how do you make yourslef remember to clean, and how do you make time for it in your day?

Jasmine O.
I usually clean just after i studied or in between my studying sessions. It help me think about other this to do instead of just sitting down many hours in a row trying to get new information to stick ☺️

Also when you clean your room or house every day it doesn’t get as messy as it usually would 👍🏻

Lara X.
start with cleaning for as little as five or ten minutes, or even just packing away one or two items when you pass the certain area you wish to clean. i find that it’s easier to just do little bits of cleaning each day instead of trying to do it all in one day

Suzanne J.
I don’t make time to clean , I hate staying in dirty places so whenever there’s sth that has dust or dirt on it I just clean it cuz tidy space always give a better mood and feeling

Galilea N.
Here’s the thing, maybe it’s Just me but in my house it seems as if we clean for a living. The moment I wake up I clean up until 10am and how I think you make time for it is by making it a priority and routine

Lina Y.
I clean every time I make a meal. This helps reduce the pilling mess that occurs if I push everything for a later time. I also clean before I go to bed. I like to see my kitchen and living room clean before I go to bed and the morning after. The most challenging has been laundry. I’ve started to fold laundry with my husband as we watch a show or movie on Sunday. This gives us an opportunity to bond and get our chores done together.

Jeremy G.
I plan like 10 minutes between my homework, and I make sure to do this 2 times a day. Sometimes I forget, but with some music it goes realky fast.