How can you keep your house clean?

Monica P.
Everything needs to have a place. Put it back when you use it. Schedule 15 min end of day for tidying up. Better if a couple times a days
Sarah Z.
It really takes me alot of effort😬😐😒😶
Because I am a mother for 4 kids and they are small they ages is 8,5,3,11 months
Soo i try to do and trying to learn my kids to clean and save the place that they sitting in clean too and that recommend more effort ,energy and alot alot of patient
Kelsey P.
Preface: my house was rarely clean as a kid. I have been out of the house for 13 years and only in the past year have I actually done better.

We have been setting a timer and every evening, we spend 10 minutes cleaning. That's it! Between the 4 of us, that's 40 minutes of cleaning every night.

Our house has never looked better and it's so easy to maintain.

Vin Cio F.
Put everything back when you’re finished with it, practice daily maintenance and routine, do a 15-20 minute tidy up session every day, make sure that everything you own has a “home”, and continually ask yourself whether or not you need an item whenever you are putting it away. Keep cleaning supplies in each division of the house so that it’s easier to pick up necessities and spot clean.
Auguste N.
I couldn't help but to laugh when I read that. Only because I literally FEEL like I can't! I live with my sister, her 3 kids and my 3 kids. Ages are 17, 8, 6, 5, 3 and 6mo She works more than 40 hours a week. And I am the stay at home mom/aunt. I am constantly cleaning up after the kids. I feel like by the time I get to the kitchen done and start the livingroom, they made their way to kitchen to eat something. It's a never ending battle. I THINK the solution is making it a team effort. Everyone has to play their part with not only picking up after themselves but also working together to deep clean an area maybe 3 times a week. I am hoping to accomplish that by making a daily routine for the kids as well.
Rachel F.
I did a Marie Kondo complete declutter so now my house doesn’t accumulate clutter faster than I can manage. After that, I started making a habit of cleaning in small batches and more frequently. For example, I HATE doing laundry but, because I work out, my dirty laundry tends to pile up pretty quickly. I found that it was easier to get myself to do multiple small loads of laundry every few days rather than a few large loads of laundry once a week. Also, if something takes less than 5 minutes to clean or organize I do it immediately. For example, when I come home I used to drop my stuff by the door, kick my shoes of, throw my jewelry on the dresser, and tell myself I’d straighten it up later. I’d get distracted or forget and end up with piles of stuff thrown everywhere. Now I make myself pause and put everything where it goes. It’s not as immediately gratifying as just dropping everything and forgetting about it, but it really helps keep things tidy and cuts down on stress. I actually find that I rush around less. I never realized how much energy I spent stressing about cleaning and trying to remember where I put things. In fact, I never realized how much time I spent running around picking up after myself before work in the morning, just trying to pick up all of my stuff and making sure I have everything and then rushing out the door. I have so much more time to myself in the morning now!
Debra U.
First, I dust off all around the place, then get a wet cloth to just wipe off the surfaces. Finally finish off with sweeping the place.
Claudine C.
I use a basket as I go through each room putting stuff that doesn't belong in that room into the basket. As I go through the house I put stuff any from the basket in it's right spot. Helps to keep down on the clutter and keeps me from bouncing from room to room .
Rebecca Z.
I've had great success with an app called Tody recently. You put in your rooms, the tasks that need to be done in those rooms and customise the frequency in which you do those tasks (so for example I put in to hoover my lounge and kitchen daily because I have lots of pets and 3 children, or if you lived alone you could enter in the app that you'd like to hoover every week, for example). It then gives you a list with coloured bars that go from green to red to see how urgent the task is so you can see exactly what needs doing. I find that this visual cue is good for motivating me to do the tasks, and it's very satisfying to hit the 'just did it' button!

Another tip is to chunk your time when you clean, so set a timer, go as fast as you can on a cleaning task, then either take a break or move onto another task. Remember that 80% of the results are achieved in 20% of the time, so a small amount of work will make the room look much better!

Keep in mind too that you can't clean clutter. Clutter makes it very very difficult to clean so maybe your first focus can be to declutter the house.

