What’s an easy cleaning hack?

Nolan U.
Only plan a small amount of time to clean (so, in here, ten minutes). Don't force yourself to go beyond that if nothing will go horribly wrong if you leave it. You could do a stretch of hours of cleaning, but you'll probably end up being burnt out on cleaning afterwards and things will pile up while you recover. Start with dirty dishes, then papers or clothes on the floor. After that, just decide what would have the biggest impact if cleaned up. It could be waterbottles in your room or starting a load of laundry. If you need to see more progress to motivate you, focus only on one room, probably your bedroom. Just make sure to pick up after whatever you do inother rooms so they don't get worse while that room is improving. My final thing that helps is literally just saying "future me will be happy that I did this" and then, when I'm happy because something is clean, I thank my past self. For some reason, it really helps me stay motivated