Best waybyo tackle laundry so it doesnt pile up for the weekend

Rudinele Q.
I prefer to tackle laundry as soon as it appears. I pile up the freshly dried clothes on my bed, so it's hard to ignore them or just shift a pile from place to place.
Jonathan W.
How about you put them in separate spots in your area/room? Like as you take them off you start separating them so that way you don't have to do it on that weekend day. Plus you can do loads throughout the week. If you knew you are all out of dark clothing, then you can wash those dark clothing on Wednesday rather than on the weekend.
Arthur U.
I have a little laundry basket (a literal baskets I got for $10 at a TJ Max) that fits one load of laundry in it. Once that's full, I'm forced to just throw it in. I wash all my clothes on cold wash, so I don't have to worry about separating lights from darks (also modern laundry soap doesn't make colours leak like it used to in the 50-80s) hardest part for me is still putting it away, but that tiny little laundry basket of clean clothes looks way less intimidating than the big/regular one.