Katie F.
Listening to audiobooks really helps. That and not thinking of messiness as a failure but a natural part of life, one that can be remedied without a lot of negative self talk.
Ken F.
I always sweep the floor to prevent dust. I will make sure I wash the dishes after eating and do the house chores everyday.
Lucille P.
Great question for me because my house is never clean. I think the ideal thing to do is to schedule a specific time and a specific routine for cleaning.
Kristin Z.
Just think about a clean and healthy environment you'll have after cleaning your home . Your mind will feel energetic and you will a better space which would affect your speed of task
Annabella B.
Try to clean up after yourself during the day (so clean the kitchen after cooking) and do a deep clean every week (so cleaning that bathrooms and mopping the floors)
Pedro O.
I have a one touch rule so things go back where they belong right away. So when I come in I hang my coat rather than put it on the back of the chair to hang later. I clean as I go which takes a few minutes, so every 2nd or 3rd shower I clean whilst I am in it. I clean the kitchen sink whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. Clean the mictowave whilst dinner is cooking. It all feels less intrusive or like a chore and I feel a sense of achievement. The only thing I then do every one or two weeks is a big hoover and mop.
Irina S.
Biggest discovery for me was putting stuff back right away and cleaning as I go. Notice something, clean it quickly… That way jobs don't pile up, which makes me feel overwhelmed and anxious.
G Lnihal L.
I never let to cumulate things anywhere in my house. At least, at the end of the day, everything goes to its place.. it takes only 10 minutes daily. The feeling that comes when you wake up into a shiny sunny clean living room and kitchen is one of the best for me in the morning. Later opening the window and enjoying the weather 🙂
Susan N.
Keep on top of it. Make sure to tidy uo after each task or each meal don't let things "soak" just get to it. Eat, wash and relax. If you have kids teach them to clean after themselves.
Katharine Y.
Place a timer on your phone for 5 mintues. Everytime you think about how dirty your place is or think about cleaning it, start the timer. For 5 mintues you have to clean whatever you can and after the 5 mins have passed, you can either stop decluttering or cleaning or continue to do so.
Natalija U.
First pick the busy room the kitchen worktops get messy fast do tidy them away throw out the rubbish next are the dishes still on the rack! Put them away dishes around the sink area always makes it look messy, how many appliance are there on the counter? Only keep out the ones you use every day kettle coffee toaster and the microwave as it's too big for a cupboard everything else put it in a cupboard just for them, make a habit of once you have used the juicer or something wash it dry it put it away. Great the worktops are done that didn't take long now look the kitchen is almost now wipe down the tops and doors sweep the floor mop it and move on. Habit two if you don't already put the bins out at night so there's no chance of a smelly bin in the morning. Now onto the next room again start with the obvious clear it bin it clean it move on, if you are like many who have things that doesn't have a home leave this to after you have finished tidying then make a point of sitting down and finding a permanent home if you can't find a home bin it.
Kate C.
I'm still working on that. I find that I get overwhelmed if I leave everything to pile up so I'm trying to do a little bit (say 15-20 minutes) which covers a little bit of decluttering and one main chore. My house will gradually get cleaner without a huge amount of effort.
Chloe Y.
I used to ask the same and everyone would always say, well clean up behind yourself. But it really isn’t that easy! Sometimes you aren’t motivated and you say to yourself you will complete the tidying up the day after. I believe having set days and times in which you will declutter one specific room is what helps best. This is because you then get used to the routine of cleaning this room at this time then this one at another time etc.
Filippa W.
Doing a few chores every day around the house keeps it manageable. Rome was not built in a day. However, reminding myself of how good it feels to be organized with clean surroundings makes the most impact. It’s all in my mind.
Mille Y.
I can keep my house clean by starting with discarding, donating, and selling things that I don't need or don't make me happy. And then building habits to keep my home tidy.
Angel X.
I take a walk through my house every few hours picking up things that are out of place and putting them where they belong. I find that when I make it a routine check, I'm cleaning less in the long run.
Tuva N.
Immidiatly after using something, clean and put it in it's right place, immidiatly. Then you'll never get a mess, and when you think you have to clean, you can always focus on EXTRA things – vaccum or dusting
Tina T.
I have no idea. It seems no matter what I try it's just Constant chaos. Sometimes I will have someone take the kids for a day and just spend all day cleaning and decluttering and things stay nice for maybe a week.😵
Barbara N.
I have six pets on a small apartment. Cleanliness is important to me so I dedicate one hour every day to cleaning and about 5 hours over the weekend to deep cleaning.
Dale U.
Start by placing a timer for 5 minutes. And evrytime you think about cleaning, use 5 mins to pick up things or declutter and organize your place. After those 5 minutes have passed you can either stop there or contiune to clean if you like.
Peggy T.
Making the habit of not making a mess when dealing with small objects, picking up right after a mess is made, and maybe even reducing the amount of things kept laying around
Zoey Z.
Put in the habit “clean your home” to every routine you have. It’s a nice reminder to take just ten minutes and tidy up. It’s helped me so much
Rakshika R.
Um duh, its obvious, pick up things, sweep the floor, mop the floor, and keep all the things organized. In short, P.S.M.O.
Loni O.
Well first of all thank you for asking me the question I love giving advice. Side note I am only 12 so listen carefully. When your cooking try to clean up along the way. Throw away any and all trash before you cook and clean counters so your food doesn’t get dirty.

