How do you keep on top of cleanliness especially when having a bad day/week?

Emma Z.
I will admit. It can be hard to be on top of cleanliness especially when having a bad day or week. But, you must find it in you and you must convince yourself that after cleaning you will feel much better about yourself. I was very overwhelmed with work but one night I decided to clean my room. That night I felt accomplished. Even though I had a lot of work, even though I was behind, cleaning my room made me feel better at getting something done. It motivated me to get the rest of my work done. Taking time to take care of yourself, has it’s benefits. Remember to take care of yourself and that your going to have those bad days and even weeks. Yes it sucks. But what makes things good if there’s no bad? Having that cleanliness can improve your motivation and happiness. So clean a little bit. You don’t necessarily need to clean a big part of something, but getting something done and occupying yourself can really be beneficial.