How do I stop hitting the snooze button?

Heather P.
Let’s face it, you know just how many times you hit that button. Do you really believe that the interruption is going to give you the extra sleep you want? It isn’t because now your brain is awake and aware so good luck making those extra minutes count as rest. Instead try changing your alarm to accommodate your snooze button habit. If your alarm is set for 6am and you hit the snooze twice for the “extra” 20 minutes, just set your alarm for 6:20 am instead and get up when it goes off. Also it helps if you have your alarm across the room away from your bed so hitting the snooze button won’t be so tempting. Seriously, once your feet hit the floor your bladder takes control and then your stomach. By then you are up for the day.

Kelly N.
Create a specific habit or activity in the morning that will motivate you in the morning. For example, I look forward to getting up in the morning to exercise.

Katarina W.
set your phone a bit further away from you, so that u actually have to get up to snooze it or to turn it off, and set a differeent alarm sound, cause i was snoozing my alarm when i got used to the sound of it, but when i put a new sound, i got alerted and couldn't just snooze it

Tina N.
I’ve struggled with this one on and off a lot and I’ve found two things help. First is putting my phone or alarm on the other side of the room so I have to walk to turn it off. Second is going to bed early enough to get enough sleep that I don’t constantly feel like I’m fighting for those extra minutes in the morning. It’s still hard and I’m not always perfect but it’s helped drastically cut down on my snooze button habit! I also try not to be too hard on myself when I do hit snooze because that seems to make me spiral into worse sleep habits than when I try and cut back with self compassion. Hope this helps!

Evi M.
Put multiple alarm times and try to hide your alarm clock around the room, far away from your bed or maybe sometimes outside of your room before the night that you are going to bed. It will force you to try to find the alarm and move around that could maybe help to keep your body awake will try to search for the alarm clock.

Thanaa M.
Go on your phone and scroll through tiktok or any outher apps on your phone , you can also get your neighbor to phone you in the morning to wake you up

Violet Y.
The chance of you is 1 in 2 billion. What are the chances of us evolving exactly the way we did. What are the chances of every single ancestor before you having a child and that child living? You are so special! You are made from stardust and you know you want to be better. Every time you hit snooze you are refuting your potential to be this amazing person you are, this 1 out of 2 billion, so prove that you can take the actions nessisary to get what you want, to get what you deserve.

Katrin Z.
Place your alarm out of reach, that way even if you instantly or subconsciously reach for the snooze button you're too far away to be successful and are forced to wake up, walk across the room, and then silence the alarm.

Laura W.
My routine is really messed up. So when i wake up the first thing i do is meditate just for 15 mins . all you have to do is sit up on your bed, play a guided meditation and follow that. After that i feel motivated enough to journal, write in my manifesto on notebook, and pray. You can also listen to the music you love while journaling

Hanan F.
Just put your phone away That way you will have to get up to get your phone to stay quiet so put your phone away that's what I do:)

Laura A.
I need to make a decision and stick to it. No more excuses. Set my alarm for the real time I want to get up and just do it.

Kelly N.
Well I’m not really a good person to answer that but being excited for something when you wake up is great like plan something that makes you excited or look forward to getting up almost like a reward and celebrate and praise yourself every time you succeed

Lyssa N.
Keep the phone out of your reach, so if you have to get up to get the phone to snooze it you'll be up anyway just make sure not to go back to bed 😉

Grace U.
You put ur phone far away from you so you have to get up to turn it off and by the time you get up you won't want to get back in bed cuz youve already gotten up so yeah idk

Dee N.
You remind yourself of the three ways you set up to achieve the goal in the first place. Hitting the snooze button won’t help you achieve the goal to sleep. It’s only a distraction.

Nadeshda U.
I find it helpful to keep my alarm across the room, but if that doesn't work try planning out a morning breakfast/treat/activity you really enjoy to give yourself incentive to not hit the snooze button. It helps if you can give yourself a time constraint (if I snooze I won't have time to do THIS). For me it's reading before I have to leave for work 😊

Baby N.
Use the 5 second rule. After hitting you alarm…and you feel like sleeping in, count from 1 to 5 and when you reach 5…get up

Shelly F.
Place your alarm somewhere that's hard to reach Give yourself a reason to wake up Get physical exercises
Engage your other senses Follow a sleep schedule Go to sleep earlier Adjust your alarm to a different time like if you want to wake up at 7:00am then set your alarm on 6:45.

Annabelle T.
Put your alarm device away from where you sleep so that you have to get moving to turn it off, this will help you wake up and you won't be as tempted to go back to sleep because you are already up. Another thing you can do is drink a glass of water before turning your alarm off so that you get extra energy and won't want to go back to sleep.

Argemiro Q.
Hitting the snooze button this nightmare again… And it never stops ringing, I just need 5 more minutes..
Always the same thing. First of all, drinking water can literally wake up my mind as soon as I open my eyes. Then, what helps me especially the bad days is listening to some guided meditation audio or video. I tend to find new ones they will boost my mind to wake up and take in energy and positivity.
What I have noticed that wakes me up instantly is having something to do. What I mean is that from the night before, I have a list in mind of things to do and I always try to add something that I really really like. So, I wake up instantly to do that very thing. For me, washing the dishes wakes me up since it gives me time. A boring activity lets my mind take its time to wake up. So think about a list of things to do and most of all things that you like.

Jesse P.
you just have to force yourself immediately to get up quickly and suddenly. i find as soon as you hit snooze once it’s incredibly hard to stop. instead of giving yourself time to think about it, you just have to do jt

Emory F.
I have stopped using my phone as an alarm because ot is too esay to snooze. I have a digital watch that can be set to beep at one time only, and the knowledge that this is my one and only alarm that will wake me up makes me pay attention when it goes off. Since it is so hard to set another alarm, it is not likely that I will try to do that just to sleep for 5 more minutes. I also get up at the same time very day during weekdays, which helps.