Sincerely, Haylie Grimm

Ray E.
Put on your favourite song. While the song is playing you speed clean/tidy. Like a game to see how much you can get done by the end of the song. If you have time for another song, keep going! Otherwise try again later or just do it once a day to each room in the house.
Jordan U.
Just by picking up even the things that seem minuscule to you. By picking them up it makes you feel better about the house, and makes your better mood. I definitely love a clean house!
Barbara J.
Cleaning the entire house is impossible as it is a tiring process and does not get done quickly. I am just trying to clear three areas every day to keep our house better. First the dining table. I have outsourced that cleaning to my 6 year old daughter. I clear the table and request her to clean it. Second cleaning the kitchen immediately after dinner. Third, basic cleaning of bathroom before a shower. Just trying this now and see how it goes. Over all too much clutter at home is main source of uncleanliness. It is a big project to declutter that will happen soon
Renae E.
Don’t let things build up. Easier to clean small areas at a time then letting a mess accumulate more and more therefore once it’s time to clean, the large mess is overwhelming and stressful and time consuming. Clean as you go throughout your routines.
Carolyn W.
Never let it get dirty when you see something dirty or out of place fix it if you can immediately also clean even when it’s not dirty because of the sake of cleaning tidy every room before you go to bed and make sure the dishes are washed in the kitchen and it is presentable
Maria N.
By cleaning up after yourself and you’re dirtying it up. If a task can take you 5 mins or else then do it. We sometimes lose track of how much time we spend doing useless things like being on our phone. While it’s okay to spend time relaxing it’s important to keep a clean home. If one thing in our life is clean and orderly it encourages us to do the same.
Lauren Z.
I made myself two lists that I put into 5”x7” frames. Then I use a dry erase marker to cross out the things I have done.
One list is for daily chores. It consists of things that I know I can realistically do each day. For me this includes things like wiping off the kitchen counters, a quick spot sweep, and make the bed.
The next list is for weekly chores that I have broken down into realistic bits for days that I can realistically get it done. For example, Tuesday is a busy day so I have nothing scheduled for that day. Friday I am free all day so that’s laundry day. I like free weekends so I don’t do anything big on weekends, but Wednesday I’m free until the evening so that’s when I vacuum and mop.
Corrina Z.
I can keep my house clean by putting items away before they are allowed to accumulate. Wiping down surfaces once I am done using it will also help maintain a clean house.
Joel U.
The key is to schedule everything daily, weekly and monthly, some routines like sweeping is more like daily or day after day, the bed sheets are weekly, and one time in a month dedicate a time to clean your whole house upside down, and the key to stay focused before studying is to organize your desk in the morning after you make your bed to clear your thoughts before starting a new day..hope that helps you, be fabulous ❤
Uir F.
Personally I try to make small clean up every day, around 10-15 minutes, to keep up the house tidy and once in a week a do a full cleaning for an hour or two 🙂
Avery O.
Roomba everyday! Washing the dishes asap so they don't smell. Taking the trash out. Putting everything where they belong. Cleaning the kitchen while cooking. Getting the sofa organized.
Jeminat N.
I find that allocating a certain amount of time each day to cleaning a specific room or area helpful. So, I'll come home from work and set a timer for 10 minutes. It's surprising how much you get done and really helps me to keep on top of the day to day mess.
Zmani W.
You can’t unless it is organized. Organization is the key to a clean home. Happy lots of space and de cluttering can make your home feel so much bigger even if it is small. My dream home is one with lots of storage good lighting and walk space. Stay organized and tidy things as much as possible this will be re cluttering.
Amaury A.
Create a designated day and time for cleaning. Make spaces for certain items so that you know where to put something if it is out of space. Allow a small space for clutter so that you can properly clean it when you have the time.
In the end you should start creating a habit of putting things in place in stead of actually cleaning daily.
Cherly I.
Every day set aside three 10-15 minute intervals to declutter and pick up. Set a timer. You can do anything for just 15 minutes! Also, depending on how big your home is, give one room extra attention each day of the week. Wipe all surfaces and vacuum every evening.
Samuel T.
A good way is to just make sure you keep things in the same place everytime. If it doesn't have a place, make one, if you can't make one, maybe you do t need it. After you find a place for everything, always put it back when you finish using it. That keeps things from getting cluttered.
Brittany E.
By making small steps everyday, cleaning after ones self for each activity, then clean more thoroughly in a set, alloted, time each day/week/month as needed
