How often should someone clean their room?

Meh A.
Once per week but realistically I would say a little every day or every other day due to my adhd…I need to tidy little by little quote frequently. All in all I would say a little every day and one bigger clean once per week. For instance I vacuum my apartment once a week. I do everything I can to prevent things from becoming chaotic.
Te U.
Often enough to make it look decently (if you have less time). If you have more time try to medium-deep clean your room.
Thahira G.
Arrange the furniture properly some times it changes its positions. Clean and arrange the almirah. Take the clothes which are hanging to wash. Arrange the library spot well. Watering and pampering the plants which kept I the room.
Dylan T.
That's up to you. The common advice is to wash your sheets every week (but most people don't do it nearly that often) and hoover every three months. However, I think it's important that adults take ownership of their own lives and decide how often they want to do it. As long as it's not a health risk you can do whatever you like: it's your room.
Shane T.
I think someone should put away whatever they got out when they get it out. Or if you get a new load of laundry don't put it off. Just do it.
Adrianna P.
I think someone should clean their room every time it gets messy. This way their space will always be clean and fresh for whatever comes next.
Maryam O.
You should clean your room daily! And if you want, multiple times a day. If u spend most of your time in room it's possible that there organisation of your room is gonna be messed up. For example if you sit on Ur bed and use Ur phone for instance, it's possible that your bedsheets will get messed up. If you eat snacks in your room there may be particles of that snack scattered in the place u ate it. Or if you r like me, you may destroy your wardrobe just while pulling out a piece of cloth to wear😂. So you should make sure that whenever you create a mess, it's cleaned up periodically, by sweeping, wiping, washing, dusting, throwing waste in the dustbin etc. You should also make sure that your racks, cupboards, shelves etc r dusted at least on alternate days and your room's floor is cleansed at least once a week by mopping and wiping with a floor cleaner. Besides you should keep everything in place and it's best to do things on spot. Like if you just used your phone and u messed up Ur sheet, just straighten it out right away! Or if you feel overwhelmed, you can do it the next day. And an organized and pure room will be a place where you'll be satisfied, relaxed and happy so make sure to do daily tidying up💕
Eva Z.
I tidy my desk every night but if you are talking about the whole room I recommend once a month. You should wipe the floor once a week. Hope that helps 🙂
Mike C.
Umm I would say once or twice a week but if your a messy person (like me) I'd say maybe every other day or just do like 15-30 minutes every day until
your room is tidy.
Danica J.
I think that as long as the room is not a completly mess people can manage to tidy up a little bit everyday, maybe in the afternoon or right before going to sleep so that in the morning they can wake up in a tidied and clean room ready to do whatever they want in all comfort
Friedrich F.
I think that someone should clean their room at least once a week or when their living space gets too messy or unorganized.
Tha S E.
A clean room means a clean personality. A clean personality means a tidy person. A tidy person can manage their life better. If a person manages their life better, they can have a greater life. With greater life, they can enjoy life easier. It means that they can make their daily living enjoyable. So ideally, someone should clean their room everyday to keep their things organised and keep their room clean to maintain a clean and tidy personality.
Akshainie A.
I usually do it as soon as it gets a bit messy and disorganized, saves me a lot of time which I would'be spent to feel bad about myself.
Michael T.
Every day for 15 min at least. Tidying up a little and make their bed is a must. But general cleaning should be once a week.
P Pio E.
Little bit of cleaning like making your bed, cleaning your table, sweeping and/or mopping or vacuuming should be done everyday. Dusting could be done once in three days. Cleaning up your closet, cupboards and all the storage units in your room could be done any time between once a week or once a month depending on how long it takes for them to mess up.
Gisi N.
Everyday make your bed. If possible, open the windows at least for a couple of minutes.
Depending on how much you change your clothes, pick a day or two in the week to do laundry, pick up all your clothes and put clean in the right place. Wipe your surface every time you see a dust over them. And so… make space for you to feel free. Remove all things that could be distracting. Sleep is the main activity in a bedroom
Aarya F.
According to me one should clean their room atleast once. In a month to keep clutter out of the way and be positive. But if you wish to do it more often, it's of course better
Max S.
Cleaning the room often as you wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night, it brings peace and comfort to your body, which sometimes you uncounsiously think if did you left your room tidy incase a friend would visit your house or apartment, which this will give you a immediate peace of mind.
Saideh O.
If you put everything you remove back in place, you don't need to do any special cleaning except to sweep every two or three days.
Ma Lia A.
Once to a few times a day. Make it a habit in between work and activities. Makes for better, more cozy and more productive environments.
Minna U.
It is very important to clean ones room daily because it is so good and important for metal and physical health. And to start the day out being organized
Meghan Y.
I think you should tidy up about 5 minutes everyday and maybe once a week do a deep clean to keep the dust and mold away from your sleep.
Yagyasha I.
Well entirely depends upon your needs that is how often does your room gets dirty and how much of a cleaniliness freak you are and it is not that if someone's room is clean from before they are and you are not you absolutely are because you had a thought to clean your room and i think the best is ever morning making ur bed before school and in order to do this u have to have a gud sleep cycle ,it's all about consistency and u have to learn to be consistent , its gonna be hard for a day or two but trust me it can take time and u should take your time but at the same time put full efforts .
And if u have a sibling highly recommend to have proper lockers and have ur important stuff in it don't be too dramatic about it but keep stuff u don't want them to reach .
