How do I get myself to clean? I feel uninspired

Josephine W.
I feel like you need to motivate yourself by thinking 'if I don't clean up now what could be the worst case scenario?'and that usually helps me think oh someone could trip or cleaning will make the place fresher so that I could easily get around.
Eli P.
I'm unsure as to who came up with it, but try the 5 second rule; when you have a task or idea you want to try, count down from 5 and then immediately go and do that task. The longer we think about a task, the more we don't want to do it,
Hunter J.
Start with something small and work your way up. For instance, start separating laundry for washing and while they wash, clean the bed area so there is room to fold. Then while that’s going, turn the vacuum on so you can mop without wasting time.
Otmar M.
Start by doing small things!Like start putting away some rubbish or make your bed and then start making some bigger things, like organize your wardrobe/desk!
Betcha Y.
The best advice I can give you is to just start. Look at how untidy your area may be and think of the steps it will take to clean them. If you think about the outcome instead of the process, it makes it easier to start.
Clemm N.
i usually deep clean when im very stressed, it gets me to work when im done, but i always like to clean listening to mysic and opening some windows so you feel the fresh air, dont force yourself to clean if its not so necessary
Aparecida Z.
I start to think that If I just start in making a small task for a brief second I can somehow motivate myself in continuing the task, one step at a time. I found the start harder both when I became in a flow it becamed easier.
Elen I.
Yeah cleaning can be tedious but think of the result after.
If you do it 10 mins each day it's basically nothing and you will still have a clean house!
I use the apps timer which really helps, put on music, maybe find cleaning inspiration on tik tok and the job gets done!
Ivy U.
I would suggest playing your favorite song and if your cold put on a sweatshirt and if your hot change into a tank top. The reason why I suggest this is because when your too hot or too cold it makes you feel weak and tired. So you won’t get a lot of stuff done but if your the temperature you body wants then your body will feel more
Jessica P.
Put on special music, put on tennis shoes so your ready to take out trash if needed. Give yourself a small reward for completion.
Chloe P.
The only way I can clean is if I’m focusing on something else at the same time. Stick on a podcast or some music and listen to that whilst you clean. It distracts you from actually cleaning if that makes sense..
Elliot Q.
In life things will always be hard. To get yourself to clean you’re just going to have to get up and clean. Make it a habit so that it gets easier as you go.
Tia U.
Only clean 1 space per day, try the "while I'm here" method. When going to the kitchen pick up 1-5 items belonging there, do as many dishes as you can while microwaving dinner. Forget the all or nothing mentality
Maya S.
Sometimes it’s hard to clean. It takes time, and motivation. It’s especially difficult with depression, anxiety, and even OCD. But even doing a little bit at a time, is important. You have to celebrate even the small wins. And sometimes that’s the best you can do. But even the smallest thing can help you achieve a greater goal.
Silje N.
All cleaning is better than none. I like to pick a room I'm in, like cleaning down the kitchen counter before cooking my meal, or tidying the bathroom after a shower/visit before I leave the room. Laundry is harder, but today I'll sort the clothes by room and pick one category (kids/whites/adult). Once you get a category done you'll be more motivated later a the amount of work is less. Get to it!
Kelly W.
By taking a shower, washing hands before and after eating, sterilizing with a sterilizer, sterilizing the place I live in, and sterilizing food and purchases before consuming them.
Bruce J.
Start by using the performance standard management for your daily routine. Set a time to wake up, set a minimum amount of physical exercise and of study and repeat it everyday, it helps to keep your mind occupied and your body clean.
Susan F.
What I do is think about the next fun thing I’ll do after doing that chore and off I go…. It’s like rewarding yourself, sometimes I set a reminder of that chore on my phone so I wouldn’t forget
Bhavika N.
Maybe take a break.Don’t clean or just do whatever you like to do.
And then start fresh tomorrow!
And I have a small tip:Whenever i feel uninspired/demotivated i just remind myself that by keeping my surroundings clean i’m also decluttering/cleaning my mind.
Which for me helps most of the time:)
You can try it too and let me know if it helped!
Everett C.
I don't know exactly. Maybe a clean mind is important or to be productive, to know what are my planes. But that's not all. Important to have some ,,me-time", when I relax.
Karen U.
Snap but by making a start you quickly get into it. I said I would do 10 mins a day but find I do more. Its as simple as getting off your b*m. Good luck
Veci C.
When thinking about cleaning, think of it as less of something you need to do and more of something you want to do because you know it will help and improve you, if you are struggling to get started, start small and get larger in what ever timings feel right but just try and do little and often at the moment
Gaud Ncio O.
I don't know. I just.. I'm just saying to myself something like "You must do it or your mum will be angry" and going to tidy my room
Nevaeh E.
you can make a system of what needs to get done. i know for me usually the biggest mess comes from clothes/laundry. so get the biggest obstacle out of the way then the rest will be a breeze. envision your end result, imagine the feeling of a nice clean home/room. it always helps motivate you to clean
Boris Z.
Keeping tidy is I must say a very challenging habit even the most conscious and disciplined people have difficulties. However irrespective of its nature it’s worth always giving it a try to maintain a good sense of personal hygiene not only for your well-being and self esteem but those around you.
Fayona Z.
