How do I declutter my life?

Steven U.
I wish I knew! I need help with this also. I have used systems like FlyLady or other systems in the past and they are very similar to Fabulous. Set routines and start good habits. Doing something small
Is better than nothing at all (baby steps). FlyLady talks about things like “10 minute tidy” or “clear out your hot spots”. Maybe you can start with small goals like that and incorporate them into Fabulous as a habit? Good luck!!

Rosalyn R.
I wish I knew the answer to this one! I’m making progress by learning how to say no or let go of things…not just only objects and belongings, but those extra tasks that maybe don’t matter in the long run. Things like all the FB groups I’m a part of that clog my feed but don’t bring me much value, keeping on top of the little tasks that take a minute, but if left unchecked pile up to an overwhelming shame mountain of things to do. Good luck!

Marlene E.
Start small and break the task into pieces. Start with an area of your life you feel is manageable to tackle in one sitting and don’t stop until every last thing has a place where it belongs. Anything that is too hard to find a place for, evaluate if you really need it. Anything with life left to give, donate to charity. Anything that is worn out, recycle or throw away. Make sure to donate or dispose quickly to avoid changing your mind and the clutter will spread again.

Olivia U.
I make a list of all the big projects I have that need to be accomplished. I then take one project at a time and list step by step each task that needs to happen to complete the project. I take each of those steps and (this is where I am not good at follow through), I then should be scheduling those on my calendar for each day so that I complete them. I don’t start a new project until I finish the last one. I also set up goals and due dates for each of the projects so that I try to stick to them.

Travis R.
Check out the konMarie method, maybe a few videos online to see if it resonates. Then get that book and worship that thing like it’s your new best friend. It’s all about choosing what to keep, not what to get rid of. Being surrounded by only things that spark joy can unveil some joyful living.

Jason Y.
I would start by decluttering the space around me. Start with the spaces that are closest, like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and livingroom. When your home and workspace is organized it is easier to relax and focus on the things and people that gives you more energy and brings you joy. I think when you focus on what you want and actively persue those things the clutter in your life will deminish naturally.
Good luck!

Liesbeth U.
Pick anything, but start small. Perhaps set “de clutter & organize” as your evening routine. Then, 10 minutes a day, organize until the timer runs out. If you’re like me, let the “fabulous moment” aquarium sounding music go with headphones. 🙂 10 minutes a day every day and your physical clutter will soon be noticeably decreased. So follows your mental clutter. Bruce lee said to eliminate one bad habit a day until eventually they’re all gone. That one’s a little tougher 😉

But start small.

Taliana C.
Set long term, mid term and short term plans. Then decide on the resources you need to achieve these goals across the set timeline. This will guide you in investing in the right things you need and also make you accountable. Clutter happens when we spend out of budget and priorities

Thomas F.
Simplify. Select 3 things most important to you. Focus on those things. Purge things from your life which do not bring you joy.

Chloe P.
I really enjoy the KonMari method! Clutter is based on indecision and apathy. First, picture how you want your life, home, desk to look. Make a mood board of the colors and shapes and items that make you happy. Be specific about the type of person you want to be. Then go through everything you own by type of item rather than area. This prevents moving things from one room to another endlessly. If something doesn’t fit into how you want to live your life, donate it!

Jonathan P.
Start with organizing something small, like your handbag, then work your way up until everything inanimate in your life is easily accessible and clean. Eventually, start to think about your relationships and friendships with living things. Does this relationship serve you? If not, you likely don’t need it.

No Lie S.
I recommend Marie Kondo’s method for decluttering your possessions. That will help clarify your values and help you de clutter other parts of your life too, like your calendar.

C Lian Z.
Joyously remove broken, ugly and useless things out of your life each day … start small … ugly mug, a broken chair … a disfunctional friendship …

Lance P.
It’s important to have a goal in mind of how your new de cluttered life will look. Start with small steps. I foot in front of the other. Keep your focus.

Jack X.
My best advice is to do it in two phases. Ruthlessly get rid of the things you don’t need or want in phase one. Do phase two a month or two later, and take all of the things you said last time that you would definitely wear soon, or they might come in handy soon for that project you’ve been meaning to finish – have you worn or used them since? Yes – keep them. No – bin them.