Also i clean my room first thing in the morning and then in the evening after coming back from tutions and it helps mind calm and as I have a separate room ask ur parents for spare keys and lock when only u go out if it is for a short time to avoid unnecessary clutter . Hope it helps ✨✨
Andressa Y.
Like hi to keep it clean you should tidy it up every day like for 20 min and like cleaning windows vacuuming and other things every three day I hope that helped bye❤️
Rom O Z.
Probably a little bit each day. It is easier and more manageable to make a habit of cleaning a small part of your space every single day than letting clutter build up and having to deal with it all at once when it becomes unbearable.
Claire P.
Daily if possible, make sure to not accumulate too much material possession and focus on finding a place for everything. As soon as that is done, it shouldn't take an enormous amount of time to actually clean.
Alison J.
So my house is kept clean. I was taught at an early age that your house had to be show ready because we moved a lot. I am very organized and everything has a place so then I really don’t have to clean. I just put things away and then every Friday and Tuesday I do laundry. On those days I run my vacuum robot and dust and clean. In addition to that I have a brain injury so this app I use along with a key tag system to do my routines and errands. It’s a little embarrassing to go out in public with 7 coil key tabs on your arm so I don’t do that in the county I live in. I also just got out of an abusive marriage September 7 so I had no idea what to do with myself for 2 months and this app was IMMENSELY helpful
Caelan O.
In my opinion you should clean your room every morning and every night before bed so that you wake up to a clean room and come home to a clean room
Anjulata P.
In my opinion everyday, even if you give this just 5 mins. When I say room cleaning I mean the regular tidying up of your bed in the morning and clutterless study/work table before sleeping or in the morning.
About dusting and mopping of room, I enjoy sitting on the floor sometimes so for me floor should be cleaned everyday. But in general cleaning floor using broom everyday and mopping once in atleast 2-3 days.
Try to create a habit of putting things back in their place right after you're done using it, this way your daily cleaning time will be reduced by a lot.
Atleast once in a week take out full 20mins to clean up every area that has become messy during the week.
And find some more ways/systems by utilising which you can help yourself in the long run.
You'll fall in love with your clean space and your productivity will increase as well.
William C.
Once a week normal cleaning such as vacuum cleaning; tidying up every to every two days; throwing clothes away/sorting out books etc. once a year
Klaus Dieter F.
I keep my room clean by doing small things daily. I almost never let things pile up, I'll do the dishes every other day minimum (but that way i only have 5 or 10 minutes at a time), do the laundry the moment the basket is full, take out the trash on a regular schedule. It's a lot easier this way, and it also helps me to feel productive throughout my day by doing small tidying tasks here and there. Ofc now and again I'll still have to actually dedicate 20 minutes to cleaning something with intention, but it almost never takes longer than that.
Ofc it's worth nothing that I'm a student living in a dorm room, and also that my brain likes having control over my environment, and keeping it clean and looking nice is the best way to do that
Iancu N.
I think you should clean it as often as possible, also try keeping it tidy in the first place, it's better for your mental health. Do things when you want to do them, don't let them pile up and don't view it as a dreadful experience. Nice, clean and organized just like your mind.
Grace A.
Tidying one’s room makes people feel better, so that should be done daily. A deeper cleaning should take place around once a week.
Aesha Y.
Just once in a week because
It will save time and be effective as I do it,it takes only maximum 30 minutes on Sundays because you will be eager to do it fast,so that the other time is spent relaxing relaxing then it will be habitual and it will take you maximum 15 minutes to clean the whole house it saves a lot of time try once on a Sunday or a weekend
Melissa N.
I try and pick a day out of the week for a good clean if each room. Fridays are my bedroom days so that not much accumulation occurs by Monday and my week starts off with a good atmosphere. A 10 min tidy everyday and a good deep clean on Friday or Saturday
Rapha L T.
In my opinion, people should clean their rooms at least once in a week, but you must get yours cleaned up in the moment you realize it needs to
Erick P.
I think someone should clean their room when it gets dirty. Having those days that are devoted to cleaning are essential too. Even if someone keeps clean all the time, dust still builds up. It can also be a time for reorganization and really think if something is missing or if something is not needed.
Soham U.
Depend on their priority to cleanliness, but it shouldn't until the point that the room become annoyingly untidy. When you are not in mood, your mind gonna be triggered seeing a messy room.
Morris F.
Personally I feel like you should clean your room everyday Because there is a lot of dust but if you are saying Deep cleaning do it once a week or on weekends
Noelle X.
Every chance they get! A messy room is a sign of a cluttered mind. Once you clean your room, everything begins to feel better.
Eva U.
That depends. If the room is very messy then at least 3 times a week. If It's mostly clean, once every week or two should do.
Carly I.
I usually make my bed and pick up anything lying around everyday, but once a week I’ll actually clean my room by vacuuming and dusting and cleaning the window in my room.
Eli Ka S.
In my opinion – you should clean small things everyday. (Empty cups…) And once a week you should do big cleaning with vacuumint etc.
Alma Z.
Everyday, as you walk into your room you should feel that you have done a great job. This in turn makes you productive. If you clean your room once a month you would have to do much more work than if you do it everyday.
Bia N.
Whenever you feel your space is disorganized or stressing you… You may need to tidy up… If your someone who does that regularly.. Great! But I also feel a good deep clean is need every 2-3 weeks(shampoo carpet, clesn bedding, take everything off desk and disinfect, ect.) 🥰
林栩穎 N.
