How dose tidy up changed your life?

Gokul Z.
Think of it this way. You are searching for dirt and getting rid of it, actively. The result is multifold happiness. Cleanliness as a direct result. And the happiness of completing an endeavour successfully. I always enjoy cleaning sessions at home.
Lara Z.
It helps me make time for small cleaning and clearing tasks. I makes me focus too. If my children want something I tell them I just need to finish this first . Usually I'd stop and not get back to my task, then things build up. I feel like I'm getting there with things for the first time in a long while. Lockdown hasn't helped. But I'm making a start on getting life something like I'd like it to be. Hope this helps 🙂
Raquel J.
It gives me a sense of order and peace. I can spend 15-30 minutes tidying up 🧹 or 2 hours frustrated and looking for things. The most productive part of my tidying up is doing a load of laundry 🧺 every day. Not just washing it but folding AND putting away. A clean sink at night and setting the coffee machine the night before sets me up for less chaos in the morning
Carlina E.
Tidy up is giving me daily reminders to make my space my own comfortable clean and I’m starting to get into those have this little by little