What will make a room more refreshing to the eyes?

Chelsea Q.
Clean, organized, fresh coat of paint on walls/furniture/floor, good lighting. Plants go a long way too to refresh a space.
Gloria W.
Just move things around. You don't need anything new or to get rid of your things, just put them in a new spot and change the shape of the space in the room. It does wonders.
Lily W.
I would like it to be a neat and clean place with some greens and some pictures of my kids on the wall and a small alter to reflect
Daniella O.
Definitely making sure that it's clean and organized. There are some videos online that can give you some information on how to make your own decorations. For me, I love having small plants. It makes a room look more airy and bright
Maria F.
A lot of light, definitely. A clear and clean space will make you feel relaxed. Plants and flowers are not only decorative and pleasant to the eye, some plants also have benefits like air purification. A good mix of colours, rather light colours because dark colours can affect your mood in a negative way.
Franziska R.
I think it depends on the type of person you are. I love candles. Anytime I walk into a room and one is burning, it immediately brings fresh energy into the room.

I also am a big believer in having an intimate, comforting corner in each part of the room. I’d suggest thinking about what brings you peace and building that in a unique way in your space.

For example, I have a corner full of books and an intimate rug and pillows to curl up and read one in. In the living room I have a small basket of books.

All the things that bring me peace and remind me of what I love and value, I try to incorporate that in each room. This makes me feel refreshed and company enjoys it too since they know that it’s a unique way of owning my space.