In my opinion, I think someone should clean their room one to three times a week. This way, it can keep them productive and feel more organised.
Liana N.
Tidying up should b daily as living in a messy room can affect you as a person however deep cleansing dodesng have to be as often I feel like cause no dirt comes into my room
Frederike X.
one a week or every 2 weeks depends on how you feel and how much you want to do. If you do 5 min or 10 min every week then you might not get as overwhelmed but if you do every 2 weeks you can set a specific day and mabey spend more time on it like 20 min or so. good luck
Jade Q.
Anyone should take time 1-2 days out of the week to fully organize, clean & declutter your room. & everyday take 15-30 minutes to just tidy things up & that will make it easier for you to clean for those 1-2 days that you clean fully.& maybe do a full deep deep cleaning once a month or once every 2 weeks
T Miris Z.
For me, there are two types of cleaning. Regular quick cleaning & deep cleaning. Everyday I regularly clean up when I'm done with something or when I'm storing it in the closet or when I'm putting my dirty clothes in the washingbasket. This is something so easy you can do it within 5 minutes most of the time. And then there's deep cleaning. Like when you are deep cleaning your closet, you take everything out, then making sure it's not dirty anymore, and then reorganizing and putting everything back nicely. This on the other hand I only try to do with one or two small things every two weeks. Just taking one shelf or part of a room at a time can be done in half an hour to an hour. Which will keep you motivated!
Abd Nago Q.
In a three day basis / per week. I struggle to keep my room clean as I am literally in and out of it. Because I am currently studying and working part time. As you see I hard send time in my room but I try to keep it nice and clean so I feel fabulous about my environment where I stay and live.
Melissa F.
Každý den. Před spaním a před odchodem z domu, protože když se člověk vrací do čistého, má čistější i mysl a lepe se mu zde pracuje. To stejne platí pro spánek
Ka S O.
I think an everyday tidy is conducive to a clean environment. I also think that a weekend cleaning reset and check-in can help with larger tasks and help achieve goals that may take a bit longer to complete.
Leopoldo Z.
Well I feel like it would depend if the room gets very dirty everything day whither that person is doing something or not or in it or not then they should clean it everyday like maybe deep clean one day and the rest of the day just a little organizing. But if the room don’t get dirt at all unless people come over then they should at less make sure very thing is in order as well as just picking up a little of trash that they may see and making sure very thing is where it’s supposed to be
Kasper W.
Most often
I would say daily. As when the room is messy,you may be less or not at all productive . And it would be hard for you to get work done. So yeah most of time
Scarlett T.
Tidy up everyday, in the morning make your bed, keep it nice. Ones in I think a week you can deep clean with the vacuum cleaner.
Paris N.
I think preferably the ideal is everyday so that the amount of cleaning is reduced and so that it can be done quicker, opposed to cleaning once a week.
Craig J.
In My Opinion , You Should Clean Your Room Everyday . If You Struggle With Putting Things Back In Their Place Right After You Use Them , I Think It’s Good To Lightly Clean Your Room // Decluter In The Evening Or After Work . Hope This Helped 😀
Jules Z.
I personally try to clean my room every night so you start your morning in a clean room and not a messy one because it won't be motivating to wake up in a messy room
Candy U.
Do a little bit each day, start with setting a timer for 2 mins and see what you get done then move on to 5 mins and so on.
Ella G.
Personally, I clean my room daily – but I think it’s a personal preference. Just making the bed cleans up a bedroom nicely, so I at least make sure that’s done every morning.
Nora E.
I don’t know, just as often as needed to keep it tidy. That could mean several times a day to once a week, depending on if the person puts things back as soon as they use them or if they just kinda leave stuff around. Although someone could argue the former is a type of cleaning, in which case my answer would be all the time.
Sara D.
Personally, I clean my room everytime i feel it is messy. For example, maybe a few things thrown on the floor, empty water bottles on my nightstand, stuff like that. I like to tidy up at-least anything I see that is where it shouldn’t belong before bed mostly every night. I try to keep my room clean.
E N.
I believe that depends on the person and the room. How organised and tidy you are overall has a great impact on this question. If you’re someone who is pretty messy and doesn’t keep things in order I would say that you should clean your room about once a week. If you on the other hand keep most things tidy and clean I would say maybe twice a month. If your room seems dirty or feels unwelcoming I would recommend that you clean it. Think like this: Would you let someone you wanted to impress enter your room in its condition? If your answer is Yes then you’re probably good for now. Remember that hygiene is not only important for your physical health, but also for your mental health. Having a clean space can help with stress, anxiety etc.
Ramiro P.
This is a great question which needs a lot of thinking, but I personally think someone should clean their room every day. Cleaning your room can be something simple, a habit that you can make. Whether it be light cleaning like rearranging desks and chairs, or deep cleaning like vacuuming and cleaning the room. That's my personal opinion and I'm glad to be answering such a wonderful question! Good luck with your journey!
Benno S.
everyday. for me, it helps me organize my mind. Also, a little achievement makes me feel like I'm capable& in – control.
Haylee L.
I often clean my room for about 30min during the afternoon because you will have to work in the morning and you can do homework in the nighttime or do it at collage/school
Glenda P.
