What is the best or easiest way to deep clean a house? I get overwhelmed and then just never do it.

Mylan Z.
Well I fell thr same way sometimes to but if you focus and pick up ten things at a time you wont get overwhelmed and you will think that's not enough I should do ten more and i will repeat until complete
Josaphine E.
I have a tendency to repeat the same chores over and over and not get to others. I use the app today to remind me when to do other chores instead. I also had to learn good enough.
Andrea G.
La mejor manera de limpiar la casa, es dividirla en sesiones, es decir, la sala, el comedor, la habitación.. Y asi la tarea es mas fácil, otro tip es poner música, eso ayuda a relajar y desestresarse.
Grace Y.
When my house is really bad I just get a YouTube video up for cleaning bedrooms and do that for every room and it gets done.
Victoria F.
Get yourself cleaned & dressed, brush teeth, Make bed.

Grab a timer and a laundry basket.
Set the time for 10 minutes.
Apply those 10 minutes to each room.
*The basket is for things that don’t belong in each room.

You’ll be surprised how much can be done in a small 10 minutes.

Treat G.
Start with the bathroom! It’s the most manageable size, the easiest to categorize and wipe down, and lighting a candle/dimming the lights is all you need to look 5 Stars. Now that a whole room is complete, do a massive TRASH SWEEP! Use the bulkiest black bag you can, so you can stuff it with confidence against tearing. Just TRASH the TRASH, get it OUT!!!
Make your bed. Easy! Ah, feels good.
Now gather your clothes. Assume they are all dirty. Make the appropriate laundry load piles and set yourself up with a great Netflix show. Treat yourself to a laundry/TV day and DONT STOP THE CYCLING UNTIL IT IS ALL FOLDED AND HUNG AWAY.
Looks better already, right? Now just make sure every item has a place. If it doesn’t have a place… psttt… it may be trash 🙂
The rest, Mr. Clean can help you with. You will not regret this. You deserve better than to live in filth!