What’s the most satisfying thing after you tidy up for ten minutes? Like which thing are you most pleased with yourself for doing?

Eli Ka E.
Well, for me it's probably just being able to see the tidy room. I am a bit weird and looking at very organised things just really calms me down 😀
Chauncey X.
It’s always great when I get around to vacuuming the carpets. Mainly because I have cats, and I know the air quality is better when I’m more on top of getting up their hair from the floors. It’s a chain effect of healthier times I think.
Samuel Z.
I feel a small sense of achievement because with a 3 year old boy who loves to make everything a mess i feel good about my house being clean and even tho i have to pick toys up lots of times during the day it feels good to know im moving around and then when im ready to settle down at night i know im going to bed without any worries about if i have to clean in the morning
Pippa Y.
Im most pleased if i done hoover and then used carpet fresh,: so all rooms and hallway smell nice .
Then sat down and get myself lovvely cuppa and also bit of chokkie X
Sameera F.
I feel like I am in control of my life. Usually, I am the kind of person to ignore tasks because they seem effortful and time consuming but so have realized that it only takes me about 10 to 15 mins to tidy up and I can wake up the next morning with my favourite coffee cup washed and ready to be used. It makes me feel like I can achieve other things if I just start the task instead of ignore it. My trouble with not doing chores is the same emotion regulation and organization issue that I have in my work life so it makes me realize that I am not doomed to be a shirker because once I start to do something, it’s never as bad as I thought it would be

My boyfriend also complains about me leaving dishes in the sink all the time so I feel less embarrassed of myself for being so messy.

Lastly, it clears up my mind to do evening reading and I don’t feel guilty to do that since I know I haven’t left chores undone.