Chelsea Y.
Make things as easy as possible for yourself to reach that goal. It is not an easy task to look at a messy house and clean the entire thing and reorganize. But if you commit to doing a small part of it everyday, then when you do have to do a deeper clean, it is much easier
Ingo R.
I use a hamper system! Each room has a hamper for miscellaneous stuff and can be hidden if company arrives or I’m overwhelmed. I use a cleaning schedule that is one room a day and one load of laundry is finished daily . It seems like a lot at first but I actually get several days where I don’t even have to clean ! It’s pretty great for a single mom With a 3 year old 😊
Hannah Y.
Standard spots make things easy. You always have a spot for everything. Also make time for it everyday. I’m finding the moment I wake up after drinking water and making my bed is the best time. Wakes you up too and it’s part of your routine.
Courtney U.
Declutter it get rid of random things you don’t need or you! Be strict on yourself and get rid of as much as you can if the stuff you don’t need/use. Make sure you tidy it often and dust and vacuum it often as well
Lindsay U.
Set small goals. I have a checklist with ALL of the small chores in my house, from sweeping to mopping to cleaning baseboards to cleaning toilets. Everything. I have everything organized so that I have everyday things on the list pretty often and things that don’t need to be done often only once or twice on the list. I don’t try to complete the list in a day. I complete the list in a month or two. Breaking it down into small, manageable chunks makes cleaning the house easier. I only clean ~20 minutes a day and the house remains pretty spotless.
Benjamin Y.
I work on a section at a time seperating each room amd even different parts of each room. And before I even start I find an inspiration and make a plan
Jacky O.
Clean it everyday. You have to develop a plan. Disorganized house brings depression and anxiety back. It's NEVER a good sign. Keep your place clean, organized and neat. Do it daily.
Suzanna A.
Sweep at least everyday and make your bed first thing when you get up. Pick things up from the floor and buy storage furniture(you know what I mean) to hold stuff so your house looks less decluttered.
Cherith N.
Keeping your House Clean
A few years ago, I was on top of the cleaning game. I’m struggling a little bit, so I’m working with you to get back on track. One thing you can do to ensure you have a tidy home is to do a quick pick up of all the things you’ve left about the house(or your room) throughout the day. these little things add up quickly to make huge piles of things, and soon you have to do a full room/home clean that takes hours. I also take the time each Saturday (I need to start this again haha) to change the sheets, dust, vacuum, and clean my bathroom. Once a week cleaning paired with a little daily tidying can go SO far! with this method, I rarely ever had things laying on floors or surfaces, and my room was always spotless!
Deanna Z.
I seem to have to have a list of what to do in each room and check them off as i go and each day of the week has its own room. whatever you need done in a week it be done and each day just spot clean and always put stuff back and have children if you have them help tidy up
Augustin A.
I actually live with a big family, so I have no control of our house all the time, it really makes me tired, but first thing in the morning sometimes before or after breakfast, I tidy up what I have for our cleaning schedule, I count is as an exercise because I walk a lot. In my room-where ai have the whole control- I don’t have a lot of stuff but still make a mess, so I put this habit in my afternoon routine because it’s very refreshing, just enjoy what you are doing, and you’ll be surprised of the results
Samantha N.
The best way I keep my home clean is by doing a little bit everyday. A little goes a long way. I try to set a goal to clean one room a day on my house. And if I’m just walking around or getting ready to leave and do something I try to pick up miscellaneous things I see out of place. Then one day in the weekend I’ll do all the chores I didn’t get to do during the week
Curtis C.
What I do is, I set timers. I give each room 15 minutes and I rest for 5. If things have gotten really out of hand, I may do another cycle after the first one, but usually 15 minutes per room is enough to de-clutter and sanitize surfaces, and then I can do the floors all at once.
Alien T.
The best way is to find what works for you. If you organised something but then 3 days later it's a mess again, then it didn't work and you need to try something else. Hope this helped!
Hollice Q.
I assign chores for certain days. Bathrooms on Wednesday, vaccum on Monday and such. I also do 10-15 minutes of tidying up around the house.
Marla Z.
Making little cleans up during the day of different places, trying to keep clean when I use something from the kitchen for example or when I take something when I finished using it I have to put it on its place back again. While I do this the things won't mess up as bad as I let them, the habit of cleaning up before going to sleep it's something I never think of doing and it's amazing
Alberico Q.
When I wipe the floor, I put a few drops of aroma oil on a mop.