Erin N.
I’m not sure. It is one of my worst habits. I even try setting the alarm with a song that makes me want to get up… and I still hit snooze. Please let me know if you figure out how not to hit snooze, I would love the help 👍

Graeme N.
What helped me with this was getting to bed earlier and having a set bed time to allow me at least 7:30 hrs of sleep before the time when I would like to wake up. Having a half an hour bed time routine prior to sleeping and avoiding any screens and tech is also great to help with any insomnia that would get in the way of a longer sleep time and feeling fresh when that alarm goes off. It might even get you to a point of being awake just before it goes off.😊

Morgan E.
I never really hit the snooze button but i do set many alarms five to 10 minutes after the one before. But how I like to think of it is, i’m going to regret not waking up so i might as well get up now. it will be hard at first but eventually i got used to and you will get used to getting up at the time you would prefer and it will become easier.

Terra U.
Just focus on your goal. Why did you have alarm however you know you going to hit the snooze button?. Just remember one thing if u can beat this and wake up. You are going to have a great day. Think Positive.

John G.
To stop hitting the snooze button, you should sleep early. Because from most of the time the reason why we always hit the snooze button it's because, we always lack of sleep. So sleep early.

Matthew U.
I used to never have trouble with this… Then life piled up. I became more weary and found everyday mundane. Eventually as I became severely depressed and anxious I would hit that snooze button. I would not bounce out of bed like I used to. I found that it was a health related issue and after years of begging doctors for help I found the issue stemmed from a childhood illness. Because of my young age it was overlooked – I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Initially it was a shock as I wasn't allowed to drive. Then a silver lining was found. I started waking up more refreshed. I would say investigate the cause of your habit. Why do you hit snooze? If it's just a bad habit then treat yourself with care. Slowly work your way to not hitting snooze. Try limit the number of.times your phone alarm allows you to hit snooze. Bring the number down until you disable snooze entirely. Make a morning routine to welcome the day and try to just breathe along the way.

Josephine F.
What helps me is instead of using the snooze button, to set up two alarms 5min appart to wake up. It stops you from getting in the psychological trap of extending something, and also gives you a trigger after the second alarm, that it's really time to wake up.

Andrea O.
Eating less sugar, gluten and dairy helped me to sleep better and wake up before my alarm clock. And having a morning routine to look forward to helps to get me out of bed.

Silvia G.
Put your phone or alarm clock out of reach, in a place where you would have to get up to press the snooze button. Even if you did, you would be already up then.

Todd U.
U r hitting the snooze button bc inherently, u dont want to get out of bed. U r not excited enough for ur waking life to start. There s nothing wrong with that, its okay to not feel ok, but take this time to reflect. Maybe put ur phone somewhere u cant reach without leaving ur bed. When u turn off the alarm, take the time to reflect, or just do nothing. Especially during these pandemic times, its important to plan in a moment in ur morning routine where u reflect about ur life and what u want to achieve that day, and what u want to be mindful about that day. Just don't pressure urself by waking up and saying, "I need to be productive.". Wake up saying, a new day has started, and Im going to enjoy it the best I can today. Because our best is different every day, and thats okay.

Jamie R.
You do you.. If life is so hectic..maybe you deserve you time.. set alarm hour earlier.Enjoy your extra snooze time..You deserve it!!

Lyssa N.
Tofu scrambles, quinoa breakfast bowls, oatmeal with peanut butter , and baked quinoa egg muffins are just a few of the delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes that are high in protein

Ringo C.
when ur alarm goes off, try opening ur eyes for as long as you can. dont just close them and go back to sleep. acknowlede the alarm went off, u set that alarm for a reason..

Niklas E.
Find a purpose to get up. Something positive. I my self go to a deck of cards. Everycard has a message for the day. I like to choose a card and see what it is.
And also I like the quiet walk, and the breakfast. If I dnooze, I miss out pn my habit I reslly like.

Kelly Z.
I heard about this app that has an alarm that you have to do some task in order for it to stop. That’s on a phone and not an alarm clock, but I think that would be handy. Also, I know this sounds super obvious, but I found once I went to bed allowing me enough sleep through the night, I started waking up before my alarm around the same time every morning. Worth a shot 🙂 Good luck!

Breanna P.
Think of it this way: if I am thinking that sleep is better than waking I’m going to hope for more sleep, but if you think something is better for you when you’re awake then chances are you’ll be wide awake. If you start with what to look forward to at night so it’s in your mind while you sleep you may remember and stop feeling the need to sleep more. For example, if I know I have a vacation tomorrow that I look forward to I will want to be awake for that even if it was a 4:00 am flight or if I know I get to have a special breakfast tomorrow I will likely be more awake to enjoy it.

Adosindo Q.
I’m not really sure, i find it very hard to wake up in the morning. I think the best thing to do is think about why your getting up, for instance i am getting up for work which is going to lead to my future running the company or something like that. Think about why your doing what your doing and that will not motivate you to get out of bed.

Sage U.
Put it out of the way. If you can’t simply reach the alarm, it’ll force you to get up and out of bed and it’ll make it easier for you to just wake up then! Do some stretches as you get up too and instead of going back to sit in your bed after, get dressed and go downstairs!

Laly T.
Put your Phone as far as you can from your bed so you cant reach it from your bed and you want it to stop ringing so it makes you get out of your bed it helped me so I think you should give it a try 🤗

Tatiana M.
Sleep more! Shift your sleeping schedule an hour earlier and if it still needed more, shifting it an hour earlier. Cut from your agenda activities that are not important (e.g. social media, watching tv), and if there's anything important pending to resolve, trust me your well-rested brain will sorted fast enough in the morning.

Baptist J.
Is have few advice
1 Live the phone cross the room that you need to get up
2 After you wake up drink glass of water because you are degraded
3 Prepare everything night before
4 Ride down your goal for next day
5 Make your morning habits
6 You have to known why you get up early
7 Be good for yourself because you try every day and Don’t give up ❤️

Kintha Z.
Um what I do is either put the alarm near the toilet so I have to walk to it to turn it off and then I do my business or I put another alarm 1 minute after the original alarm so now I have 2 to turn off which disrupts my oversleeping so I get up. Also, I read that if you wake up and say I had a good night's sleep then that would trick your body into believing that it did.

