’s difficult? Than don’t beat yourself up on that. Remember that grades don’t define who you are.
If you didn’t learn really hard.. also don’t beat yourself up. In both cases it will only make you feel bad. Use the pomodoro method. Study for 25 min, and after that do something else for 5 min. You’ve got apps for it. And really, the most important thing is to ask for help. Just like you did now. For example from a teacher, friend, family… so that you can talk about it. I learned that the hard way. And in all cases, don’t be to harsh on yourself and don’t just give up ^_^ greetings from the Netherlands.
Zoe U.
I’m not at uni anymore but I wish I would have had some of this self improvement stuff when I was in school. Use every resource you have, peers, after class teachers, internet. Try to see school as practice. I hope that what you are studying for is connected to your passion. If not, it’s still possible to get good grades. Do your best and make time to study. Go for 30 min to an hour at a time. Then take a break. Then do it again.
Billie W.
Keep your mind focused on improving. You have a starting point to work from. Focusing on the negative won't help you to improve your grades. Focusing on improving and creating a plan would allow you to both improve your grades and get a better understanding of the subject overall.
Ludwina T.
Find the most fun way to learn. Build on your strengths. It’s a long race and you don’t have to cross the line at the same time as everyone else. Focus on what is important for you and put your biggest effort there. Never give up on doing your best for yourself but don’t compare yourself with others
Harold O.
Study ahead. Do not leave everything to the last minute. Try different study methods. What works for others may not work of you. Try to find out how your memory works. Stay away from distractions and instant gratifications like social media when studying. Get enough sleep and stay hydrated for better chances to be productive during the day.