It smells so good and it makes me feel good while cleaning.

When I finish cleaning, I lie down on the floor, I feel a little bit accomplished and the wonderful smell makes me feel good.

Ana N.
If it's always tidy or clean for the most part, you only have to do the dishes or the bed or things like that! Which is how I do it. I try not to leave thing around or come with muddy shoes. That way I only have to do the very basic, and every two weeks I clean the toilets, showers, kitchen, etc
Nolan G.
Yes if you make it a daily practice. Make your bed in the morning and do you dishes in the evening. Set time aside to Tidy up a bit each day
Nicklas W.
For me, it’s about little bits of progress. I rarely have time to actually focus on cleaning a room from top to bottom. So I started by making sure I put things away immediately after using them; put dishes straight into the dishwasher nightly; fold clothes in front of the dryer and straight into my dresser, etc. Then on the weekend, I dust, vacuum and mop. Literally if I get nothing else done, my house looks cleaner. Then I’m more motivated to maybe declutter and clean out closets and stuff that takes longer, but ultimately makes keeping the house cleaner, easier. If not, I did what I could. Over time, it gets easier and looks a little better every week. Good luck!
Troy Q.
Do one small thing every day, this way you will never live in a “dirty” home and it’s easier to find motivation. Also have a routine for which day you do which task, so you’re mentally prepared for what the day contains.
Farah A.
You need to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary things, this will cause a chaos around the house. First, organize every room. Second, keep that organization everyday. Third, it will be much easier and faster to clean entire house. When everything is on their place, the house is clean!
Michele F.
Spend an entire day getting your house as clean as you can. Each day after, as you make small messes, do your best to clean them up immediately. For instance, while cooking, you may want to wash dishes here and there and wipe up counters. Each day, before getting ready for bed, dedicate yourself to cleaning for 20-30 solid minutes (including sweeping and mopping the floors). One day a week you may want to spend a full hour doing detailed cleaning. Remember to properly motivate yourself. Music can help you get moving, and at the end of the week you can always reward yourself with a treat for all of your hard work you did. Remember to enjoy the clean and organized space you've created. Maybe light a few candles, make a cup of coffee or tea, and read a good book. It will feel fantastic!
Bobby Z.
I think the best way is to tidy a little all the time. I find that when I let stiff like up and it leads to one or two big cleaning sessions,I dread it and it just causes more anxiety. When I do little everyday it doesn't feel as much like a chore and a must. And I feel much better when my house looks nice!
Elisabeth Q.
I use a daily planner which I have stuck to my fridge to show what chores are needing done for the week ahead…1 day at a time and it shall be done.
Kevin J.
I try to do at least 5 minutes a day and usually end up doing more. Play some music – continue tidying and cleaning as often as possible. If you don’t have time hire a house cleaner.
Edna O.
I clean the house every single day as much as I can so the dust etc don’t build up . It really makes it easier for me and then once a week I deep clean everything . Hope it helps ! Stay safe luvs!!
M N.
I have goals I set for myself! So I do what I need to get done! But once my time is done that is when I stop! Hope that helped!!
Alicia G.
I keep my house clean by doing a little cleaning everyday. I do not go to bed with a dirty kitchen. I try to do one major chore a day. For example, today I mopped. Yesterday, I changed sheets. Tomorrow I will clean the bathroom. By doing a little each day I am able to keep up with the cleaning without the mess getting out of control. A robot vacuum also helps!
Nanna P.
The most effective way to keep a tidy house is to organize as you go! Keep a constant eye on the masses you're making as you're making them. Things still get messy but if you do a little at a time, every day, it will never get overwhelming!
Katherine X.
Tidy as you go. Don't walk past something out of place. Waiting on the dinner to cook, get tidying a little. It stops it building up. Also, schedule tasks. Monday is a Tuesday is b etc..
Ava E.
If you have time and nothing is in the way for a few minutes take the time and clean. What I personally like to do is every night when I’m about to go to bed I take ten minutes and clean and tidy up then the next time I clean up it’s not this huge mess. Sometimes having music that’s not to distracting can help motivate me.

Hope this helps and have a great day !

