How do I declutter my living room?

Tracey F.
You get some boxes or something like this, maybe for a shelve or as a place to sit down, in which you put all the stuff that’s somehow just lying around – small things, „dust-catchers“, and the like. Fold the blankets on your couch, arrange your cushions so that they are kinda parallel and take anything else that’s in your couch away. The goal is to have no useless stuff flying around and not to have too much decoration everywhere. I hope this helped – I keep my rooms this way and for now, it’s helped me to keep my home quite clean and tidy:)
Allan J.
I would suggest you start from one side of your living room and pic up stuff/ objects along the way, which you don’t use often or doesn’t belong there. Put these things into boxes ( give way; throw away; put somewhere else ). Once you’ve done that, move the boxes into another room and reorganize everything inside the room that you just worked in. If you need help to understand how to organize just ask again. Maybe at the same time, while you’re doing that ,wipe some surfaces clean to clear any dusty or sticky areas. Maybe you could even sweep the floor. This is how you declutter your living space. Although a tip would be to listen to music, while you’re doing this; to boost your vibe 👌
Brittany W.
Organize everything by their purpose. Things used daily should be easily accessible, things used once in a blue moon can be moved somewhere a little more difficult to get to. The Mari Kondo method is a game changer too. If it sparks joy or is TRULY important, you may keep it. If it doesn’t spark joy, or have a real purpose, then toss it out or donate it.
Kelly Z.
I put Everything in piles of categories for ex all sports equipment will go in one pile and then put them in the right spot
Marion F.
Make sure to clean your room daily and there won’t be any loaded mess. Clean your room on daily basis or once in two days. It will help you out and will become your routine. Cleanness is necessary specially the private space where you spent more of your time. The more it will be clean the more you’ll be at peace and mentally relaxed.
Jerry F.
Pile everything on the bed and start from there! Carefully and thoughtfully put things back on their places and what’s left is probably something you want to let go! Good luck!
Loretta O.
Always remember less is more. Live simply meaning – keep only essentials. I follow Marie Kondo’s tip of keeping only those that spark joy. If something doesn’t inspire me, I toss it out or donate it.
Roberta Q.
I put everything in a box or laundry basket 🧺 take that out of my living room and then clean. Then I got and get rid of what’s trash and organize what’s not.
Emilie W.
First, if you have Netflix watch Marie Kondo’s cleaning series. It will really change your mindset about how to declutter your mind and your rooms! Enjoy!
Holly Z.
Start with a small area or task like clearing the table or putting desk papers in a pile. Then go onto putting unneeded stuff in the bin and putting others in their rightful places.
Laura B.
Get some storage boxes and label them sort everything into the appropriate box and place in the next room. Then remove furniture and get rid of any unecessary bits rearrange furniture
Cl Mence W.
Focus on cleaning one part of your living room until it’s finally clean. You can also donate some thing or sale them if you won’t need them
Pacal C.
1 Start from the hardest to the least. Hard and mark it on a to do list so to keep it clean in the first place spend a mini amount of time there so you dont have to clean it so often
Lester O.
I throw everything away that I don’t use, haven’t used in a while, or just plain don’t need anymore. I also like to have storage that has multiple uses. Such as cute decorative baskets, or the cute little ottoman/footrest/storage box that they sell in all different colors and fabrics and prints.
Scott Z.
Start in one corner. Look around and make several small piles. Things you want to keep in there, things your want to keep but can be stored away, and things you can donate. If there’s a lot of clutter, break it into small tasks and time slots. “I’m going to work in this area for 30 minutes”…
Afre Z.
Plan time to do it and take your time. Pick up one thing and put it where it belongs. When you get there pick up the nearest thing that’s out of place and put that where it belongs, etc. until there’s nothing in sight that’s not where it belongs. Once you’ve done that you can structurally look at what you want to declutter from the things that are in the right place but are still clutter. In this second phase, you don’t follow things that are out of place, but you choose themes. Like: selecting books you want to keep/get rid of, or rearranging furniture. When getting rid of things, bring things to a second hand shop. They sometimes come and pick it up for free.
Brand O Z.
I would start by getting rid of everything you don’t want. Then redecorate/rearrange furniture if you want to. Then clean.
Neuci C.
Buy storage containers for tv unit and cupboards to maximize space. Use each module to store different items. Put away shopping and dispose of bags as they come into the house rather than waiting and letting them pile up.
Jackie Z.
Clear all the surfaces and only put back what you love, then do the same with storage and decor. Clear it all out and then put back only your favorite things.
Marlene P.
I live in a studio apartment so all of my space pretty much flows into each other. So when it comes my space, it’s important for me to designate places for certain items and ensure that they are returned there every day. For my living room. It means that my couch pillows are fluffed and upright, my blankets and throws are folded and placed in the arm of my couch and my counter is cleared of any miscellaneous paper/items that have accumulated throughout the day (mail, bills, plates, etc)
Knut Y.