Christopher J.
Come prima cosa, esattamente come se si trattasse di riordinare una stanza o un armadio, è necessario “svuotare” tutto sul letto e sul pavimento, prendere le distanze ed osservare tutto ciò che si ha (e si è) da una prospettiva diversa, meno coinvolta. Una volta che si ha tutto davanti, ciò che amiamo e ciò che amiamo meno tutto mischiato, si può iniziare a fare pulizia delle cose che da tempo ci occupavano solo spazio senza che ci fossero utili. Situazioni, persone, impegni, abitudini. Selezionandone una ad una, senza pregiudizi, ma semplicemente chiedendosi “questo mi arricchisce? mi piace, mi rende in un qualche modo felice?”. Una volta fatta pulizia si può procedere mettendo tutto il resto che di valido abbiamo nelle giuste posizioni, dande le giuste priorità. Non dimenticando che l’unica domanda ad avere importanza è “Questo mi rende felice?”

Jann O.
Start slow. One thing at a time clothes, then paper and so on. If you have Netflix I recommend watching typing up with Marie kondo. Or reading her books. They work!

Eliza T.
Start by planning out how and where you want to declutter. Take it step by step and day by day and soon enough you will feel accomplished in your goals. Don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you bargained. It will be alright

Lucas C.
The obvious answer would be to get rid of all the unnecessary things in your life but how to define necessity???? I think this is a difficult question for me and I must pose it to other fabulous users.

Loni C.
Firstly, I’m a hoarder. So I’m probably not the best person to ask about how to declutter YOUR life.

However, I have learned to use the Pomidoro technique: I literally bought an EGG TIMER. And do 25mins ON, and 10mins OFF,<repeat>.

Concentration is then balanced.

If it’s overwhelming, it means you’re not breaking it down simple enough!

Using a marathon as an analogy: first buy the running shoes; you don’t need to think about running the marathon just yet!

So I use the mantra: “it’s about the shoes, not the marathon”.

Asta S.
Start by picking up big items first. You will have more space to do more cleaning and you’ll feel like you are making more progress.

Rose Y.
Start with your room. Waking up and going to bed in a decluttered room will start to give you the happiness of what it’s feels like to have something decluttered. You will also build an expectation of stuff being organized. Now this habit should, along wit some conciliatory effort, flow into the other aspects of your life erasing emotional and physical clutter.

Perry E.
I clean one part of the house and my room just to make sure I’m not focusing on one part. Even my phone such as deleting messages, pictures, apps or contacts. If everything looks clean then I try to organize anything that looks like it needs organized.

Mathilde N.
You can start with throwing away and giving away what you don’t need. You’ll have less stuff to manage and to take care of. Then you can start arranging things to make it look nicer and be more practical.

Ludwina E.
I can de clutter my life by removing aspects that do not contribute to my wellbeing. This includes eliminating things that damage my mental health, hinder my productivity, and stop me from reaching my goals. When my life is too cluttered, I get overwhelmed, and I start to lose sight of what is important for me. I would say that my life is cluttered right now. My room is messy, my phone is messy, and my schedule is messy. To de clutter, I need to find out what is causing this disorganization, and start to slowly phase it out of my life.

Jeff Z.
Start with one thing, and complete this task fully. For example – clothes: take EVERY article of clothing, every shoe, every scarf, and put it in a massive pile. Go through one by one, picking each up, and sensing if the item sparks joy. If it doesn’t, get rid of it! You’ll be so happy with the small remaining items and how special each of them are

Connie U.
I like to keep everything in its own place, for example, i will have specific places for every item in my room so I always know where it is and where to put it back.

Hannah S.
There's often too much going on in your head. So much, that you end up doing nothing. Choose one or two projects when crafting and sewing, no more! When doing house chores, do small tasks one by one instead of thinking of it like "oh I have to clean the whole house". Baby steps.
Throw away things you don't need, and this inclydes negative, toxic people who may stand in your way.

Neotero Q.
Make sure everything you have is something you need. Trim down your belongings and don’t buy anything new unless you have an absolute need for it!