Dorian C.
Set a timer for five minutes twice a day and do as much as you can in that time. It's fun to race the clock and then there's less piling up on days you have to clean more
Eloane Q.
It is not easy with a big family and a 7 year with us to, put I can say I feel better when I have acuplished the cleaning e.g kitchen tiles white floor. Delicate if you can
William S.
Lower your expectations. Doing half a job is better than not getting any of it done. As far as clutter goes, find a way to train yourself to put things away, clean up, etc. as soon as you're done using them. Even if you think you might come back to it soon, the small inconvenience is worth the huge peace of mind you get from being in a tidy environment. Imagine how you would feel if someone left a big mess and expected you to clean it up for them. That is what you are doing to yourself any time you put something off that you could do right now. That being said, be patient with yourself. Be encouraging and praise any small step in the right direction.
Catarina C.
I can keep my house clean by taking an honest look at what I own and discarding/donating the things I don't really need. I can also make sure that everything has a 'home' instead of constantly shifting things around to get to other things.
Daniela E.
Your house is your home if your home is clean you're clean too, try to clean anything gets dirty or missy at the second it happens.. it'll might be much easier! Hope i helped
Tiffiny A.
I spend 10 minutes each morning and each evening doing small tasks around the house like making my bed, unloading or loading the dishwasher and picking up small things. This makes the house tidier on the weekend when I have more time to do bigger chores like vacuuming. I also make sure that things have a place. If something doesn't have a home in the house I determine if I need to make space for it or get rid of it.
Domingos C.
I can keep it clean by putting away things I know I dont use everyday, about once a month I go through all of my things and either throw away or donate whatever I don't use anymore. The other thing i do is set aside time to specifically clean one area, so after dinner I wipe down the table, pick up after the mess in the kitchen and I dont let myself do anything until I get it done.
Melissa U.
I setup weekly and monthly reminders on my phone to keep up with the less frequent items like mopping or cleaning tubs. Daily cleaning I treat it like the cooking adage – “mise in place” – everything in it's place. Get yourself organized, then when you’re doing, put it all away just as you left it. It keeps things tidy for me, but it’s ok if you forget or have an off day. Just make it a point to walk around once and awhile and ask yourself is this today’s up? Once you get into the habit, it will become second nature.
Natasha G.
Sweep, and declutter books and paperwork. Stack them same way, biggest to smallest. And clothes from longest to shortest. Make everything smile. Put music on on. Try to have a good time. Fold clothes and store immediately after folding. Don't make a pile unless not in diff room
Sophie J.
I do a little bit each day, I also make a habit of encourage my little one to help me. To teach him life skills and to demonstrate the importance of a clean space. I have also slowly been decluttering the house picking a space when I feel well enough to get through a little bit more, allowing me to have less stuff which becomes junk. I also start my day by opening the house which in turn encourages me to empty the dish washer and do the little things whichs makes the house feel so much cleaner throughout the day because I don't have clothing laying around, garbage or clutter or even dirty cutlery
