The mess is everywhere. I usually don’t know where to start and it makes me tired and saps my energy. What do I do with it?

Laura A.
Start small. One task at a time. Even doing something easy like bringing the clean laundry upstairs is better than nothing.
Aliciane N.
When my room is messy I always feel anxious and depressed, so I try to keep it clean, sometimes I don’t know where to start either but what I find helps is finding one section of your room and start there, or start with getting a garbage bag and throwing out all the garbage or bottles that has stacked up so quickly somehow when you were busy through the week, after all the garbage is gone you can focus on what’s on the floor or you could start with that also, think of it as sections to clean. Also put all your laundry in one spot and put your first load in while you finish cleaning the rest of your room. This is what helps me!
Emma Z.
First get on some comfy clothes. Next turn on music. Then start by making up your bed and picking up all the trash around.