Hansj Rg T.
Eating better the night before. Getting real restful sleep. A little exercise. A little sun. Being easier on myself before bed. Having something I am excited to hop out of bed to do that day. If I’m looking forward to the morning that may help me. Like when I was a little kid.

Marie Charlotte Z.
I would advise you if it’s an alarm on your phone to wake up, to put your phone out of reach (so you’ll have to get up and walk to turn it off and by then you won’t go back to sleep). Also making the intention the night before to DO IT. You can also penalize yourself if you hit the snooze button by giving for example X amount of money to charity (if you don’t usually give to charity) and then maybe you’ll want to both give charity AND do the thing you are postponing!

Nancy G.
I had this problem several years ago. I solved it by moving my alarm clock across the room, as I have to get out of bed to hit the snooze button and turn off the alarm. It is not perfect, but it is better. On workdays, I go to bed earlier, when not taking classes, and when taking classes if it is possible. Do I do this perfectly? No; thus, I still have “fire drill” days—get it done as fast as you can, skimp where you can, and exit the house as fast as you can. The problem I have encountered is age has a way of making you not want to be in “fire drill” mode daily. Thus, the need for adherence to an earlier bedtime. Presently, I am working on convincing myself to move my shower to the evening, it will save me 30 minutes in the morning. Plus, if I would get up earlier, I could do an hour of homework before leaving the house. Hard part is making this work. I tested the shower idea and like it. Next step is repeat the p.m. shower. Like Fabulous teaches, “one step/habit at a time”.

Leonard U.
I think that this is something that hasn’t a real answer, I mean that you have to discipline yourself and imagine this snooze button doesn’t even exist. Tell yourself:  « The alarm is ringing, this is the time my past self decided to wake me up so now I listen to it and don’t make myself late and feel bad later. » It might seem risky and hard but you can also (if you’re not doing it yet) set the alarm at the latest time you can allow yourself to wake up so when the alarm rings you know that you already have to hurry even without snoozing. I hope that makes sense haha and yeah have enough sleep, you can do this

Jac P.
Just do it bro. Stop with ur procrastination excuses.
Better yet, prioritize your actions. Is doing what makes you fabulous (morning stretch, drinking water, fry an egg) better or is reaching that phone more necessary? You get to choose
Just think.

Asta W.
Hello. Well, I think that it comes sooner or later. At one point i got fed up by the fact that I did not have time for my routines that i build. So if you have a certain routine, I think it can help you to not hit the snooze button. BUT it has to be a routine that you like in a way or other (ex. it relaxes you, it helps you to helps you to have more time because you have a schedule that you follow). It is good to know why you do the things that you do. When the moment comes i think that you will have times when you still will hit snooze, but do not give up. Just keep trying. Good luck 🙂

Rachel F.
I use the Fabulous exercises alongside a health and fitness App called Aaptiv. It has a full range of exercises, with 4 levels of intensity and from 5 minutes to over 45 minutes. I can mix and match depending on how I feel and how much time I have.

Peer N.
Buy getting up as soon as your alarm goes off. Or not setting an alarm and keeping the blinds up letting the natural light come in

Ema E.
Buy a real alarm clock. There are a lot of tipes of them. I like the best the classic one because it is REALLY loud and after that you just can't fall asleap again. And don't put the clock near your bed. Put it somewhere where you would need to stand up to shut it down

Maddison S.
Put some happy music for your alarm. Creating a mindset that you are happy and grateful and ready to start your day is the best way to get out of bed. If you are tired when you wake up, try going to bed a little bit earlier.

Yuki V.
I use the alarm system on my cellphone, and I leave my phone far, about at least 5 steps away from my bed night before. When the alarm goes off, I need to walk to stop it and drink a glass of water next to my phone.

Maddie T.
Go to bed a little earlier. Put your alarm clock across the room. Sit up as soon as you wake up. Once you sit up silence your alarm and take a big drink of water to wake you up

Ana F.
Make your own voice audio telling you to not use the snooze button, hearing yourself might help you remind why you can't.

S F.
Get up and do whatever you are hitting the snooze button for. If it is getting out of bed get out now! Is it a fabulous routine alarm? Do what you have added to your routine. Don't leave it hanging. All this hard work is going to pay off. Believe in me. Best of luck.

-a random person

Hiltrud O.
Try to forget that such a thing exists. Its a tempting last resort when getting out of bed feels impossible. Thats when you need to remember that getting up only takes a second.

Cl Mence O.
If you're hitting the snooze button because you're tired then maybe you need more rest. If you're hitting the snooze button because you're feeling lazy then make it a point to place your phone across the room. I like to lay out items that will keep me awake along the way to the phone, i.e. my laptop, running shoes, journal, etc as a way of reminding myself why I need to get the day started! Good luck!

Emile O.
Put the alarm far away- across the room, perhaps. And maybe even set it to something super annoying, but not agrivating.

Force yourself to get up and walk around to turn it off, and maybe turn on the lights or make yourself sit down instead of heading back to bed.

Charyss P.
Always remember why you need to wake up immediately and think the effect you get when you always hit the snooze button. Also, always think if you late one steps another person take one steps early than you

Reginaldo Q.
Make sure your alarm clock or phone (whatever device you use to set an alarm on) is out of reach. That way you'll have to get out of bed quite a ways to turn it of. In doing so you're less tempted to go back to sleep since you've allready left the comfort of your blankets. As an addition, you might want to try going to the toilet immediately so you start to wake up a little there, this prevents you from going back to bed even more.
The bottom line is, the more time you spend out of bed trying to turn of the alarm etc, the less likely you are to snooze afterwards!

Holli N.
When my alarm goes off I need to focus on something to avoid falling back asleep. I open my headspace app and complete their morning breaths and wake up video.

Jennifer J.
First of all I am very excited about this change and I am also going to bed early and preparing myself for good sleep by listening deep sleeping meditation, I thing I am going early to bad and I am pretty sincere about this change, that's why I am able to wake up early.

Nicole S.
Easy, by just doing it. Then you realize that snoozing the button can either make you even lazier or feel worse as each day goes by. You will know by then, that to snooze your habits is the same as torturing yourself slowly and cruelly, that what you need is that very good habit that you snoozed.

