Can you give me tips on how to clean the closets

Adrian P.
To clean the closet, firstly,you must take out the things inside it,then you can start clean the closet. I suggest you to clean inside it first and then along with the other parts such as the back of the closet and the top of it.
Samantha N.
Firstly separate anything that doesn’t fit you. Holding onto clothes that are too small for you in the hopes that one day they will fit You will only depress you, and if you do lose weight, half the fun is buying new stuff!
Secondly separate summer and winter clothes and ones that could fall into both categories I.e thin twinsets. If you are really short of space use those vacuum pack bags that suck all the air out and leave things a quarter of the original size.

Thirdly, look at what you have left. Get rid of anything you don’t like, anything tatty or past it’s best and finally anything you haven’t worn last season.
If you need motivation read The life changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organising by Marie Kondo. Good luck 😀👍