How do you remember to keep stretching? I stretch in the morning but get so busy I forget to do it later, so how should I do it?? Thanks in advance ❤️

Rosalyn P.
I stretch every morning in bed, & then every evening before getting into bed. Other than that I only stretch after working out or sitting for a long period of time. When I worked in an office (I’m a painter now) I would stretch before going to lunch and while waiting on my tea to brew in the break room around 3 pm. In other words, by making it routine.😀

Katrine G.
Set an alarm! It’s so important for your body to not sit or stand in a static position all day. Take time on your lunch break or even a bathroom break to do a few stretches!

Na L E.
I am pretty new to this myself so can relate. One thing I am going to try is experiment with different times in the morning to pair it with another activity I am already doing successfully. This way I associate one activity as a reminder to do the next.

For example stetchjng after one of the following; eating breakfast, having a shower, brushing teeth.

I have read it is recommended to warm up your muscles and walk around for a while before streatching to avoid pulling a muscle or causing injury. For that reason doing it immediately after waking up is not the best time.

Otto Y.
Put a sticky note where you will see it, reminding you to stretch. Or, you can put a reminder on your phone. Good luck!😀

Logan Z.
I stretch all the time. At my desk, in the kitchen, while brushing my teeth, in the bed, etc. I think understanding your body and getting in touch with all the muscles and ligaments can be a catalyst. I’m a dancer and I come from a medical background. I also took anatomy in school. I have a good working understanding of when something feels tight, which direction to move and pull to release that tension. Give yourself some solid background knowledge to build off of and it will come more naturally. You will FEEL the need to stretch rather than have to remember to do it. 😊

Lo C E.
I stretch in the morning while still in bed. I do my joints, cat and cow, fold arm through and child’s pose. I also like the utkatasana repetitive suryanamaskar.

Carole J.
I make sure I stretch at the same time each day at a time when I won’t get interrupted. Normally after kids have gone to school and before I start work. A routine here is definitely a must. I find this much more difficult on the weekends when family/work routines change!!

Kent E.
Just try to do stretching just after you woke up in the morning. I don't make some long difficult stretching. It takes 1 minute for me just after my sleep when I am in bed. Just a few stretching for hand, legs and back muscles with the thoughts and words of gratefullness for coming new day and new opportunities! 😉

Alvin G.
I forget anything that I am not reminded of in some app, so can relate. For stretching, I usually just do it three times a day – in the morning, afternoon and before bed. I actually use Fabulous for all three as I have morning, afternoon and evening rituals setup here, with stretching habit in all three. If you're looking to do it more often, you can probably setup 'stretching' rituals with just one habit and set an alarm to whenever works for you. Hope that helps 😊

Elenise T.
I have several alarms on my phone a day,. For my children to get to bed,.. to put them in the shower,.. to cook dinner and to exercise,. It's a constant reminder,. If I can't do the task on time I push snooze which lasts ten minutes,. I keep hitting snooze until it's done,. I hope that helps 😁

Lino O.
You can write a reminder on a piece of paper or just a sticky note to stretch maybe on your phone or a object you use a lot in the morning stick it on the object or phone and when you wake up you can be reminded to stretch! Hope this helped 💗