remove all the things that do not make you happy when you see them. it is that simple, also aim for a minimalist design which requires less objects anyway
Pierre G.
To start off this process, it’s best to get rid of anything that you no longer need or see having in your future, that you may still be hanging onto. A general rule is to keep the floor free of anything that is not needed and ensure that all your items have homes. For example: keep all your blankets in a basket, store shoes on a rug and out of the way, keep books on a shelf. This also goes for any surface in your living room, like your coffee table or a side table. Determine where and how you’ll store all of your particular items. Try to store your items in attractive, yet functional containers, like woven baskets for larger items, and ceramic bowls or jars for smaller items. Keep any table and wall decor to a minimum as too much could result in your space looking even more cluttered. I also suggest freshening up your space by opening the windows and curtains to let in cleansing air and natural light.
Am Lie O.
Take small items- children’s toys, magazines, books- and store them in baskets. It also helps to tidy the room daily- get rid of newspapers, mail, hang up jackets daily and put away books and shoes where they belong
Raimundo F.
Baby steps. Start with one area, a book shelf, dvds etc. Keep only those items that serve you in your life. If you aren’t making use of it, if it doesn’t carry meaning, let it go. If things don’t have a purpose, they are just taking up space in your life. Donate or sell to someone who can make use of it. You’ll feel much lighter. Remember, everything in life is rented. Make room for memories, not things & good luck!
Joshua N.
First, you can take all of the trash out, then, wash everything that’s dirty (blankets, clothes, etc), next, make piles for things you either want to keep, donate, or throw away, then after all that you can clean your living room with a vacuum, duster, etc. hope this helps!
Joris Y.
On a sunny day i cleared out my living room and put Evert thing in de garden. Then you get a sence of how much stuff you collected. After that i put back the items that i need with the quention do i love it. If there is no love and no spark it i Will not put it back. It takes Some extra time but then you know that what you have is what you need en what you love
El A T.
You take baby steps. You watch Maria Kondo’s videos and you do what she does but DO NOT do your whole closet at the time. Start with your laundry that needs folding, that needs washing and tackle it Marie Kondo-style. Go through the steps she advises but start small and take baby steps. Be kind to yourself!
Gesine X.
It depends what kind of clutter it is. If it is important stuff, then it would need to be sorted out and stored somewhere else. If it was not important, than maybe every day something could be thrown away and after a while , the clutter would dissolve on its own
Branka C.
I start with asking “Does this item belong in the living room?” & to decide this define how you use the space ie. for relaxing. I feel a living room should be clutter free, for example if you painted your nails the night before take that box of polish right back to the bedroom / bathroom. It’s a start!
Tristan B.
I keep attractive cane baskets under the coffee table where I can stash magazines etc that I tend to pile up in the coffee table.
Darilha P.
Firstly you might want to start by looking at everything in your living room and asking the questions: do I need it? and do you love it? In other words if you need to buy a new one to replace it or you feel a twinge at the taught of giving it away, keep it. Anything else can generally be sorted and either given away, sold or placed in the trash. This should help reduce the amount of clutter in your living room and you can always repeat this process.
Felix T.
Take out all mag or new papers or paper bills, have every one else take anything they bring into room be responsible each night to take what they brought in to the room. They will soon remind them not to bring anything into the living room . Important must get husbands complients or there will be consequences for him as well. Nothing retaliatory just INCONVENIENT
Cameron E.
Stop throwing dirty clothes on the floor, get a bin for those clothes, put a bag hanger on the wall and use it, take things out of those shopping bag and put it in organized drawer, vacuum or sweep the floor once a week.
Cory O.
It is not a problematic area already but it is filled with my mother’s unnecessary stuff. And there are some useless plan
Lucas C.
One step at a time. Start small, think big. Have the end goal in mind as you go through the nooks and crannies to get that place tidy!
Irma A.
First you section off your living room into 4 parts. One for each corner. Then you take the time to declutter each individual corner. You start by asking yourself what you need and what you don’t need out of each corner. You get rid of the stuff you don’t need and keep the stuff you need.
Erika N.
Living rooms are my favorite! First, decide what it is that’s causing the clutter problem? For me, it’s shoes. I know myself and know I’ll never put my shoes back in the closet right when I come home. I bought an inexpensive shoe holder for my living room closet. I have a big basket with a lid that holds blankets (I always have a blanket on my couch & chair) and a 3 cube storage container on either side of the tv with games, game controllers and remotes. Storage boxes that function as furniture are my secret weapon! Happy Decluttering!!
Lito Q.
Have you read the Home Edit or Marie Kendo’s books? Usually decluttering consists of putting everything in front of you and getting rid of things you don’t truly use or enjoy
Raul F.
Ann Lamott wrote a book, “Bird By Bird” and when I get overwhelmed I think of its message to take life bird by bird or one thing at a time.