Veronika F.
I have the same problem. What helps me is setting goals for the morning. For example, get up at 8, so that you can eat breakfast with your family. Or tell other to through you out of bed. If you live alone I can recommend setting early meetings with others in the one office or learning meetings. Then you have no chance but to get up earlier.
And I started to work on getting in to bed earlier. This also helps me getting enough sleep and not regretting to stand up after 6 hours 😀
You can do it 💪

T Ssia Q.
it's super easy make sure you get a good night sleep and set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier so you have 10 minutes to refresh and wake up slowly

Faustino A.
I just force myself to sit upright as soon as I hear the alarm. that wakes me up at least a little, and males me think about why I actually want to wake up a little more clearly. you could try setting the brightness on the phone high, but that seems so unpleasant so we'll stick with willpower 🙂

Wallace O.
I don't really turn on my alarm but if I do, I stop hitting the snooze button if I'm ready to get up earlyn in the morning. If my alarm is for a specific purpose of starting a project/school works, I stop hitting the snooze button if I'm motivated enough to finisg the task.

Ema E.
I know THE BEST thing tjat is working for me. You can install Alarm Clock Xtreme. It is app that will wake you up regularly. This is how it works: when the alarm starts ringing, ut won't stop untill you solve some math problems. So you are basicly

Martin Z.
I used to do that too. I had to put my phone (or alarm clock if youre using that) outside my reach from the bed. So when the alarm started i have to get up from the bed and turn it off. The key is not returning to the bed after you turn off the alarm (which can be quite difficult). Eventually, i have started to wake up at the same time everyday (yes including weekends, holiday etc) and now i have minimal troubles oversleeping, even when my alarm is on my fitness band. Hope this helps 🙂

Ruben O.
You have to remember why you downloaded this app in the first place. Was it to waste your storage or to help you become the better person that you want to be?.Bad habits are like leaches, if you don't shake them off, they'll suck you dry. You have to do this to prove to yourself that you are in the driver sit of your life

Lori Z.
My best tip is, that when the alarm goes off, sit on the side of your bed, so you're not "comfortable" and that'll wake you up

Julia N.
I was exactly like you until just a couple month ago. I know my answer could disappoint, but here it is: I just naturally stopped after months of trying. I gradually set the alarm earlier because one of my goals was an early morning rise. All my life I was an oversleeping type (in the morning) and a master snoozer . I know the struggle. I think what really changed was the good habits starting to grow on me. I began to look forward to my little sun salutation yoga routine and definitely to my great breakfast. I started to enjoy being able to watch the sun rise. I really love those moments. Maybe sometimes I fail, but almost every day I want to get up, even if my job sucks, just for taking this extra hour for myself. And it makes me happy and warm. I wasn’t like that before. I wish you all the best

Frida S.
That's something I really do have to work on right now …. I see my self hiddig these snooze botton all the time and I'm really not liking it again

Chris P.
When you decide to wake up early then you have to set alarm 🤠 & sleep early to wake up early in the morning . Your answer of "how do I stop hitting the snooze button " is you have to wake up on your first alarm and stop alarm 🚨 and go to wash room and brush your teeth, fresh & exercise .
2nd option is explain to your self before bed " you have to wakeup early in the morning &(mn muje subha jarur uthana mene alarm nhi lagaya h PlZ plz plz )say this word to yourself and sleep comfortable" try this its work 👍…

Joke Q.
Make every evening a plan to start with in the morning. A thing you really like. For instance, with the same letter of the day. Monday listening to your favorite music, Tuesday tea time, wednesday nice warm water in bath, Thursday tell your children a little story, Friday feel free to do what you want, dancing for instance, Saturday and Sunday start with singing. And every day start with drinking water. Good luck!

Grace J.
I guess when i must do something really important or when i'm excited for the next day for some reason, i wake up earlier. Or sometimes i simply tell myself „get your a$$ off the bed and go to do something“ or maybe when you have siblings you can ask them if they can wake you up or somebody from the family. Or you can change the ringing tone to some really annoying

Lyssa N.
Honestly speaking I don't normally hit it .. I've always told my self that waking at the exact time I set will help me finish or do whatsoever I planned to do in time.. I've never been lazzy to wake up

Frances S.
That's a tough question. I'm figuring it out myself. I think the answer would be to tell yourself the benefits of getting up. But idk

Raina N.
Firstly I would get to bed early/ make sure you’re getting enough sleep. But, if it’s still an issue, I’d just take off that option. If it’s on your phone you can make it to where there’s no snooze button. It’ll be easier to get up when there’s no choice to stay in bed.

Jonathan G.
Take time to acknowledge that snoozing only prolongs the start of my day. Stop and take time to mentally wake up when the alarm first goes off. Place the phone further away physically.

Nicole X.
I create a routine so I go to bed at the same time everyday and wake up at the same time everyday without daytime napping! And when the alarm goes off I sit up right away.

Khushi C.
Here is the best way not to hit snooze:-
1) Get yourself a reason to wake up
2) Follow a sleep schedule
3) Sleep on time get 7-8 hours of sleep

Ema G.
I would say put your favourite song on as your alarm and when you wake up dance a little and then turn it off and wake up and do exercise…..

Paul G.
For me. I discipline myself when my phone alarm.I always try to get up away from my bed at make my bed and never get back again to my bed to lay down.

Emma J.
Check my schedule again, then make a better one. That means to revision the time line to match my daily regular routine.

Vanz Z.
Only one alarm is not enough. The first alarm only prepares your system to wakeup. Remember to schedule a second and third alarm 3mins and 1 hour after the first one. @mejumba

Chloe B.
I find that putting my phone away and not looking at screens before bed, gives me better sleep which in turn helps me get up in the mornings. That and my bladder…

Villads W.
i put my phone across the room so if the alarm goes off i have to get up to get to it then normally i can to go back to bed and sleep so then i just stay awake

Alex F.
That's a good question, because it took me a lot of time to answer it.
What I did is putting a really disagreeable alarm (like, a noisy buzzer or something like that) that would wake me up on the spot.

