Best way to fold the clothes to put in drawers?

Lauren N.
I would stick to the traditional method of folding in half and then half again. However, organise your clothes in piles like jeans, shirts, clothes for home, outside clothes and so on.

Bobbie E.
I’ve found the Marie kondo method to be amazing. Not only do the clothes fit much better and you can actually see everything in your cupboard, but the actual act of folding promotes mindfulness and joy

Beto Z.
The best way to fold clothes is the KonMari Method, this way you can see everything easily. Here’s the link:

Kayla P.
I fold the clothes so everything fits the drawer and I can see everything. T-shirts, fold in thirds then quarters. Shorts fold in half twice. Socks paired up. Pants with a crease I fold by holding the seams together, then half twice.

Gerald X.
Best way is to fold the T-shirt in thirds horizontally; then again in thirds, where it will look like a small book. Then “file” it in the drawer.

Reginald S.
Personally too much organization can prohibit me from functionality so sometimes I don’t fold my clothes and let them go to chaos in my drawer. Now I hang all my clothes ( pants, shirts, etc.) so that I can see all the things that I have. Another way to fold clothes is to fold them normally and lay them together in a stack then turn the stack horizontally so that every item is visible and then put them into your drawers.

Marie Y.
For putting clothes in drawers, I’ve been experimenting with ways that help me know how much clothes I have and how to access then easily. Currently I fold and roll them and have them in the drawers like they’re cans of soup. Seems to work OK

Britta F.
KonMari method. Lay article of clothing out on a flat surface., fold the parts sticking out (such as sleeves) on the shirt so everything is contained in the original rectangle. Fold it into thirds and place in your drawer. This will minimize the wrinkles. (You can also google it; there are videos and pictures.)

Steven O.
Konmori method. Saves Room and you can see what you have. Socks are better organize this way and you can fit more in the drawer

Andrea P.
So the best way I’ve found (I have a lot of clothes) is to roll my clothes up tightly and put them in the drawers so that when I look through the drawers I don’t pull everything out. Also I make sure that when I rolled them up some identifying part of the clothing is facing upwards so for example… if I have a bunch of jean shorts that are of similar color I will put the pockets facing up or the cuffs of the short facing up so that I can identify it and pick it .I also make sure that everything is of the same length thickness doesn’t matter so much. I roll my shorts my PJ 🍑 I also make sure that everything is of the same length thickness doesn’t matter so much. I roll my shorts, PJ shorts, leggings, short skirts with some of my long skirts, sweatpants, jeans, I hang up all of my shirts