One evening set aside some time to create a to-do list. Break the tasks into bite size bits that can be done in 15-30 min. Write down the things that need to be done and each morning or night, do just one of these tasks or as many as you have time for. Just continue in this fashion until you have rid yourself of the clutter. Another piece of this plan is to not create any MORE clutter. Put your things away before the end of each day. A good way to help yourself is to designate space as you create your to-do list , so that you won’t get frustrated and stop the process. As you begin to succeed with getting rid of the clutter, the feeling of accomplishment should help to motivate you to stay motivated.

J Lio E.
Start with the big things.
Remove anything that you don’t use.
Find furniture that doubles as storage.
Only have 1–3 pieces of décor per surface.
Try mixing big, medium, and small pieces of décor to even out the space.
Bottom line, if it’s not supposed to be in the room, take it out or stow it out of sight.
Sofia Z.
I think the best way is to to remove all the clutter from the cabinets and to just display them in front of you. Get a bunch of boxes ready and decide which ones to keep or to throw away. Organize everything according to their uses and make sure to really think about where you place everything. You can put stuff into stylish boxes so that your living room looks clean. Pick ornamental pieces with similar styles but don’t overdo it
Kenzi J.
Not sure if there is a right or wrong. I tend to take all little things out of the room. Then I take a look at what to bring back in for decoration. The rest goes in a box for changing things up again later. 😊
Between the seasons is my biggest challenge. Sometimes Christmas still pops it’s head at Easter 😉
Angie B.
Make the goal to make it an empty space. Only if you use it frequently. Maybe even try removing everything and as you need it bring it back into the room.
Ella W.
Find places for everything… get rid of “hot spots” where you drop shoes, jackets or mail. Find cute storage that you enjoy. Store magazines, books and remotes in there. Get rid of bricabrac you don’t love.
Alma Z.
I liked the magic of tidying ups methods: hold everything in your hand and ask your self “does this serve a purpose or bring me joy?” If the answer was no it was downsized.

As for maintaining the low clutter doing a little bit each day keeps down on the mess!

