Have you got any techniques for keep the whole house clean and tidy?

Katrine Y.
Well I’m not sure it works for everyone but, I usually put on some music then I go clean room by room, I like cleaning tho I’m too lazy for it I’m sorry if it didn’t help but that’s all I can do
Mariana Z.
I don't really have a technique, but it helps if you wash the dishes right after using them and put back in place whatever you used. You can try making a weekly schedule for certain chores, it helps a lot and everything will be organized and cleaning and tyiding up will be less stressful (perhaps even enjoyable!).
Eddie Z.
I always make sure that i am the first on to put everything in its place snd organized then u tell the people who live with me i di the same. Make sure to clean after yourself immediately and when you have free time go ariund the house to check if here is anything to throw away or organize
Sandra O.
What always helps me is giving myself a certain time to clean every room and not think about the others. A time limit helps you keep your motivation.
Nicete Z.
Break tasks down into a weekly schedule where each day of the week has you focusing on different areas! That way your house stays clean as it becomes second nature
Filippa C.
Spend a whole day doing a very deep clean of every room then you only have to maintain it every day. Maintenance includes keeping on top of dishes, brushing or hoovering the floor and putting things away
Eli Ka O.
My house is a one big mess so I’m gonna clean my whole house step by step starting with mybedroom. I’ll write new updates about that here.
Victoria O.
I personally have baskets in the living room for toys ,blankets and whatever else may need to be put away regularly just to make cleaning up easier and to try to keep tidy