Gustav C.
I try every Sunday or Saturday to clean the whole house , then in the rest of the week ,every day I clean on room but using easy cleaning method which mean that I will clean my kid bed and collect the toys but I won't swipe the floor,etc
Asia J.
I've created a habit to clean or tidy 3 times a day morning afternoon and evening. Its really been helping me keep things straight 💯
Dick W.
My house is often a disaster, but I have had more success when I am maintaining tidiness, not constantly descending into disaster. It also helped me to beautify the space so I like it better and am more interested in keeping it clean.
Emma P.
Just doing a little bit every day helps, I try to do about 20 minutes a day and once the bulk has been done it’s easy to maintain.
Frederique N.
I do every night the same ting I clean my house, every room and everything than I shower and I can sleep with a nice thought
Itz Just Jo N.
Every day I clean my room and do my chores, but it gets messy very quickly. I never find the time to clean my room, so it stays messy for days until I
Shivi Z.
Keep your house dusted.
Keep all the things in their right place.
Don't litter around.
These are i suppose the very basics one can do to maintain cleanliness.
Amber E.
I spend about 20 minutes everyday picking up my house and making sure everything is where its supposed to be and ready for the next morning. The most important part to keeping a clean house, is first having an organized house.
S L Ne T.
In the morning and the afternoon I should've keep clean my house for comforting my self and family too. My house is paradise so I should keep it clean
Susann Z.
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Ivana F.
For one, I live in a studio apartment alone. Second, it doesn't stay clean. It gets messy every single day. I just recently added the habit of cleaning up in the evening (while I'm not working) so the mess doesn't snowball. That's worked for the last few days. I have the same question for other folks lol.
Pascal Y.
Get out more my home is dirty because it’s always in use. Another way is to take a certain time period out of the day to clean it and afterwards reward myself because I deserve it😅
Trina C.
I clean one area at a time and then simply maintain it daily with little tidying sessions of 5 minutes or less to keep it looking fresh and new.
Cherith N.
Do a little bit at a time! Personally, I only have my room, closet, and bathroom to clean all by myself (the family helps with other places in the house), but I’ve always had a pretty consistent cleaning routine for my room. Every Saturday I change my sheets, dust and wipe down bathroom counters, vacuum, and put away the things that have piled up on the floor throughout the week. AND i usually don’t have that much on my floor, because in the past i have done a few minutes of tidying every day— keeping clothes out of the bathroom floor and all other sorts of things off the floor of my room. You can do your cleaning on any day that works best for you, but if you don’t want a lot of tidying to do before you actually clean, I would suggest putting things back where they belong as soon as you can. That way, it’s quicker to do each time and requires little motivation :). Hope this helps!!!