How are your daily tidy goals different from weekly clean-ups?

Louison E.
At the end of the day I make sure to put everything in its place and make sure the surfaces are tidy and clean, at the end of the week I do a deep clean of the house including hoovering and moping as well as the extractor fan in the kitchen and the bathroom wall tiles.
Sarah T.
My daily tidy ups are either at work (to prepare to leave) or before bed, so they are much less than involved then weekly clean-ups.
James O.
For me it's all about keeping on top of things. If I know that every afternoon I will stop and tidy I'm far more likely to do it as I go. My afternoon becomes more about recognising the tidy space than the triying of the space. The hard work is delayed for a weeks it's immediately completed.
Balance Q.
I find daily tidy goals work far better for me because doing small tydying goals during the day gets me a reason to get up out of bed and live life. I grieved so much when my Husband Died, that I stayed in bed with no lights on and all the blinds down so I didn't have to live! I did this for 5 yrs. Finally with the help of a great friend and psychology counselling, I now am wanting to get on with living. The road back has been very hard, physically,mentally and spiritually. Doing daily tidy goals help me to manage my housework, organised all my things I need to so I have a wonderful clean,tidy and more organised home. Doing small daily tidy tasks helps me to manage my life because If I have learnt to manage my home, I can manage my life. Small steps, I love the small tasks as they work so well with my therapy which is also focused on taking tiny steps so my life isn't overwhelming. It also makes me feel proud and happy with myself because I am now wanting to get active and live my life. I send you living hugs and strength and hope you too find great value in doing small tiding daily tasks.
Fredo C.
My daily tidy goals are small things like folding up the blankets on the couch and straightening the pillows. Simple things like making sure things are in their place and bed is made. My weekly cleanups include more detailed work like cleaning the kitchen top to bottom, vacuuming, laundry, and deep cleaning the bathroom.
Terra E.
Daily I like to reset so everything is clear for the morning. Weekly is deeper in one area or another to properly go through and clear and sort clothes, toys, the kitchen or whatever.