How often should I tidy up?

Jackson Z.
I like to tidy the bathroom in the morning, after I get ready for work. The kitchen before bed and my office before I head home. Those are the habits I’m working to improve.
Catherine Y.
In my opinion, I think it’s important to tidy up everyday or as you go along. Doing it this way will decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning in the long run.
Celina T.
Every day. It keeps things from piling up and becoming overwhelming. When walking through a room, try to pick up something out of place and put it up. 😃
Ventura Q.
Well i like to tidy up the mess if the night sleep, making bed, clean the floor by my doggo’s fur etc I like to take care of my plants and bonsai trees. I like wash well my hands. I like to tidy up the mess of the yester dinner etc
Noemie S.
I find ten minutes a day is way easier than one big chunk a week for tidying. When cleaning though each part of the house has a different requirement: kitchen; straight after you’ve used it, vacuum; once a week or fortnight, toilet; weekly… ect ect. Pinterest actually has some great home cleaning schedules
Bernice E.
Every morning and night-basically tidying up is how to reset your day. Plus if you do it often enough than you’re accomplishing things all the time- which is such a great feeling when you have days where everything goes wrong
Ugo N.
It depends on how's messy you are if you are never tidy you should tidy up frequently burn if you tidy up daily then you've should continue doing so.
Shane F.
I should tidy up every night, because waking up to a clean room takes a lot of stress off me. And going to sleep with a clean room helps me to sleep better
Ella P.
As often as possible sometimes things get cluttered so it good to make sure you tidy up a bit just to give you space for things you need to do such as study or meditate.
Jared E.
Tidy up everyday. Plan for 30 minutes. But if you keep at it. It turns into a 10 min task. Then you have a clean and chaos free environment.
Candice E.
Anytime you find yourself struggling to find objects because your area is cluttered, or if your mind is distracted because of the clutter
Calvin E.
I do every morning! I think if you tidy up and make sure everything is in its place once every day, it prevents disorganization and messes from getting out of control to the point where it takes a lot of time and energy to clean up. Hope that makes sense! : )
Julie Q.
Zo vaak dat m’n plek ok voelt. M’n plek voelt ok als ik overzicht heb en dingen kan vinden. Dat heb ik nodig om mindful te kunnen zijn. Maar wellicht een goede om in mindfulness te zoeken naar dingen soms… Maar.. in de basis vind ik het fijn dat m’n omgeving op orde is. Dus zo vaak opruimen tot dat gevoel er is.
Alfred W.
Ensure that when you wake up it becomes part of your daily routine. When I say tidy up just make sure you leave the house as you found it. Tidy house tidy mind.
Megan I.
Living in a tidy and clean environment is better. So, if you’re not so busy do it every day. And start doing it every day as soon as possible.
Joan B.
That is a very personal thing in my opinion. For me I like things to be tidy. It organizes me and make me feel comfortable. Some people however thrive in a bit of chaos. If you place too much emphasis on “tidying” you might be missing other adventures you could be having. Bottom line to me is – be happy and don’t be too hard on yourself. Try tidying and see how it makes you feel. Go from there. You will know what your balance is and how much time you might want to put into it.
R Mulo Q.
Well it depends on your case, for me I usually tidy up once in the morning and once before I go to bed because those are the moments when my room is usually messy.
Lila Z.
Daily, even twice daily. This will keep your place in order and make big cleans last longer and take less time. Example: Sweeping or swifting once a day will make the mop jobs less expansive.
Villads C.
Daily… I try to spend just 10 minutes a day, which isn’t very long and I get a surprising amount of work done in that time. If I can’t do that for some reason, I at least grab things to put away as I move about the house. So, if I’m going upstairs and pass my child’s discarded pajamas, I take those up with me and put them on his bed.
Stacey P.
About once a day. I like to take 10-15 I’m tired to do somthing productive. If it’s tidying up my desk or doing some dishes. It helps me to stay organized.
Sofia W.
Don’t let cleaning and organizing take me away from time with family, but, if it’ll take less than five minutes to complete, do it. Taking care of small, easy to complete tasks will prevent them from building up, and it’ll help reduce my anxiety. Remind Nick of this, too…this habit isn’t the most important, a little OCD, or anything harmful…this reduces anxiety and panic attacks for me.
Silke X.
It’s about knowing who you are and how you focus. In many cases, it’s more doable to consider tidying up as the finishing of an action, not as an action in itself. So, doing the dishes right when you finish eating.