Well, for me I don’t think of it as something I have to do. I think of it as a way to relax like sitting in a bath or singing in the shower. And having a nice spa day while watching a movie and just listening to music that makes you happy. Don’t think of it as a chore think of it as a way to relax
Jared Z.
Thanks for the question my answer is write down how you want to feel after you clean your room.Then read through it you will release that it would feel so good to have a clean space.
You can do it i believe in you xx
Mhadz T.
Spending few minutes or even an hour of tidying up at home can create a very positive vibes, instead of just scrolling in your phone. Living in a tidy place will give you a happy mood and you will feel more relaxed after a long day of work.
Lisa N.
I like to set a timer – something as small as 10-15 minutes – and just clean as much as I can in that time. When the timer goes off I finish the job I was doing and won’t do it again until my next timer session. I also love to look at Pinterest boards of my dream home and they all look so nice and tidy .. I feel like cleaning my environment helps get me closer to that goal.
Shannon O.
Remember whenever you feel uninspired you should just relax first and then start by little things like organizing your room…If you clean your room it will always feel so good when you are there…and then maybe start cleaning your house… That's the thing I do as well and one more thing, start your day with a smile, It's worth it , don't try to make your life boring , enjoy every single moment…
Thank me later… 😺😸
Jeryka O.
Find a reason like a visit from someone or you can’t eat your favorite treat until you do. Find some good music or by thinking of it as a way to be creative and create an environment that’s unique and comfortable for you. I also start small. One task at a time. And I’m motivated by being able to tick off a task on a list. And sometimes it’s just overwhelming because there’s so much to do but start with the thing that’s either going to be the easiest to start with or relieve the most stress. And tackle each thing one thing one day at a time. Not feeling like you didn’t clean if you only did one thing is ok. If you picked up one thing each day you’re doing great and eventually it becomes easier and more inspiring.
Melissa A.
I have adhd so tackling big tasks like cleaning can seem intimidating and overwhelming but I find it helps to break it down into smaller achievable goals that you can give yourself little rewards for. For example after cleaning one small area you can get a snack or after 15 minutes you can be on your phone for 10; it would help to put timers. Also remind yourself that after cleaning you will have a fresh and clear mind and feel so much better so give yourself a big reward when you're done. Cleaning doesn't have to be boring so put on some music dance around and be proud of the progress you're making! I hope this helps 🙂
Cecil A.
sometimes i dont feel motivated to clean my room, but i do it anyway, i think everything about our bad moods or sickness or anything that brings us negativity in our life cand be controled by our brain. idk if i clean everyday bcs i have anxiety and it bothers me or because by cleaning and doing a sport i get in the mood to be productive. its all about how we think of things, how we put the bad in front of the good, its about controlling our actions and taking over our thoughts.
Bella Y.
Try to get a shower (with cold water) in the early morning. (I shower at 6.00 am) Better use cold water than hot warm water (It's for your health)Try it every day to feel energised. Besides, floss your teeth at night. When your gum bleed while brushing your teeth, that means you have bad hygiene. Furthermore, take a bath in the evening and wash your hair. (Don't wash it twice a day to prevent dry hair)(Use your fingertip, gently massage your hair scalp)Moreover, Wash your face twice a day, do skincare, put on a face mask twice a week. (Use a toner and ance cream, don't squeeze your pimple!)Lastly, cut your nails once a week.
Tips:Brush your hair before and after bath to get smooth hair, drink water before and after bath to stay hydrated.
Kassiane S.
Feeling uninspired happens but that shouldn’t stop you from learning who you are. Keeping records on your daily routine and making sure you take a day at a time you will learn to keep yourself self clean inside-out.
Mattie X.
Honestly if you wait cleaning will get much harder often I listen to music or watch something while cleaning so I don’t feel bored and cleaning gives me a sense of fulfillment
Jimmie Z.
– you can try listening to a self-care podcast or some of your favorite songs! this is what i usually do when i feel unmotivated to clean. if you have a lot of things to clean, you can break it up to small bits and set a duration to clean all the stuff. just start small, clean a few things that don't take a lot of time and work your way up. you'll eventually notice that you're already cleaning 🙂 good luck!
Ava Z.
Set a timeline, a cleaning schedule, a to do list. Then, when your bored, turn on some music and just go at it. Phone notifications off, motivation on.
Olivia X.
Imagine waking up every morning in clean and neat space, as well as coming back tired to beutiful home after long, long day. 😍 Play some good music, have fun and clean. 🎤 💃🏻🕺🧹
Ps. DON'T PUT IT DOWN, PUT IT AWAY! That's all you need to spend less time in cleaning. 😉🧼
Elias N.
I'm a person that hates messes so try to make yourself feel uncomfortable when in a messy place. Remind yourself of the diseases lurking around
Naja Z.
I began with straightening up for 5 minutes in the kitchen while making my coffee. Then I either sweep or swiffer or I put on a load of laundry while I wait on my coffee.
T O P.
Think of how the person around you will be if you do it and take time and do what you do best and maybe after do the boring stuff
Tia U.
Try the "while I'm here" habit. Only clean 1 space/room per day. Stop while you're ahead, you don't need to clean ALL the dishes, just do as many as you can while your food cooks. If you are going to the kitchen, pick up 1-5 things that belong there and take them with you.
Inky F.
i remember the satisfaction of a clean room, and force myself to start with something easy and quick, like organizing a desk, and let the momentum keep me cleaning