Joshua E.
Before going to sleep the night before affirm that you will not hit the snooze button. Say it many times. See yourself waking up as soon as the alarm goes off. Believe it.

Brianna N.
Find something interesting to occupy yourself. If you still feel the need to snooze maybe talk a walk outside and spend some time in nature.

Veronica F.
Have something you enjoy doing to look forward to in the morning. That way even if you're tired you would rather do your enjoyable thing that snooze.

Vida Z.
You take the snooze button away. By taking it off you have no option but to or wake up or sleep with no alarm and I don’t think that’s an option. Try sleeping and waking up at the same time,make it a habit. If you have an iPhone you can disable the snooze option from your clock. Good luck!

Emi N.
Start to count down from five (example: 5-4-3-2-1) and make a goal for when you get down to 0 (example: i get out of bed, and wake up) I use this a lot and it really works! ☺️ Hopefully this helps you too!

Stacy Q.
I’ve never been a snooze button user. That’s not to say i haven’t used it. But I’ve only used it when I’ve been out super late or had too much to drink—and even then, I probably hit the button once, gave myself permission to relax for those few
Minutes and then got up. When my alarm goes off, I’m usually awake before it, anticipating it. I have it set at a certain time because it helps set the tone for the day. My body gets up and ready for whatever that day’s purpose is. Lately, I set my alarm fairly early so I can have some quiet time to myself before everyone else wakes up. This lets me get myself ready for the day and ready to help my family get ready.

Fausta E.
I like to meditate with music, and not the kind that makes a headspace. But the kind that relaxes me. So I would feel levitated by the sound of soothing music. It’s like brainwaves, in a way with chills.

Derrick F.
This is just a suggestion that keeps me off my alarm clock, but I tend to put my alarm somewhere further away from my bed, not at my nightstand. That way, you need to get up and stop the alarm. Therefore, you have to drag yourself out of bed to answer that alarm. I also recommend keeping it near the window, so you want to open the window when you get up.

Livia Y.
Go to bed at a reasonable hour, aiming for about 10 hours a night, and set up a consistent sleep routine to keep you feeling energized and balanced. If you stick to the routine, then you should eventually wake up almost automatically. Also, keeping water by your bed helps alleviate grogginess and tiredness right when you wake up

Sky O.
You have to move your phone, or alarm clock away from bed. Make it inconvenient to hit the snooze button.

I grew up with a pretty big family, so maybe this is keyed to me, but as a teen I was stubborn as heck, and I'd avoid getting up even if my alarm was going off. So I created an external pressure. I set my alarm on my stereo, which gave me the option to slowly increase the volume to a level I preset. My stereo got pretty loud, so I set it incredibly high. It would start low in the morning, which caused me to stir, much the same way the morning sun might, and the realization of the urgency as the volume gradually approached a level that would wake my other family members actually motivated me to get up. I never woke up the family. Obviously, that's a niche scenario, but see if there's any way you can peacefully but forcefully remind yourself of the urgency to get up. Maybe leave your workout gear within eyesight, or your dog's leash hanging on your dresser, something to motivate you to fight the urge to return. You'll have something, and it might suck to manipulate yourself like that, but only until you're awake and making happy progress on your day – sleep well!

Anita S.
I put a fear in my mind that if I didn’t woke up i miss this and I didn’t get what i want. That makes my mind in such a situation that either i have to woke at the first alarm or miss the things i want . So in this way i avoid snooze

Kelly N.
The snooze button is my favourite. I go to bed late every day and I really want to break this habit but I always feel like I’m trying to chase the sleep I’m missing. Honestly, the only time I’ve managed to stop hitting the snooze button is when I make sure that i don’t go to bed really late. When I organise my evening so i can go to bed at a good time. I make sure I eat dinner early, I exercise earlier during the day, I keep track of the things I do during the day and the tasks I need to complete. The last part is important because if I feel I haven’t done something, it’ll play on my mind and i find it difficult to focus on other things. I plan when i need to wind down and how. Like some meditation, relaxation, soft music, dim the lights. I plan my bed clothes, and plan my “going to bed” routine that i want to stick to. I know that I then need to work at achieving the parts of the routine, little by little so that i get used to it and it becomes something i do without thinking.

Hopefully, going to bed on time will help to break the routine of chasing the extra time in bed. Also, if every morning I have something to look forward to that makes me feel good, that snooze button isn’t so enticing.

Nurul N.
for me, I would put my phone far away from my sleep area. when the alarm went off, I need to get up right away to dismiss the alarm. at the same time, I'm so far (not too much) away from my bed making me lazy to fall asleep again and just starting to get ready for the day

Sebastian W.
Put your alarm on the other side of the room or just somewhere that you'll have to get up to silence it. You could also make a sort of "puzzle" around it so that you have to wake up a little more before you can silence it. I hope this was helpful! 🙂

Emma J.
Told yourself that you will complete them no matter what. And there's no need to judge yourself, it's OK being a little imperfect. Defeat laziness is what we are here about, it's a practice, not a task.

Maureen P.
Put your alarm farther away from your bed and make sure the alarm is loud so that you are forced to get out of the bed and do your morning routine

Kayt J.
Turn off the option on your phone or alarm clock. It’s a time stealer.

The reality is that we don’t really go back to sleep, not in any meaningful way, when we hit the snooze button for another 10-15 minutes.

Better to utilize that time doing some gentle morning yoga after making your way to the kitchen for a warm beverage.

Jade N.
have something to look forward to in the morning. drink water before bed then when you wake up sit up, it makes u need to go to the bathroom, therefore getting out of bed.

Aimee S.
I find it’s better if you find a reason to get up such as have a breakfast planned and you will get excited at the thought of it and be more willing to get out of bed

Sebastian O.
The strategy that has worked best for me is setting an alarm clock across the room from me, and having to physically get out of bed in order to turn it off, then as quick as you can make your bed and leave your room to avoid the temptation of getting back into bed.

Daniel S.
One day I just woke up before the clock rang and from that day on I just don’t feel the need to hit the snooze button anymore.

