How do i clean and organize drawers?

Everlyne Z.
First of all remove unnecessery items in your drawer and make sure you organice them according to the things you use regulary
Renee S.
First you have to get everything out of the drawers. Then clean with wet wipes the drawers. After that you should think which stuff you really use. Then put back the things you use in the drawers and the give it away!
Luna O.
The 1st step to cleaning anything is to go through the objects & decide whether or not you WANT them & NEED them. Once you do that you can create a donation pile and keep pile. When you have those you can look through the keep pile to see if the objects should be stored or, if you're actively using them or putting them on display, can go back in. Separate those out so you have a better idea what is going back on/in drawers & dressers. Once you've limited the drawers' contents you can fold them up nice & neat & just put them back in. Everybody's organization is different; it even changes from drawer to drawer but a good rule of thumb is to keep like things together.