Afonso Q.
I start by taking all thr small objects out (knicknacks, books & magazines, etc. Then I look at the space without the stuff for a while and ask myself, “does that stuff really need to come back in?” If you do this on a sunny day you may notice hoe much more light bounces around in the room. For me, light is paramount!
Delmar Q.
I start on one side of the room and I sort through stuff I don’t need and put them in different piles for throwing away , give away and keep. Then I organize what I have left.
Julien O.
Start small. One area and one thing at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. This applies to mental decluttering and any type of physical decluttering.
Ron P.
Find organized containers, boxes, and compartments to put all of your things in the living room. Having containers or boxes is a great way to organize your stuff so you can see a nice clean living room. They also help and keep everything organized. Using boxes, compartments, and containers shows where everything is and when you need it .
Osnaura P.
I clear away any rubbish. I fix the throws and cushions on the chairs. I light a candle and brush the floors. Place all clothes and shoes back into wardrobes 🙂
Christine Z.
Over the last two years I can’t tell you how many trips I’ve taken to Goodwill. For us the first and biggest step to a decluttered home was getting rid of everything that didn’t bring us joy or was never going to be put to use. Old kids toys, clothes that hadn’t been worn in years, kitchen appliances that had been replaced by something better, books we didn’t care for, redundant furniture literally everything that didn’t serve a positive purpose in our lives.
Marvin C.
First, envision in your mind what you want your living room to look like at the end of your decluttering process. Have a clear mental picture in mind. This becomes your goal. Then pick one weekend and devote the entire weekend to completing the decluttering process in one fell swoop. Don’t feel bad or guilty about throwing things away. If the item your are getting rid of isn’t in pristine shape don’t consider selling or donating it. Also, don’t attempt to give your stuff away to family members – just trash or donate. Be ruthless with yourself – if you haven’t really used the item or it isn’t something you saw in your end vision – get rid of it.
Elsa T.
Keep only the big pieces of furniture, the basics, such as a sofa, one or two armchairs, a coffee table and a TV on the wall preferably. Get rid of the dust gather decorations and the clothes tossed around the room. Scandinavian style works best for me, read the hygge principles and have fun!
Victor C.
Get rid of items you don’t need. Ask yourself if you really need it. Donate those items. Buy/create storage spaces to store other clutter that you decide to keep. This will open up the room. Next, thoroughly clean the area so it will be healthy and inviting. Put everything back neatly or even have fun remodeling your room. Find creative ways to store items at a low cost.
Guy R.
The first step is to not organize! First get everything that needs thrown away, away. Do this for about 30 min a day and start organizing when the time comes.
Christian N.
First, I break down my room into the smallest components as possible in order to not get overwhelmed with completing the whole project at one time. Most of my room items are stored in drawers or my closet, and the rest is furniture. Sometimes I re-arrange my furniture as a great first step toward decluttering the room, especially if doing so helps me to see things from a new perspective and improves the flow and spacing of the room. If you don’t want or need to re-arrange your furniture, then I would recommend going through one drawer or closet section at a time. Then either pull the items out and place them onto your bed (recommended), or, if there aren’t many items, look through them while keeping them where they are. In looking through the items, decide which items you no longer need or use and then place said items into a separate pile to either give away to Goodwill or to be thrown away. If you decide to declutter just one drawer or closet segment per day, you should be able to completely declutter your entire room by the end of the week. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you may go through your entire room at one time or in one day and complete the entire project all at once. Regardless of how long you take to complete the project, I believe you will find it worthwhile and therapeutic to go through your things and declutter your room. It keeps your mind more clear and makes your life simpler and less chaotic. Good luck!
Kristine O.
The best thing I’ve found to do is do something everyday. Start with trash or small items/dishes. Move to clothing items or books. I’ve found doing something little each day isn’t as overwhelming to me S trying to do it all at once.
Nick U.
Start small and don’t overwhelm yourself. You don’t have to get it all done at once. You can start by setting a goal each week or every 3 days (depending on your work schedule) first goal could be to remove all clothing items and organize them since thats most likely the worst of it. Try doing 20-30minutes every night before bed and remove as many clothing items as possible. You also have to consciously stop adding on to the clutter. So even if your room still has a long way to go a good change of habit would really help put an end to the cycle. It will feel overwhelming at first but you’ll know once you start that its easier than you may think.
Gladys T.
The thing that helps me a lot is to categorize things by asking the question «  How often do I use this ? » The most used objects must be the most accessible. To declutter and free space, you have to get rid or store somewhere else everything that « doesn’t belong » in a living room. For my case it was full of extra batteries, magasine I’ve already read and other things like those that didn’t belong here anymore. Just look around your place and you’ll see that everything has its own place.
I hope this helped you 🙂
Mauro A.
Put Harry Potter on (the audiobook) and then go for it! Make different piles – keep, charity shop, throw away. Definitely best to categorise!
Tonya C.
I started by going through papers and making a pile of stuff I needed to keep but I wasn't sure where to put it but also determined stuff that I definitely had to throw away. I also sectioned off my living room so I would deal with one area at a time.
A Da C.
I’ve found that while I tend to be a messy person, my spirit is most happy when my spaces are organized and clean, so I have worked very hard to overcome my natural tendency for messiness. Depends on what is cluttering your room. If you are a mom, it is likely toys. That’s easy- get an attractive container and throw them all in each afternoon and evening. If it’s your stuff, make sure everything has a place and everyone you get up from the couch or go through the room look for something you can put away and do it. Hope that helps
August Z.
My mother-in-law has sage advice… don’t put anything in baskets on the floor, keep Knick knacks to a minimum. If possible use a coffee table that also serves as storage for blankets. And pick up and put away as you go.

10 second tidy is all you should need to do before bed.

Kaylee O.
Decluttering your room starts with removing the biggest object in your space. Which unnecessary objects are preventing you from moving more freely to your living room. Is there a different and better position for these? Consider the value of those too, sometimes having less stuff in your pocession will result in a lighter weight to take care about. Then go into smaller objects until you’ve received a satisfactory result within 10 minutes. Everyday just do a small portion and eventually you’ve fully cleared the space and perhaps reorganised your living room furnature.
Lino O.
Throw out everything. Decorations, furniture, anything that serves no useful purpose. If it can serve a purpose elsewhere then let it do so. It does not need to be in your living room.