Personally, I find it easier to just get in the habit of keeping things tidy; I’ll pick up something if I see it on the floor if I’m going in the direction where it goes. Then I might just end up putting it closer than it was before (like at the bottom of the stairs) and then put it away when I head that direction. But mainly doing little things as you see them, throwing laundry in the basket, trash in the trash, and tidying up when you finish something (a creative project, the dishes, exercising, etc.) can make keeping a place clean easy.

I also, however, will take ten minutes every morning to tidy up, and have one day a week where I do household chores like laundry, vacuuming, and window washing.

Nicolau E.
I try to tidy up before I leave for work so I know that when I get home i don’t have to worry about coming home to a mess.
I also do the same before bed. Waking up and not having to focus on cleaning makes all the difference. I feel better knowing that not all the mess will get left for the weekend.
Greg Z.
I like to clean up first thing in the morning so that my space is clean and clutter free and this settings a tone of organization for the rest of the day.
Levi W.
That depends on what you’re tidying up. I think the best approach is to at least hit one area a day. I define area by rooms but for you it may be something bigger or smaller.
Tyrone O.
I would say I should tidy up in the morning (quick) and then whenever my room get started messy I should do a deep clean. Also whenever my mom says so.
Cecy F.
Whenever you have company. No, actually a cleaning does not have to just be in spring. I like fabulous 10 minutes a day.
Rose T.
Try to tidy up a little everyday so it never gets overwhelming but don’t worry about it so much that is causes more stress. The point is to make life easier and once in a while something else matters more. What you do everyday is more important than what you do occasionally
H Lvio P.
Every day! Just take 10 minutes of focused tidying (?). Doing small maintenance every day more efficient than spending hours every once in a while to clean everything up.
Ilias U.
My goal is to always tidy a little each day. That way it doesn’t become overwhelming. When I have an exceptionally dirty area, I give myself 15-20 of focused tidying and then stop when it’s done. Then I keep that area clean for a while before doing more. I find that it makes it more manageable for me.
Olivia Z.
I like to tidy twice a day. Once in the morning after breakfast to make sure the day can be started smoothly without any clutter or distractions, and once in the evening to make sure the dinner and mess is cleaned up so you can start the day clear.
Zoe T.
I think it is best to tidy up every night, even if it is just a little bit. That way you can go to bed feeling accomplished and start the next day the same, increasing your change for success the next day. It also means that mess does not build up into a big issue over time, so you can feel accomplished every day and without the stress or overwhelming emotions beforehand.
Pedro P.
You should put things away as you take them out and do a quick clean up/tidy before you go to bed to ensure the next day starts the best it can
Katrine C.
Depending on how much time you have and if you can keep up a routine. I personally tidy whenever I have free time. Doing a little bit throughout the day goes a long way. Having certain daily tasks (I. E: sweeping or making your bed) will ultimately make your space neat and easier to work an live in. Or you could save it all for the weekend and do a mass deep clean. As long as you make time to make your environment healthy for you.
Franklin A.
I try to do little things daily like dishes, sweeping, wiping down surfaces, etc. This helps keep things neat until you’re ready to do a full cleaning of your space.
Brad Q.
I’m guilty of not doing the 5-minute clean up with stage he bare minimums- tidying my bags’s contents would be a great start.

My closet deserves some tending too at least 10 minutes a day.

Since I also stay At work or in Raha and need to have for e house, a bug out bag is important to have. 1 down, 2 more to go.

I don’t really appreciate tidying but I’m good at it. Need to increase its practice more tho.

Which reminds me of how I used to be in my humble beginnings. Learning what I can and doing what I can.