2 to 3 times a week. This way you can do little stuff to tidy up and it won't be so hard to clean up a huge mess. Build up some habits like immediately putting your dirty clothes in a hamper. Having a dustbin for quick dirt clean up and a day for emptying it. Setting things back in the same place after you have used them is an excellent habit for making cleaning easy.
Novalid A.
I think even just folding a few clothes or decluttering a drawer helps in building a routine and keeps cleaning not overwhelming 😊
Kiara E.
As often as you feel led to or is needed. Nothing wrong with a quick 10 minute tidy at some point throughout the day. Or dedicating a designated time that works for you. The room is optional to the owner of it I feel. Unless you're the kid. That needs to be touched at least every other day to avoid the parent cleaning it! Hope that helps
Noah W.
A person should clean their room twice a day. Once before you study and once before you go to bed. This is because the brain works better in a clean environment than a messy one.
Srishti N.
Everyday. It is not just about doing chores but setting things in order and the energy. Plus, once tidied, there is only more space to work.
Kena N.
Everyone should clean their room for at least 10 minutes a day. Make your bed and pick up clothes off the floor, or put away dishes you might have by your bedside. A little goes a long way!
Zoe R.
how often you are feeling to clean your room, i clean it everyday because im feel like i should do it and want to do it, its all up to you <3
𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒆 N.
I think that the cleaning in the room should be done daily because the mess accumulates and that's how it becomes a mess, at least make your bed, organize your things, etc.
Jacob Z.
I would say about 2 times a week, but it also helps to clean up the little things when walking in, out or through your room.
Maelya Q.
One should clean there room every morning or night. Once a week shelf and cupboards also deserve to be cleaned. A deep cleansing of the room should be done every month for a fresh and positive environment.
Bella P.
I try to clean my room or the apartment once every week. Or every other week at most. I do end up tiding my room up everyday though just to keep everything organized & it helps with not having unnecessary stress.
Claudia P.
I’d recommend cleaning your room daily if possible. If not, 1-2 times weekly is fine. It’s nice to clean your room often it gives a big impact on your mood and mental state.
Malou E.
10 minutes per day because with a clean space comes a clear mind and also so you don’t need to take a hole day to organizing
Lee A.
as soon as it gets dirty, Have you ever had a messy room and don't want to do anything but when you start cleaning it feels like you're super productive? it's like when you start a new notebook,you want to be as neat as possible.The same is true for our room, the cleaner the more productive we become.
Katie Lee T.
Usually everymorning,so when u get home in the afternoon it's already clean, I'm not saying clean untill it sparkles this could be as simple as taking dirty dishes to the kitchen or opening your windows for fresh air,you could also clean your room before bed so that the next morning you rise to a clean room and all that's left to do is make your bed,sometimes we struggle to get this done and are regarded as lazy or untidy but the truth is we cannot bring ourself to do it and that's okay start off small like picking up the random objects lying around and put them in their places I believe in you Goodluck!
Omar Z.
Daily, especially making your bed! If you make your bed, no matter how bad your day goes, you will come back to a clean and comfy bed.
Jane P.
When your room is clean, the action is therapeutic, the new space inspiring, one feels new again. Its a gratitude action for being given the space.
Emma O.
I believe you should clean your room daily. But, don’t spend too much time, divide it. For example, instead of moping daily, try mopping weekly or monthly.
Jyothilakshmi Z.
Definitely atleast once a week and this is coming from being a messy person myself.. somehow cleaning even a little section of your room feels like making space in your head. I advocate for a minimalist lifestyle and am working towards it. Decluttering is absolutely a start towards that. Also the perks are you have less things to worry or loose when you only start to keep what you NEED instead of all that you WANT.
Aseya N.
Tidy up every evening, thoroughly deep-clean and tidy once a week, make your bed once you wake up on a daily basis and and if you have a desk tidy it up before you use it.
Hilda W.
At least once a week. Maintaining the room clean and organize will help you focus more on your goals without distractions
Ananya X.
I clean it very often bec I like clean things and don't like the mess which is obvious created by me the lazy me so I only create the mess and I only clean it but actually to say cleaning is quite cool 😎 putting on the music and cleaning is another type of drug..!✨
Marty O.
Depending on your life situation and especially how you feel I know that I feel a lot better once my room is clean so I pick up the trash I sold the clothes but when it gets really cluttered my brain also does it's okay to take a day or two just pick up the essentials take out the trash put away the plates don't surround yourself with stuff that makes you feel bad
Marcus O.
In my opinion, one should regularly clean their room. By maintaining a healthy Ambience we can focus a lot on our tasks..
Natalie Z.
Once every 3 weeks or if you realize that your room is getting very messy before 3weeks then I’ll start cleaning it up then
Sandro C.
Every day for 5 minutes. Have you ever heard your parent say the phrase 5-minute cleanup after school when you were younger? Well, it’s true. The thing is… You may feel as if you haven’t done enough or your room isn’t clean enough after you clean, but after days upon weeks upon months depending on how messy your room originally was, you will both become faster at cleaning and have a really nice clean room. The key is patience.
Hector E.
I'd say twice a day. We should clean our room in the morning when we wake up and before we sleep. It's gives peace and a very clean environment to rest.
Lud F.
If course this depends on the person. I like to clean every single day. I set myself a timer for 3 minutes where I tidy up the room as fast as possible in my morning routine. And when I feel like I need it another 5 minutes in the evening. I feel like this helps keeping the apartment cleaner without consumin a lot of time and energy. Deep cleaning like vacuum, bathroom, decluttering etc once a week on the weekend.
