What is you’re after work routine to keep things organized?

Bridie P.
When I cook dinner I do the washing up at the same time so when I’m finished and dinner has been eaten there isn’t much left to do
Agnesa V.
I watch motivation YouTube videos and i rest a bit then I get myself together and i drink a coffe
Because coffe reallyyy motivates me idk why and then I start doing things that needs to be done
Expedito W.
The first thing I do after coming home from my school is changing my clothes to more comfy ones. I usually have a nice dinner then and spend some time on planning my afternoon and the following day. I catch up on my social media and then I prepare for studying. Learning while sipping some coffee or tea works best for me!
Edgar S.
I simply eat something, like a fruit, I drink a chocolate coffee and I clean my room if it isn't.
I read a book until my sister's home. I take a shower if needed and then I eat dinner. After that I go to bed early after reading a little bit more.
Vernon S.
After work routine, plan for next day, sort out and pack things needed, read a book maybe, meditate, think positive and happy thoughts, talk to Mayukh, get a good night's comfy sleep, stay warm