How often do you meditate? What benefits does it bring?

Teresa Y.
I try to meditate 15 minutes every day.
The most important thing is consistency, do it every day even if only for a minute or two.
Becoming more mindful can allow you to be more aware of your actions and emotions.
An unexamined life is not worth living.
Ernst Dieter T.
I've just stared meditating for just 5 minutes every evening. I've noticed it helps me relax and wind down especially after being in front of a screen all day. I usually spend 20-30 minutes reading afterwards just to stay in that relaxed state.
I've never sat down and purposely meditated before, but since my late teens I have actively tried to calm my thoughts and slow down both my mind and actions. After beginning these short meditations I can see how that has contributed to my calm demeanor and level-headedness: my family and coworkers have been commenting on this recently as I've been going through a stressful time.
Vanessa F.
About twice or three times a week…I think the greatest benefit is that it reminds me to be present in the moment and that worrying too much about the past or the future is of no use and i would miss so much that’s happening at that time in that place.
Lucas Z.
Actually I sit for meditation everyday for 5-10 minutes. But I don't know I'm doing it right or not… Mind still wanders and I've little control over it.
Ljiljana E.
I do it everyday. It helps to keep me calm. I am working on the focus. Sometimes it really makes a difference.
Dwight P.
I meditate every morning for around 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s guided, through the app, and sometimes it’s semi-guided through Headspace. I m
Karl C.
I’ve been trying to meditate every morning on my way to work. I’m stuck in traffic a lot so the meditation sessions help me stay focus and relaxed.

The Sage and the Child session has been the most impact session yet. Something clicked in me. I don’t know what it was but I felt like it all made sense. After listening to the first session, I found myself a constantly reminding me to be the Sage and not the Child. As a result I’ve been more productive and have been able to incorporate more goals into my routine (AND I’ve been able to stick to it).

Jessica P.
I meditate almost nightly, as I go to sleep. As someone with chronic insomnia, it helps me drift off to sleep much easier.
Lisa T.
I meditate everyday for at least 5 minutes. Meditation helps me improve my focus, calm myself when I am stressed or feeling overwhelmed and improve my overall mood.
Charlotte Y.
My goal is to meditate every day for 35 minutes. I have noticed if I go longer than a day without doing it my mind misses out on the benefits I have gained of a clear mind, peace, comfort, mindulness, focus, and relaxation. Meditation helps me not to be worried and anxious in even the most trying of situations.
Antonin Q.
Over the years I've mediated off and on. I'm starting again with the fabulous app. To be honest, mediation leaves me in a state of frustration bse I can't seem to focus or connect to the mindfulness of it. I'll keep trying but I often leave annoyed at not feeling nothing. I prefer yoga, maybe bse this mindful technique encoroerates movement with focus so it's easier for me to let go and focus only on yoga and my moves. Hope this has helped xx
Eva F.
I try to meditate at least once a day. It really helps set the mood for the rest of my day. I am a lot more adept to the normal stresses during the day. I don't lose my temper as often, and I show kindness to those around me.
Mia Z.
I try and meditate daily, sometimes it's like smoking a bowl, it doesn't calm me down instantly but I definitely notice a difference later on in the day. I know I need to do it more often