What is cleaning according to you? And can you give me few tips to clean up my room or on self cleaning (grooming)

Emily C.
Cleaning means put everything in order. In room I open windows for fresh air. I clean the surface and now I made Dezinfection.
For my health cleaning means to get out of the negative thoughts.
Vicky N.
I find cleaning to be revitalizing. It's like a fresh spring day where everything shines in the sun. Things begin to pop into place like crocus, lilies, tulips packed into boxes to keep them neet. The carpet of fresh green grass is mowed and looks like a thick green carpet. All the beauty makes you feel connected to your environment. The cleaner and more organized the more you feel in control and the more you want to do. I feel like i can enjoy myself with hobbies a truly enjoy them relaxed with joy.
As Lio O.
Cleaning is organizing the space around you. This will reflect your emotion more times. First time Ehen you clean. Second when the cleaning is done and you see the result. Third and on when you come around to see a clean space. Cleaning helps you think clearer.