How do you just get out of bed and make breakfast without laying in bed for an hour?

Terrance T.
I am forced out of bed by 4 miniature humans who are hungry and excited to start the day or commence war among one another. When I wake up before them I weigh the importance of getting slightly more sleep vs getting me time. Sometimes me time wins and sometimes that alone time isn't what I WANT to be doing, but what I NEED to be doing. Those days, I feel more prepared for the day. I feel more patient. I feel like a better mother. But most days, sleep wins and I try to be accepting of that choice.
Tess T.
I tell myself it’s important to get up and eat. If I want to become the person I want to be, I have to be motivated to try.
Hakan X.
I get up, I lay awake for about 5 minutes and listen to some music. Then I make my bed, get dressed so I'm fully up when I'm eating my breakfast.
Yomerly E.
For me, I try to motivate myself to get out of bed and start my day by thinking about what and how many good things won’t happen because I will be laying in my bed all day doing nothing but napping and scrolling through my phone. I could be taking a walk, coloring, or getting work done instead of being in bed. Breakfast also convinces me to get out of bed because I love food!