Jayden T.
I don't know about others,but when my room gets messy it is hard for me to focus on something, like you can clean your room if it is messy .
Nour N.
Twice a day as sitting in clean room and environment is very healthy and reflects happiness to ourselves too , it also increases the productivity of your day as sitting in a clean place decreases the distractions around you so I clean up my room and I enjoy doing that ☺️💙
Erika W.
At least once a week. Dusting and putting everything away. It makes you feel more productive and clean. It also gives you time off your phone and some exercise in.
Sheena W.
I feel like you should tidy up once a day if necessary. It will clear your mind and free up your thoughts. A full clean once a week when you can make time.
Eleonore F.
I always end up cleaning my room when I start too feel overwhelmed just by looking at the floor. I'm trying to break that habit though and I'm going to start doing 10 minutes of tidying up every afternoon to keep it clean. It should stay cleaner if I spend some time picking up every day than if I let it get really dirty and try and do it all at once.
Mario E.
I tidy up my room every night (it's part of my routine). For larger clean-ups, like organizing a messy closet, you can work on that whenever you have the time. Just schedule it, or start a challenge to get motivated.
Kathy F.
Making up your bed daily will give you a sense of accomplishment every day,first thing in the morning. I get to the dusting changing sheets about once per month. And vacuuming and sweeping happens every weekend.
Chris P.
I think that someone should clean their room two times for week, but they should tidy their room more than one time for day
Mads Y.
Try a little everyday, so it doesn't get overwhelming. Then in the weekend, choose a convenient time to do the bigger cleaning to catch up on anything you couldn't finish during the week! E.g. I try to declutter 15 minutes a day and in the weekend I choose a bigger chore that needs to get done.
Viktoria X.
A regular answer would be “…as often as you like” I would agree with these kind of answer and link it with the feeling of freedom. If I feel enough space and tidiness how I organised my room, feeling also comfortable, then I know I did it right. I do not have this feeling, if my room is a absolutely chaos, sometimes it takes me weeks to tidy up all in my room. But back to your question it depends how you like your room and when is your personal point reached to clean up your room. I could clean once in a week my desk and my bed is still a mess, but if this for me enough It would be fine to me just to clean up once a week.
Gilannie F.
If you can’t keep your room tidy for at least 3 days after you fully clean it.. You probably need to declutter. As for actual cleaning, I would say once a week. Deep cleaning, one a month.
Adam Z.
The best way I found, was to deep clean it every 2 week, but on a daily basis before going to bed I would spend 5-10 mins just making sure I tidy up a bit, so I can wake up to be the best version of my self, and having a clean tidy room helps alot.
Zilda Z.
I usually clean my room a little bit every morning, just to keep the clutter under control. I say deep clean your room every few weeks or whenever you need to. 🙂
Caroline Z.
Your room should be thoroughly cleaned once a week. You should tidy things up every day and make your bed every day. I think twice a year you should really clean the walls and baseboards and the windows.
Princess N.
A little bit daily. Then once /week that may take more time. Or if one day of longer time not possible then just do 2 shorter days. Now if only I did this!🙃🤪🙅🏽‍♀️I will be more intentional going forward.
Pauline F.
It totally depends on how Messi your room is or how fast you can do the work…. room generally takes 15 to 20 minutes to be clean depending on the size….. I would suggest if you are cleaning your room first started by cleaning your bed and properly putting the bed sheet because bad mistake up most of the space in the room and arranging the bed first gives a sense of accomplishment and there as other work feels easy🙂
Rose W.
For the best headspace, somebody should aim to clean their room at the end of each day. Just being in a clean environment helps clear up clutter in the mind, so imagine sleeping in one! Taking 10 minutes each day just to clean up your space before going to bed is going to give you much more of a mental focus!
Everalda G.
I try to clean my room at least once week. It’s ideal to pick up after yourself as you’re doing things, but if you have absolutely no time to do so, I would go for once to twice a week.
Calais N.
At least once a day, preferably at night. Because it will take the stress off your shoulders the next morning if you wake up to a clean room. And it’s good to have something to distract you.
Telse F.
I have kept my room clean and my table was messy always I used to eat and throw on my table every single time but now I am used to clean my desk and my mind
Trinity P.
A person should clean their room at least every day to feel nice and clean and fresh and reset for the next day or at least try and clean it every other day if it gets really messy but if it gets messy not too often you can clean it every week or so depending on how big of a mess you make and how big of a mess you leave.
Fannie N.
Well, as far as I am concerned, everyone sould clean their room daily. Having a clean space, offers you more concentration and happiness. So, that's why.
Olivia T.
You should clean your room at the very least once a week. But it should become a habit to do this more often, as this can allow for a sense of accomplishment and feeling proud and organized. It also removes fire and walking hazards, makes things easier to find, and opens up the space. And cleaning can be therapeutic. Even an organized mess is better than just chaos.
Lucile F.
It mostly depends on your life style but personally I try to keep it clean everyday by completing small tasks like doing the dishes instead of keeping them on my desk. However I do the deep cleaning every Saturday (vacuuming etc.)
Tanya G.
For me personally i clean my room twice a week as I'm a clean freak, but for anyone else i think you should atleast do it once in 2-3 weeks as you don't want those germs and bacterias to harm you in any way and yea you should change your bedding twice a week if you don't want pimples and all (especially if you're a teenager) and ofcourse for a good night's sleep too ….good luck<3
Lilian Y.
