How do you stay on top of clutter on a daily basis? It is overwhelming for me.

Mrs Unfortunate N.
Well honestly I take a deep breath and find one item to start with ( for example in a room you would have clothes most likely) then I think about the process to have all of that one item put away and clean . Using our example you make sure it is clean then you make sure it fits than fold/hang it and finally put away in its place .

So the first step to to check if it’s clean make piles of clean and dirty clothes and wash them .then as you wash them in the machine sort through your clean clothes to make sure they fit you in style and size. Take small breaks as you need as this can be a long process (listen to your favorite song, eat a snack, play a board game, etc.). Once all the dirty clothes are clean then sort of they fit you as well . Then fold/hang all of them and put away . You will most likely find (at least in the example of a dirty room with clothes) you gotten a lot done by just taking it one step at a time.

Don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the work you’ve done and look at your needs . And don’t get upset if you don’t get it all done in one day sometimes things take time . Grab the next item and find the steps you need to change it as you want it .

Ask for help or jam out to music if you like these help me personally as well.

Sakshi O.
10 minute timer every single day. If you put timer on your phone you trick your brain that it’s just 10 minutes..whatever I could clean in JUST 10 minutes. Then do it every other day and then every single day. Start small coz if the task is big your brain wants to convince you that it’s hard and wants to be comfortable. Once you start doing it you would either stop after the timer goes off (and doing it every other day or every day will get rid of everyday clutter every single day and clutter becomes less and less to manage)or most likely you would want to get going. Small steps day by day take you a long way. Good luck 😊