I get so frustrated while I’m cleaning my room! How do I do it without ripping out my hair?

Danni O.
Do it methodically so you don't have to think. Go around the room clockwise. Start with garbage, then dishes, clothes, and then general straightening up. Eventually you can do it without even thinking!

Jamie Z.
Hmm usually I clean my room very roughly and then on the weekdays I clean them a little bit more briefly, it’s so much easier and put on a playlist that makes you feel awesome it’ll be so much easier and funnier!!

Isabella G.
Take it slow. Do one section at a time. Like one day clean ur closet. Then next clean your desk or dresser. Make ur bed each morning to make it see cleaner. Don’t get frustrated it’s okay. Try and get rid of things you don’t use anymore or haven’t used in a while. Don’t get frustrated it’s okay it will all be okay.