I think you should give atleast 10 mins a day to clean up your room as it is the environment which we are into all day and we just kept it energized and organised with positive vibes.
Johnna F.
Believe that your room should be picked up everyday, sheets and bedding should be washed or swapped out every week, and mopped once or twice a week.
Marta N.
I think a person should clean their room every day, like tidying your bed, organizing your stationary, but i think you should deep clean once/twice a week (vaccuming, cleaning your wardrobe and other stuff)
Alfredo O.
Honestly, it depends on how often you tidy your room. You should try to pick up the messes you make as you go to avoid having to do more, or go back and do it in the same day if you absolutely cannot in the moment. You should deep clean every 2-3 weeks or so, in my opinion. Make an hour to go through your closet and drawers that you've likely packed with random items, sweep your floors, and mop them quickly. It's hard work but it will make you feel better after it's done and you can see your progress.
Alina F.
Everyday, someone should clean their room as often as everyday. That way there is not a lot to clean and more time left to do on other things. That way you feel better when doing something in your room.
Andre J.
Once a week for sure. I tend to give a quick tidy around every time I can and do a proper deep clean and dirty up on my first day off from work. That gives me the chance to have a safe and organised space to relax afterwards.
Freya Z.
I think people should tidy there room every morning but if they are busy do it in there free time instead of being on there phone.
Hagen F.
In my days I clean it 2 times… After I wokeup and before go to bed… I think that is enough to maintain my room clean
Dejana N.
If you’re struggling with keeping your space clean, break this habit into a lots of small habits and works. For example, divide your space into a sections, and clean one section each day. Try to clean your space everyday for 15 minutes, you’ll feel better.
Marcus C.
EVERY DAY!!!! When u clean ur room people will see that you are organised and you won’t feel lazy plus put on some inspirational music and make it a dance!
Pearl W.
Someone should clean their room depending on how often it get messy or if you have a lot of things you do in your room. If your room is always clean but sometimes haves stuff here and there then probably just 1-2 a week. If its always messy even after cleaning should be 3-4 times a week
Maya F.
I think u should tidy up your room every night so you won't have to do it when you'll wake up. And clean your room once a week( vacuum, change sheets….)
Tatiana N.
We should clean our room atleast before sleeping or after waking up at the morning…. It is very important to keep your room clean because it also describes that how disciplined you are
Albert I.
Sometimes its better to clean someone's room everyday..if there is some other plm ..they can clean it after 1/2 days ..just the normal things …but if we talk about the whole room at 1 day in a month it should be cleaned . Also those works that they can't do everyday or later …they had better do it at least one actual day in a week . I hope the answer will help you .
Kelya P.
A good time to clean your room is when you start noticing stuff all on your floor, and the mess is starting to bother you or just getting bigger. I clean my room every other day just so it doesn’t get so bad and I don’t feel overwhelmed with how dirty it is. Cleaning your room every other day helps keep everything organized and cleaned and keeps your mental health down low.
Marlene C.
Every day. There are chores that i do every day like make the bed. Then there are chores that i do weekly/monthly or every season. Good luck
Albert Z.
I like to clean my room everyday. This is because if you clean it everyday the mess will not build and it will stay clean.
Marion C.
At least once a week, even if it's not a deep clean. Just a simple tidy-up of a dresser, drawers, or desk can make everything flow much more smoothly. There's always the days (and even weeks) that we are busier than usual, but just a 5 to 10-minute tidying of your work area or your room can make a difference!
Jeffery S.
Now this really depends on how messy you are. My room becomes an unorganised disarray in just 1 week. So I try (emphasis on the try) to clean bi weekly. But clean to your own flow, when you feel like it isn’t as clean as it was in the beginning of the week clean it! Or instead of doing a “deep” clean bi weekly you could work on small bits every day or every second day!
B Z.
I generally keep my room clean.. I tidy up daily by having a specific place that I put things back after I use them. I vacuum and change bed linen bi weekly or monthly depending on my schedule..

That works for me.. It’s a part of developing better habits in other areas of my life.

Fiona P.
Every day when you wake up take 10 minutes to pick up whatever it is you want. Then once you come home after a day out, spend time cleaning your room for another 10 minutes. Don’t go over 10 minutes, slowly but surely your room will slowly start to become cleaner and more organized.
Wesley N.
For me it's whenever someone feels like. It's not the work and motivation if your cleaning it for someone or because it's just dirty.
Anna C.
Depends on how messy your room is. if it gets messy fast in a week try once a week maybe on saterdaybbn or sunday or whenever your not busy. But if itis not that messy maybe three to five times a month. I hope this helped! Good luck! stay safe♡
Leslie Z.
Tidy up everyday for 15 minutes.
And every weekend, one can do a more thorough reset to prepare for the upcoming week.
This way one wouldn't need to do deep cleans very often, which require an intense focus to be completed successfully.
Kaulini Q.
I would say that if you don't want to stack up the work, you should clear your room daily. Like it feels so good when you spend your time on something, put your efforts into something and you get the fruit ✨
It's fine even if you clean your room once a week hehe 🌼
Ethel P.
I clean my room once a week I usually clean on Saturday. I wash my clothes and my bedding set and vacuum my room and I clean the baseboards!
Noam T.