Basile Y.
As often as you need to. Personally, I love tyding up as it makes me feel good in my own space. But it really depends of you.
I also like to do a big cleaning/tyding before before spring and around fall.
Charlie O.
I have trouble getting things organized but withJesus help and my having such good family assistance. Things get on trackfast easily.
Franklin Z.
More often you do it – then less time you spend on it.
Start from 10 minutes a day.
Three times…
And one day your mind start to change, and you will notice the moments when you rubbish before you did it. So you get a habit and a mind to make you life most tidy.
Charlie P.
You should try and do it every night even if it something that is really small. If you do then it nice as a wind down from your long day.
Noe E.
At least once a week, in my case I deep clean the whole house every Friday bleach bathrooms, floors, dust bedrooms and declutter and the kitchen must be clean every day after cook!
Freja N.
It might be in the begining it’s necessary to do it more often – two or three times a day, later one or two times when we start our day for not to clutter living space and before we end the day for waking up into balanced environments.
Atan Sio E.
I tidy up throughout the day and make sure at the end of the night that my kitchen sink is clean and empty. It feels like a fresh start the next day.
Alison E.
Tidy up as often as is needed for you to feel grounded. If you spend more time than you wish to tidying up after others – try to create a tidy “corner” where you can go to decluttwr your mind. Then, tidy up when your tolerance insists!
Florent T.
Small amounts every day, this avoids build ups & allows you to not stress so much if it is a bad day & you’re not feeling up to it.
Hans Heinrich N.
I think that you should tidy up only when you feel like it. Personally, I try to tidy up every day to keep my space nice and clean, because it’s easier for me to think in a clean space.
Oc Ane Y.
I think a daily, relatively quick tidy up sesh is most helpful. If I tidy before bed bed and clear off countertops and floor space, I am more likely to wake up feeling good about a new day. Feeling ready to take on a new day helps me feel grounded and centered.
Danny J.
Everyday, just a little bit. I have taken the suggested 15 min reach evening and used it to tackle one room/task. Bathroom one night, sweep and mop another, it is going great and i feel way more "together"
Helfried S.
When I’m in my room, I can’t leave things not organized. If I do, it gets me depressed and exhausted for no reason. Rather cleaning than leaving it there takes less energy from me. It might be a type of OCD, but I don’t hate it or doubt myself about it; I just love my clean personal environment. I would like to tidy up and organize my space every time I need to: twice a day seems like a good routine.
Desid Rio S.
It depends on you.

Perhaps for more visual neurologically wired, it would be rather more annoying to leave things untidy.

Also depends on the schedule. For example some jobs are required, as they go, some daily and others more periodically.

For me I think if I’m going in that direction like a coffee cup, i’ll Take it with me. If it takes less than 2 mins then do it right away. If it’s verybannoying do it when anything of higher importance/ urgency.

Also try to de-clutter so that it is easier to reduce the mess that needs to be tidied!