Tomislav U.
This is silly, but I decluttered my own life by using the KonMari (Marie Kondo) method. I went through all my belongings (I live with my family, so I only did this in my own room) and threw out the ones I didn’t want or need anymore, and then re-organized everything in my room how I wanted it to look. You have to WANT to declutter in order to do it. Give yourself a goal, and stick to it in order to declutter your space and your mind. Once you declutter everything, your mind will feel clear again.

Jeffrey T.
Routines are very important to let your mind set in one place so it can focus on more important thing like school/work etc.

Maik J.
I will declutter my life by ever so often going through the thing I currently possess sorting through determining the items I have not used in a lengthy period of time, the things that I have not used for some time but do not have use for anymore vs still have use for and which items I no longer see myself using. I would like to upcycle the item size that I can, donate those that I can, and throw away those that I can find no use for.

Ana Lle E.
Start with setting up your morning and evening routines, the evening routine will help you clear the path for your morning routine, for instance if your morning routine starts with drinking water, your evening routine will include preparing a glass of water and putting it by your bed. Start with small routines until they become automatic to you. Then start adding more things to your routines and start working on your afternoon routine.

Nora C.
I like to take time to clean and tiny up at least 10 minutes every day instead of doing loads of tidying up at once in 1 day. When doing so I throw away things that I find when cleaning up and don’t need any longer. When I come across something that I’m not sure i need, I will put it in a box and look back at it later to see if I still need it in a week. This way I have a separate place for things that I actually need and things that I think I might need later.

Julie J.
Plan my days accordingly. Set a goal for the week at the beginning of the week and within my schedule focus on trying to complete my goal by the end of the week. Also have small day goals to completed by the end of the day.

Karla Z.
Well Fabulous has a 30 day plan that helps us all with decluttering but I like to start with getting rid of the old paper like mail or magazines that helps also old jewelry I like to put a lot of things right in the middle of the floor that helps for me! Good luck with your decluttering!!

Elgar S.
I started to declutter my life by starting with the things I know I have in excess: clothes! Every 3 months I go through each of my clothes individually and ask myself if I really like the outfit anymore or if it’s just sitting there. If you kind of like it but don’t love it? Toss. Only keep items you love. It’s better to have a few items you love than a bunch you feel mediocre about. For hobby items your best friend is organizational boxes/tool kits/pencil cases. Everything should have a purpose and a place. If you can categorize it as something purposeful or meaningful, put it in a box of alike items. If it’s completely random and often ends up on your kitchen table, thrown on your desk, or anywhere in plain site then you need to ask yourself if you really need it that bad.

Laura C.
I’d start with the declutter challenge on the Fabulous app. Then start building routines and habits. Be happy with yourself. The app Motivation Quotes helps as well as the podcasts Pretty Basic and Unsolicited Advice. To declutter your mind try Headspace. Best of luck!!

Jane O.
One step at a time. If you have a room or area in your home that is particularly bothersome start there and commit to spending ten minutes a day in there. It is amazing what you will accomplish with just that small amount of time!

Robin O.
Think and Write about what you feel is cluttering your life.
Make short term and long term goal lists. (1-3-5 -10 -20 years, it helps keep a sense of purpose when life gets cluttered) journal and keep track.

Start small, start by decluttering your living space, Do one room at time.
If you don’t use it or wear it donate or get rid of it, don’t be a hoarder. And whatever you do keep organize. A clean and organized living and working space is important to feel good and maintain your momentum.

spend time watching yourself and how you do things and find where you can make adjustments to make yourself more efficient.

Exercise, it might make you tired at first but in time in give you more energy, the more energy you have the more you can do in one day, helps you stay focused on your goals.

Get rid of negative people in your life, they clutter your head and heart.

The path isn’t easy but the reward is worth it.

Dora O.
I think it is important to ask yourself first why you want to declutter your life. This will motivate you to stick to a plan on how to achieve it. Start small to build your confidence in achieving tasks.

Bob T.
Well, there are many ways to go about decluttering ones life. But it’s easier than you think. Start small with negative people, negative emotions and pretty much anyting keeping you down at that moment. From there, you can move on to things you may not have wanted to let go of when you had negativities in your life. For example , now that negative people are out of your life, you can start to remove bad habits or tendencies you picked up from those negativities . I like to sum things up because I’m not much of a writer . But, I hope from what I said you’re able to start small with decluttering your life. Don’t expect results instantly . Things take time and time builds great things If not rushed.