How do you get rid of excess belongings when they belong to other family members?

Astrid C.
I let them know why i feel the object is excess and than I ask them if they are ok with having it donated or given to someone else.
Ezio T.
A bargain method might be one approach. Point out how many similiar wonderful things they have, then ask if its necessary to own all of them. Perhaps it would be nice to share toys etc. With others who are less fortunate. That those items may be of better use to someone else.
Ella N.
Hide the items and see if they miss them 😜 of ask if its ok to take a foto of the thing and give the thing away to charity.
Sylwia U.
I think you have to lead by example. If other people see that I am working more effectively with less stuff then they may also try to live with less
Emily C.
If they belong to other family members then they're not yours to give away. Unless you mean that they once belonged to someone, and now it's hard to get rid of because sentimental reasons. If that's the case then I would urge to ask yourself which of those items still has a practical use and which do not. For example, I had many shirts given to me by different family members, however I hadn't worn the majority of them in years. It was difficult to let go of them but once I was honest with myself as to whether I was ever going to use them again, it became quite easy to throw them away. Think long term use, and if the clutter is impacting you negatively than it's all the more important to get rid of! I hope that helped, best of luck.
La S N.
well if the famliy me ever gave it to me and i didn’t want it anymore or it was like special to them, then i would give it back or just keep on to it