Emmy T.
As often as you think your space is messy! It never feels good to be surrounded by mess, even if you don’t feel bad about it, I can guarantee you’ll feel a little better once you’ve cleaned up! It definitely improves your mental state and your motivation. I find that when I’m in the middle of a task, it’s a lot easier to tackle when my environment is one I enjoy being in, and this is often my room. So most of the time, I like to keep my room tidy, just so I feel good.
Mario U.
I used to think I only had time to do one big tidy up once per week but I try to do 3 small tidy ups per day, even if it’s just cleaning trash out of my car or hanging up a few clothes.
Sofie E.
For me twice a day works. Only 10mins or less though.
Before work and before bed. Makes me feel like I have things in a bit of an order.
Jimmy U.
I like to tidy up, in the morning when I get up, in the afternoon after work but before dinner, and at night before bed. That way, it doesn’t allow for a massive mess to keep building up, and the little wins keep me in a positive mood!
Martha S.
THis is a personal choice. As often as necessary or create less pressure to be a perfectionist and as soon as you have energy to do it.
Frederik F.
I usually tidy up in the morning, great way to start my morning because I’m energized and it makes me feel like I’ve fulfilled a few things before my day starts
Elmides Q.
Tidying up should be done daily. Have an organized, clean space is as important as having an organized and clear mind. You can’t have one without the other.
Clarence F.
It will be more easy if you will do it every single day. I think also very important to put all things in their own places after using. If you will do it it will be more easier for you when you will tidy up.
Cecilie X.
I should tidy up a lot more often! I find thinking about it tiring. Perhaps 10 minutes morning and evening would see a huge difference in my life. Maybe if I played music too?
Frederikke X.
I’d tidy up every day, it just makes you feel better to be in a tidy, uncluttered space. I hate having to spend my weekend doing a big clean so I try to do it a little at a time after work, that way I can enjoy and relax at the weekend. I have to add though, my kids are grown up so I have more time during the evenings to do it and it tends to stay clean for a little while. When my kids were small I made tidying up part of the daily routine, after dinner we went through the house and did a quick tidy before bath time (well, tried anyway 😂)
Jose Y.
You should tidy up a little every day. Even if you don’t have the energy to deep clean, just resetting your house/area back from your days activities will make it easier to rest later and you can feel accomplished.
Kristina J.
I think the amount of times one does it is less relevant than to plan how many times beforehand and then follow through on that.
Leona E.
I like to tidy up everyday. Even the smallest effort has a positive impact on the day. It also motivates me to take on larger projects. It creates joy!
Oscar Z.
Every day in some small way. Set aside a certain amount of time 10-20 minutes. If your home is clean, clean your car, clear your desk space, file your paperwork etc.
Rodney S.
Everyday no matter how little you do. No matter how long it takes. Do something as simple as making up your bed or doing something every time you go into a room just clean a least one thing while you are there. On my drive today I will even clean something in my car.
Ma Lle F.
As often as possible. Putting things away throughout the day saves you from cleaning up large messes at the end of the day when you are tired and overwhelmed
Julia W.
you should tidy up a little at least once a day to help keep your house clean and it will make you feel better. Also at least once a week you should clean your room it will help you feel more comfortable and happy in your room allowing you to get a better sleep and finally once a month you should deep clean you whole house or at least most of your house so you can refresh your life and your brain.
Justine Q.
Daily. I used to reserve tiding up for the weekends. Then it became overwhelming and I never felt caught up. If I do something small every day, the weekend clean up is much easier and I have more free time!
Sander Z.
When your items are disorganized and you can no longer find anything. But, if being organized is your thing then be clean or organize your things everyday.
Rolf X.
I tidy up before I leave the house and at least an hour every day. I always have three tubs available one is a trashcan, one is a tub that stays the same for donation. And the other one is keep or I put it where belongs. I hope this helps and have a great day and remember. You are amazing. Love Tracy Matson ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ida Z.
A little something every day makes a big difference. It’s a mental game. If you do at least one extra thing that you wouldn’t normally or you set that timer for a few minutes of tidying each day, you will feel accomplished and closer to your goal than you are before you started!
Th Odore E.
You should tidy up anytime you feel like your mess is affecting your effectiveness. In my opinion. If it’s distracting you, if you’re losing things, if it’s causing anxiety, etc., it would be affecting your effectiveness. I like clean and neat spaces, so I tidy up several times throughout the day even at my desk. 🙂
Korbinian E.
Do a little bit every day and it’s harder for you to get behind. If you’re already behind, that’s okay, set a concrete and measurable goal to start chipping away at the mess. I just moved, so my goal is to empty 3 boxes every day. Eventually, there will be no more boxes.
Lilian E.
Definitely every week. Designate a cleaning day, may be Saturday. Make sure you do your laundry and tidy up your table.

Rest of the days your duty is to maintain it. Make sure you keep things under control till you clean it completely on Saturday.

Peyton F.
I think if you have a couple spare minutes and you notice something needs to be done, then take that time to do it. If you get into the habit of generally tidying whenever you can it’s not as much of a chore when it’s time to clean!
Warren P.
Every single day. It gives you time to relax, being mindful and Get rid of clutter. A clean house is better to work up to. You start your day with Peace of mind.