People should tidy up their room for at least ten minutes every day. They should pick up stuff on the ground, organize all of their belongings, and make it nice. People should clean their room once a week. Vacuum, clean and dust all surfaces, wipe down the windowsill, stuff like that. Once or twice a month people should deep clean their room. Wash the blinds, organize your closet again, wash your bedsheets.
Abbie J.
It depends on how messy of a person you are. For most people I'd recommend once every 2 weeks. Personally I clean once a week, but I'm a very messy person. Do what feels right.
Soline Q.
At least every 3 weeks or every fortnight. Keeping your room clean saves from bed bugs and all type of things like that.
Danille S.
I think you should clean your room once a week, Deep clean once a month, and do a little tidy up everyday just so the mess doesn’t build up
Max N.
Someone should clean their room once a week, because if they clean once a month it is always dirty, it should be done like this, every day tidy up your room right before you go to bed. Then you never have to fully clean your room ever again!
Nida R.
I think daily cleaning can we done to avoid a huge cleaning after a week or month it take lot of times if we leaves for other day . So clean daily take 20 to 30 minutes and after one week or any holiday clean the whole room the way you like to do 😇. Hope you will like 🥰
Gargili Q.
Everyday, for me a clean room is a clean head. You can do kore easily and fater the things you have to get done, you can focus more, it changes the energy in your room,….
Mads N.
Well it depends on the definition of “cleaning” I personally think some should at least tidy up everything day before leaving their room
Marcus W.
I usually clean my room every morning and every night before going to bed. Sometimes I tidy up my room also in the afternoon
Taylor I.
I think that a deep clean of somebody's room, like taking the trash out, washing your bedsheets, doing your laundry, etc. should be done once every week. However, things shouldn't get to the point of utter messiness as long as a person is decluttering their space and tidying up every day at a designated time, like making their bed or picking up trash.
Bob Z.
A dayly 10 min tidy, to keep things neat and organised, a proper clean every two weeks to a month to vacuum, dust and change the sheets
Jessica Q.
Xoxo Everyday like make your bed , put clothes into laundry 🧺 , open window to let fresh air in sweep or vacuum …. Xoxo
Felix P.
It depends if you want to be clean and neat, or just neat. If you want to be clean and neat, clean your room at least once a week. Therefore, your room will be nice and tidy. If you just want to be neat, clean your room at least once every two weeks. Then, you won’t have to worry about it being messy and when it’s really messy, you wont have to clean it up all at once.
Amy F.
Most people clean their room like two times a week, but some people use to do it very often but that’s ok, some persons have more time than others
Lohan E.
Literally make your space or room always clean it'll help you to feel better and to be motivated and it's good to Ur mental health as well so always do small things to Keep it organised start by making your bed every morning
Jean Z.
Cleaning their own room is important to make you more confortable like for exemple you will be more productive for work than with a non clean room. (English bad)
Albetina P.
I'm trying to get in the habit of cleaning up after myself everytime I make a mess..but I'm not quite there yet (hence 'the fabulous' app) so for me it's like 8 times a day so far
Armandino G.
I think people should clean their room daily. I’m not saying I do that myself, but I’m making time for it and you should too. When people say “Your room is a reflection of who you are.” Do you want to be seen as a lazy, messy, slob or a happy, neat, productive person. And remember, a part of cleaning is organizing. You might get tired, but you won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll be thankful and also have a clearer space to think and/or do your hobbies.
Hannah P.
Do a minor tidy (not more than 10 mins) per day. Then do a full weekly clean (linens, cleaning surfaces, vacuuming) once a week. Open windows to air our room at least twice a week.
Radovan E.
I think we should keep it clean always. Probably we have to set our habits to behave in the way when we dont make mess there. But of course there is vaccum cleaning, cleaning the floor, wipe dust, etc. These should be done on regular basis
Luna N.
Before, I used to clean my room weekly. Now, I clean it up daily in the mornings with my Tidy Up habit. It’s your choice, and of course depends on your schedule. I think cleaning weekly is a good idea, because you don’t have to save time to clean in the morning but you also don’t put it off for too long.
Nada N.
Well, it depends on how massy it is, i know we shoud make our beds and keep everything as clean and tidy as possible. And as deep cleaning two days a week will be good.
Jacob N.
It's better to clean your room everyday but if you fell exhausted or don't have the time, you can do it once every few days
Anjali T.
If I’m being honest, probably everyday. It’s a really precious gift to give to oneself, the gift of a beautiful, serene and calming living space.
Abbie Q.
i would say to clean your room about once a week, but it really just depends on how messy your room gets within the span of a week. if you’re planning to clean your room on a schedule i would get a set day and create a checklist, but the first day i would go for a deep clean so you don’t have to worry about it later.
Vincent P.
As often as they feel the need to, but a weekly clean is definitely necessary. Twice a week is a mark for good personal hygiene. Change bedsheet and pillow cases every month.
Oscar E.
I do a general tidy once a week, and then a deeper clean every 10 to 14 days. It gets a once over with the duster, Windex on the windows and mirrors, spray and wipe all surfaces, and vacuum/mop the floor. Washing walls happens every 6 months, and a clean out (Marie Kondo style) is an annual event, usually just before Christmas.
Itz F.
You should tidy it up every other day cause it should be organized to help and motivate you to be more productive, as for cleaning it should be cleaned at least once a week dependingon how dirty ir messy it gets, a clean room well make you feel more relaxed and more motivated!