Lyssa N.
The night before, I will spend a few minutes and motivate myself. If you have even a shred of doubt that you may not wake up the next morning, you WON’T. Make up your mind 100% that you’re going to wake up and go to bed with that determination. It works.

Blaire Z.
Either don't have an alarm or make yourself think that you are going to miss something important the night before. This way you're going to have a rush of adrenaline the first 5 seconds you wake up and that's going to make you get out of bed. After a few times of doing this your body will get used to waking up at that time.

Alyssa N.
you stop hitting the snooze button by believing that you can. once you set your mind to it you can accomplish anything. think about if you hit the snooze button how much time of the day and things youre missing out on. get yourself motivated and believe that you can

Juno N.
Place the alarm far from your bed, so that you would have to stand up and walk first thing in the morning to stop that awful sound. Make your bed so it feels bad to climb in to bed like a depressed person. I suggest watching morning routines of people who wake up early in the morning, or, Alivia D’andrea’s glow up diaries for motivation. Good luck!!

Christina N.
Move the alarms out of reach so you have to physically get up to snooze it. You will soon just not want to hit the snooze button because you will wake up faster.

Sara C.
Prepare yourself and all the things you need to mark that task as done. Think why you choose to do or,why It is in your list of habits. you Need It,so why do you ignore it?

Maureen N.
Take your morning glass of water seriously and joyously! Set your alarm across the room. Use an alarm with music that plays or a radio station with a DJ you like. When your alarm goes off, pick up your glass of water from your nightstand walk across the room and turn off your alarm and leave your bedroom for a brighter cooler space. Enjoy your water.

Brita Y.
Do preparations for morning already in the evening , so i can actually put my alarm later and when getting up it is easier to get ready.

Nataka C.
I dont have much of a problem with it so im not sure if this will help somehow but when i feel lazy and dont want to do something i take a deep breath in and say to myself “you got this you can do it its so easy each time you do this you are becoming more wonderful person” and then i force my feet to move into direction that i need to go in order to finish the task Good luck

Gustav E.
I like to set my alarm on my phone and then put my phone at the other side of the room. So i have to get out of bed to stop my alarm!

Lyssa N.
If you get enough restful sleep early at night then perhaps you won't have to hit snooze repeatedly. Another tip is to keep your alarm further away from your bed, such that you have to get out of bed for it. Always works for me when I can't get myself to bed early enough hehe. Hope it helps!

Nina E.
You just need to understand that the work can't be done by itself. The less you think about it the better, just get up and don't think how better it is in the bed. Make a habbit od taking a shower first thing when you get up, water really helps. 🙂

Ares G N.
Protect your 8 hours of sleep at all costs, create a routine and follow it (go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day) and be consistent. Your internal clock will get in sinc and you will wake feeling great without the alarm.

No alarm means no snooze button!

Sienna U.
Put the clock or phone far away from you so that you have to get up to turn the clock/phone off, this happenes because you are using you leg muscules. This also helps you to get off social media at night!!

Love N.
I set an alarm for 45min before I need to be awake, get up and undo my sleep environment (open curtains, remove face mask, turn off rain sounds), get back in to bed with an alarm set for half an hour later, and wake up with that with an alarm set for when I need to be up and scroll through my phone till I need to get up.

Angelica F.
If I get to the point where I'm hitting the snooze button during my time of rest. Then I know that I need to go to sleep earlier the night before. I make it a point to take my melatonin earlier and get into bed earlier than last time. I also upgraded my alarm clock to wake me more peacefully (check our Loftie), and removed my phone from my room to remove distraction.

Ty Z.
Set your alarm for the time you want to wake up, and set a backup alarm that sounds differently just in case you miss the first one. Put your phone or alarm clock far from your bed to where you would have to get up to shut it off. After turning it off, do not get back under the covers. Stay standing for atleast 30 seconds and see if that helps

Michael F.
Set your alarm for 10 minutes later. This worked like a charm for me. I used to set my alarm for 30 minutes before I needed to be out the door. I would always hit the snooze button because I knew I only really needed 20 minutes or so to get up, but then I would be so tired the next time my alarm would go off that I would hit the snooze button again and make myself late every morning. By setting my alarm 10 minutes later, I no longer felt like I had the liberty to snooze my alarm, so I stopped falling into the trap of repeated snoozing. Also, remember: 10 minutes of extra sleep will not make a meaningful difference in your day, especially not once you’ve already woken up. But getting up on time will absolutely make your day better.

Billy J.
The more important question is: are you really getting enough sleep? Are you having difficulty waking up? The latter question opens up a whole different sets of question that you have to explore the answers within yourself

Evaldo T.
The fear of being late for work and the rushing around prior to being out the door as well as looking sloppy because you’re out of time

Munchkin G.
Put your alarm in another room and consider having a morning routine you look forward to. The worst thing to wake up to is something you dread!

Sara Y.
You can put your phone far away from you. So when you wake up and go to pick your mobile you actually wake your mind and don't need hit the snooze button.

Lilla M.
I struggled with this a lot too.. I “got over it” by making multiple alarms and pressing stop on each. I know it’s essentially the same thing, however you now have the power to say “ok next alarm I’ll get up, so I can start my morning routine”. If you plan your day ahead, it’s easier to get up…at least in my experience!
I hope this helped! Good luck on your journey!

Evelyn Z.
Work on your procrastination habits, learn when excuses are believable and when they are not, convince yourself you'll only do it for a short amount of time and use the momentum

David E.
Move your alarm to a different room. I hated it at first but I haven't hit the snooze button after the first couple days of moving it!

Quentin Y.
Sometimes I put my phone or alarm in another room, this makes me get in the morning better. Now that I'm up I start my day.

Donata E.
Stretching! Just something to warm your body up a bit, I like to do yoga videos I find on YouTube depending on how I’m feeling that morning. If you want more of a workout add squats and planks and some floor exercises that really focus on building muscle, not necessarily cardio.

