What is the bet way to clean off soap and hard water stains in the shower?

Pascoal E.
the best way to clean soap and hard water stains from the shower is to run a hot shower. then spraying mildew spray and vinager helps to soften the scum. afterwards, using a hot water bucket and a scrub brush, scrub along the grout lines and rinse with the hot water to wash it down. repeat daily with each shower, a little at a time, to reduce work spent on the shower.
Naomi Q.
Dawn & Vinegar sprayed on it and scrubbed w pad
Prevention…Wipe down shower walls after each use.
Use liquid soap rather than bar soap.
Victoire O.
I’d say a really acidic cleaning agent, like bleach. If you find that to dangerous (which I personally do), you could substitute it with really strong dandruff shampoo. II’m not going to suggest any cleaning products because I’m not 100% sure of what to use and whether it’ll work. Sorry 🤷‍♀️