How can I organise my library and desk to look more tidy?

Suzanna P.
Everything always wiped cleaned diaries neatly on top of each other pen pot neatly organised laptop opened and laptop wiped and wipe everything every day if you can.😊

Meliss O.
U can get some labels and stick them on the shelves of the library and on the labels u can write the type of books u will put there, then u can get some plastic or any kind that u like cups and put all the pens in one cup and all the pencils in the other u can also get a small box where u can put all the rubbers and clips etc, if u have any decor like plants u can put them wherever u think it will look good. hope this will help 🙂

Alice Z.
Shelf and desk organizers! Get some nice baskets and book ends or separators. For the desk, get a little desk organizer for sorting papers and stationery.

Katelynn W.
You could buy a desk organizer for your notebooks and set your computer nicely with the charger, even buy a little book shelf and hang it up nicely and add decorations to create a more comfortable environment

Hector O.
everything — literally everything — has to have a place. i mean a box, a drawer, a shelf, a basket, any designated container. anything that doesn't have it, you'll just feel like putting "somewhere on the desk" and that immediately leads to clutter, which creates clutter blindness and visual overwhelm and dissatisfaction. post-it notes and paper notes? board. notebook that always has to be reachable? shallow open storage box or open shelf unit or the sort. headphones? hanging hook or nail. decorations could be an exception, but they have to feel purposeful rather than cluttered.

all this goes hand in hand with "Don't put it down, put it away."
eg. when you're done using a pen, you know to immediately put it back in the stationery holder instead of….. somewhere on the desk. likewise, everything should have this.
with a level of conscious space organizing at the beginning (putting frequently used stuff closer to reach, other tips other ppl will have likely given), you'll just have to get used to a low-to-mid-ish effort habit — and this will be a long-term investment that will delay the moment where you realize "uuughh i have to sort the desk again 💀💀"