Zarco N.
Turn off the option to snooze. Set up 2 or 3 alarms, with 15 or 30 minutes interval, the last one being the time you actually want to wake up. I figure this will help your body to prepare to wake up, one step at a time. Set up one more alarm as your one-time snooze, for example 10 minutes after your desired waking time. Then keep telling yourself, "you can wake up now, or after the next alarm which is the last alarm. If after these last alarm rings, you still don't get up, be prepared to face the consequences." Waking up at the same time daily will help too.

Deanna U.
I used to let stress and anxiety keep me awake, then I started keeping a dump lost by my bed. Now I am able to wake up when my alarm goes off, because I am well rested and I already have a list of things to do.

Sarah Z.
Make sure you’re going to bed earlier as a start. Also getting up at the same time each morning will help synchronize your bodies inner clock and become a habit. Before too long you’ll be use to waking up before you alarm clock even.

Iwona F.
Put your phone further away so you have to get out of bed to hit it. Plan something fun in the morning so that you look forward to getting up and going it. Even if it's a quick thing veggie work.

Amy P.
Really think about all that you can do with the time you would spend getting a little extra sleep. You’ll still wake up feeling tired in the next half hour/hour. It’s worth it to get up a little earlier to get ready, eat a bigger, healthier breakfast, and spend the time waking up.

Shibshib G.
Idk maybe if u build up more passion in yourself?
I mean I hv the same problem and idk what to do about it (._.")
Maybe passion will work:

Find Your Passions. Okay, it makes sense that before you develop your passions you have to find them first.
Develop Your Passion. Once you've identified your passion, spend some time working to develop it.
Set Specific Goals. …
Find Accountability. …
Take Breaks. …
Re-evaluate Your Progress. …
Keep Developing Your Passion.

Those are the things google told me so I hope they can help ya

Maryam S.
You can try putting your phone away or in unusual places
So you have to walk to get it
Place a cup of water nearer to your bed
When you drink water you will no longer want to go back to sleep

Mathew F.
I really just want to go back to bed but know there are responsibilities I have, and people that count on me to be where I say I will when I say I will be there. GET UP!

Maria U.
Try to put the phone away from you, like for example across the room and try to get ENOUGH sleep, i know you have heard this before but really try okay

Basile E.
Put it far away from your hands. If you have problems with hitting snooze button often, put iton adequate distance so you have to wake up and stand immediately

Riley A.
Ok. So right now I'm doing a challenge to disconnect from the tv or ipad or phone, and I read instead until I start to drift of I close the book. And try to go to bed at a decent time. For example 8:30-9:30ish let me know if this works!!!

Louis E.
It’s hard. Some days you are just physically drained. I try Morning Meditation that help me ease into my morning so I can awaken my body and mind. Then slowly get out of bed. That helps.

Craig Y.
Remove it completely!

As long as you have the snooze button option available, your mind will see the options he have and most likely take the easier path as it's available "yeah, i will get up… Just a little bit more please".
But when you don't have that option available your mind will have no choice but to wake up or get late!

So make sure to keep only one option, which is waking up on the right time.

With love, Nashat.

Maxime Q.
Getting motivation to do things. Like a reward. Even animals learn tricks by treats rewards. If you do something, you can also give in on something that day.

Ashley U.
I would begin with a good night time routine getting to bed at an early time sufficient enough to get the hours needed to have a full rest by morning. I would also already have things lined up and ready to go in the morning like my clothes laid out. It makes it easier to get things done and I'm more likely to get out of bed if I don't feel like there's a challenge. And basically I just reward myself for following my fabulous routine! That helps me stick to it.

Arjun X.
Sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. The first few days you have to jolt yourself out of the bed. As soon as the alarm rings, get up. Don't let your brain think of an excuse. Drink water as soon as you get up. Use different a 'shake' alarm app and see how that works for you. A sense of purpose or a goal can motivate you.

Em Lio Q.
Hello, friend! I have this problem too, but here's what I do! As soon as I hear my alarm go off, I open my eyes real wide, almost like stretching them, and then inhale and exhale deeply three times. After that, get out of bed and stretch or walk around. This should wake you up a bit. Hope this helps, bye now! 🙂

Karla Z.
You could try setting up more than just one or two alarms, or you could start making a habit for "not hitting the snooze button"

Kelly N.
Get the app Alarmy, which makes you take a photo of something you set (ie your bathroom) before the alarm is turned off, forcing you to get up

Romel N.
Create a morning routine that includes brushing teeth right after waking up, take a shower, meditate, exercise. Those activities will keep you from hitting the snooze button.

Zde Ka X.
Maybe if I'm motivated enough, then I won't have to press the snooze button, hehe. But it depends a lot on the situation, you don't want to at all, or just a situation doesn't allow it. Just force yourself and then once you get into that mode, it won't be that hard to do everything. 🙂

Vile Harte Beest N.
Drink water and motivate yourself. Do all you can to push yourself from bed. Either by setting alarms across the room, setting coffee or tea to brew automatically around when you’d like to wake up. The aroma helps.

Ingrid F.
Every morning my phone alarm goes off and I want to hit the snooze. But I have set that alarm to not have a snooze! Every morning I tell myself I'm going to fix that so I can snooze but as my day goes on I'm glad I don't have that option. Don't have a snooze option.

Sophie N.
There’s never going to be a time where you’ll be ready to not hit the snooze button. You just have to tell yourself, i have to get up, i have to do this for myself. Or you’ll get stuck and won’t have enough self control

Manal N.
When you set your alarm it asked you if you want a snooze button, disable it and then you will never press that button again!!

Randall E.
If u want to be a better person just stop hitting it! First think and then do what u need to do! When u see it just say "nope ima do what I need to do" and ur doneqq

Cecilia Z.
Well it’s a hard habite to get rid of but here are my tips that I use.
-always have water near you’re bet, so when you wake up you can take a sip.
-always have a clean room before you go to get that can help a lot white saving time in the morning an stuff like that

Hope it helps!

Caroswan N.
Put your alarm/phone further so you need to move to get to the snooze button.

And then drink some water, open the curtains and jump in the shower.