Allie F.
Cleaning your room on a daily basis can create an environment that sparks someone's imagination and creativity, all with thelp of a clean room.
Calvin J.
It kinda depends on type of person, sorts of activities one does in his room and environmental problems around. If it's ultra-dusty cause of a road beneath the windows, if the person does something messy in his room, well, probably it's a good idea to clean every day. If you return to your room just to sleep, meh, once a week will be enough.
Dinis Q.
If you are a Student then I would say that you should Clean your room twice a week. But you are a Housewife then u should do it 6 times a week. Thank you 💝
Robyn N.
Every. Single. Day! Just doing a tiny tidy up will keep you from having to spend hours cleaning all at once & you can always enjoy a clean, relaxing sanctuary to wind down in.
Marina N.
Deep cleaning once in 2 months, dust the floor once a week, and tidy up every day, so that we feel good in a clean room. When my room is in chaos i feel like chaos is inside me.
Roger P.
We should clean it regularly by regularly I mean it when it get messed up. If we clean it when it is too much messed up it would be difficult to clean out and this mess would creat negativity and affect our daily routine. So try to clean it by time. It could be like that if you take anything from your shelf keep it when you're done with that thing. This would not take extra effort and would not affect your environment. If it comes on cleanliness of your home then you should do it twice once in morning and once in evening. That's all I wanted to say. I hope so I cleared my point.😁
Hildburg P.
A good cleaning at least weekly. Dusting, sweeping or vacuuming, changing sheets, etc. Throughout the week pick up after yourself as small messes are made.
Caroline C.
I like to give my room a clean on the Sunday before the weekday starts. It's nice to clean it up before the week starts.
It S O.
It is advisable to declutter, dust, wipe, and vacuum your bedroom once a week as you don't want to face a serious build-up of grime, viruses, and bacteria. Also, you should change your bedding every seven days to ensure you get a good night's sleep. Certain areas you can tackle less frequently
Deanna U.
Every week, I think it’s important to stay on top of being organized so cleaning my room at the end of every week helps me achieve that.
Marion F.
I am pretty much an organised person, so it depends on who you are. As for me, I keep my room clean everyday, and that’s a habit that I definitely can’t take away from my life 😅
Sandra E.
I feel more calm when my apartment is clean so I tid it up every day. So I can wake up to a Nice home. My roomba vaccuums every day so I dont have to think about that 🙂
Antoinette W.
I'd say a little tidy up is crucial every day. But cleaning like vacuuming or mopping the floor could be once or twice a week (minimum. Of course if you have the capacity to do it every day that would be ideally perfect). It depends on how many people are living in that room, if you have pets, etc. As of right now, I'm comfy cleaning about twice a week, and tidying up eveey morning. We live the two of us in this room.
Wissal X.
I think twice a week is good. Personally I clean my room every 3 days and sometimes even less when I see some dust or my cat's spots
Hellmut C.
whenever you feel the need to. i wouldn’t kee putting the pressure on. but if it’s something you feel like you’ll forget then i’d say general tidy at the end of each day (put away stuff you used/ clothes to be washed etc). hoover/ wipe surfaces every few days. change sheets at the end of the week. it totally depends on what works with your schedule though
Victoria N.
How often? Well that really depends on you. How messy are you? How neat are you? Can you work better in a clean environment? For me, I clean every Saturday.
Sarah Q.
Whenever they can. I am personally too busy with sports, school, and other hobbies to clean my room everyday. I find it easier to tidy up just tiny bits throughout the week.
Joseph Q.
It depends .
When you in the mood mayby from 10 min to 15 min " as you playing songs during clean the room and enjoy your time "
But if you're not maybe it just take 5 min
Noemi V.
I have been struggling keeping my room clean all week for a long time. In my opinion, the best is when you clean your room every day. Not a big clean up, only sweep your floor or clean you work place (trust me, if you clean your desk before starting work, you can be more productive). As for me, it works the best. Also, you can choose a day on the week when you have time to do a bigger cleaning routine, that way your room will be clean all week. Try it, you won’t regret it! Good luck, friend <3
Alyssa N.
someone she clean their room like at least maybe once a week so then like it's not like that messy and they should always have like a certain day they want to clean it so then it's like you know that day to if your room is really messy, you know to not make any plans with your friends or anything so you know you're cleaning your room instead of changing up your schedule and then you end up not cleaning your room so just keep it a one day instead of making it like oh I'm gonna clean my room on Monday on this week or else yeah.
Alice Z.
I always say to do a little bit every day. Focus on doing laundry one day. Focus on cleaning the floor the next. Some days, you can just go ahead and do the whole thing, but I like to focus on one thing at a time.
Kunigunda Y.
I think this can be very personal for example i am a really messy person and i prefer to tidy up once or twice a day but if your room does not look like a disaster after 3 hours you can clean your room once a day or even once in 2 days
Julie F.
One should make bed and tidy up every day. One should sweep and dust weekly. One should deep clean quarterly. One should declutter at least once a year.
Hugo Z.
Personally I'd say a deep clean once a week. But yoy should spot clean here and there daily so that way your not living/sleeping in filth.
Brand F.
I believe someone should clean their room daily and do little things here and there. I do honestly believe that things can get very overwhelming very quickly and when things go outside of your bedroom make it be very hard. I think a deep clean is necessary once in awhile maybe seasonally. But doing a little bit each day in different rooms I think is vital