Noe I.
Just tell yourself that you need to get up and do something or get an alarm or sound that motivates you to get up and not just turn it off

Est Lio I.
Put your alarm on a desk which will need you to walk to it to "snooze the alarm when it rings". If you dont have one, you can even put it on the floor or wardrobe – anywhere far from your bed. Also, try to sleep early. No need to be hard on yourself. Just try sleeping at least 15 minutes earlier everyday until u come to an appropriate time according to your need. And yes, if you can, keep a glass of cold water next to your alarm so that when u go to turn it off, u remember to drink that water and it might wake u up! Doing this regularly will turn it into a habit, try it out! Hope this helps ^-^

Nur R.
Ur own self -discipline, think of the cons for doing that. U can think of the pros if it is really an urgent matter … but try to get it over and done with if not burdens are piling up

Clotildes P.
Go to bed earlier! I know this is a cliché. As someone who firmly believed that it didn't matter for me to go to bed early, as I always take ages to fall asleep anyway, let me tell you I was wrong. People like me who take a long time to fall asleep, should go to bed earlier! Then we'll start the process earlier, and even if it takes a long time, we'll fall asleep earlier in the night.
Now, I love the snooze button! But I try not to use it, but use alarms intentionally. I set one alarm a bit early, in a place where I have to move out of bed to turn it off. As I'm up, I turn on some light, and go back to bed. And then I slumber for a bit. That way I wake up more gently, but I also get to enjoy staying in bed a bit longer, even on a weekday. Then I have about two more alarms, one to prepare myself, and one to tell me it's time to get up. If it is really painful to get up at that time, I usually went to bed too late, or something kept me up. The snooze button is just painful and does not give me any rest in between anyway.

Lyssa N.
Personally I've never hit the snooze button so this is kinda "what would you do?" Well uhm I would count down from 5 til 1 which stops my brain from debating that I shouldn't wake cause it focuses on the counting rather than the debating

Alexandria O.
Get motivated. We only want to hit the snooze button when we don't have anything we think is worth doing. Pick yourself up off the bed (it's hard, I know) and write down a list of things you can do, and a reason (a partly-detailed one, may I add) of why you want to do them. Stick it somewhere you automatically look when you wake up. The guilt of not doing it will convince you to do it, and soon you'll feel on top of the world. Never let go of that mindset, it's very helpful in certain situations.
(PS: You will have to work on not getting too big-headed afterwards, though!)
Good luck!

Rachel T.
Usually I would just throw it up in a bun. But, you can also damp your with water use a bit of mousse to scrunch it up a bit. I do this a quite a bit when my hair looks awful and it’s quick, easy, and makes your hair look much better. (I have thick, long wavy/curly hair btw.)

Jana 145 N.
I think you should set a goal that makes you thrilled to get up immediately, it can be anything watching an epi of your favourite show or reading a book you bought but never gave it time to read it , basically anything that would make you thrilled something you love more than sleep and always remember that you will regret clicking the snooze button sooner or later , I know you can do it

Aloys U.
Be sure to be sleeping well and enough hours. Then when you hear your alarm instead of snoozing drink water and smell something good to wake up.

Aamna U.
Before you go to sleep think of the best thing about the next day and you'll be happy to wake up. But make sure you don't think of something very exciting because that may cause you sleeplessness.

Alexis C.
Oof, I’ve struggled with this for years. I’d suggest getting the app Alarmy. It’s a TOTAL game changer! Be prepared to become a morning person when you use this!

Mads W.
When you first hear your alarm go off is avoid touching the snooze button and wake up. When you keep hitting the snooze button, you will definitely have a struggle to get out of bed so GET UP!

Damia D.
I start to not hitting snooze button to finally wake up is when your alarm started to ringing, don't snooze it, just off the alarm and get out of bed don't say that you have to wake up or just sleep, just get up and have a productive day!

Derk P.
What worked for me was, I'd put my phone in the kitchen with my workout clothes AND a treat a small piece of candy or the coffee maker all set up to brew a cup. The sensation of taste helped make me up. And the work out clothes reminded me I had something important to do

Paola M.
This is just compromising with yourself. Do not be so hard on you and if you really want to commit to be into a healthy routine, just remember it is one day at a time. Come on you can do it!!

Dr F.
Set the alarm for a later time so you get the extra sleep without waking. Commit to not hitting the snooze button for one week as you’re new habit. Make the choice in the moment not to do it and get out of bed without thinking too much. Go to bed earlier so you get enough sleep.

Laszlo O.
Realize that waking up is the greatest step in being your best you. It was hard for me to start getting it right so I'd have a friend constantly call to wake me untill it's was solidly in my schedule.

G Y.
Having something to look forward to is a great way to avoid not waking up in time. Before you go to sleep, think about the thing that you look forward to the most, and motivates you, and you will wake up with excitement, and full of energy to do that given activity.

Maddie T.
Try putting the alarm clock on the other side of the room. If that doesn’t work then try going to bed earlier so you aren’t as tired. As soon as I wake up I take a drink of water so that I wake myself up and don’t hit snooze. Also when you turn off the alarm sit upright. Good luck and I hope one of these tips help you!

Chelsea Z.
Put your alarm clock on the opposite side of your room where you have to physically get up to turn it off. Once you’re up, you’re up!

Lulla O.
Honestly i have no clue. I am totally a snooze person and have no idea how to wake up on the first alarm .. Sorry mate can't help you with that one

Lyssa N.
Great question! And I have an answer for you, what I do is I set my alarm a good 45 minutes before I’m actually suppose to wake up. I do this so that I can hit the snooze button and I keep hearing the alarm so it’s harder for me to fall back asleep.

Karl E.
Try putting your alarm on the other side of the room so that you have to get out of bed to silence it. Or change the settings on it so that snooze is not an option. You could also make a sort of "puzzle" around it so that it's more difficult to turn it off and you have to wake up a little more before you do. I hope this was helpful! 🙂

Fatima B.
Find that one thing that energises you to get up in the morning. Sometimes for me it’s something that I really have to get done or something I’m looking forward to. It’s so hard. I’m guilty of hitting that snooze button repeatedly, but I find remembering what the day holds wakes me up easier.

Francisco T.
Think of something you are excited to do that day and when you wake up let that thought doll your mind with happiness or excitement it will encourage you to get up!