Any suggestions for keeping a house tidy when you have two small people following you around creating chaos and messes? My mess-makers are 7 and 4. By the time I’m done cleaning up the daily mess, I have no energy left to tackle the underlying mess! And it’s disheartening to get one area nice and neat…only to turn around and find a new mess. Ideas?

Michelle Z.
I have twins I hear you. When they were small plastic drawers were great for clothes all labelled, jumpers, skirts, tights etc. I had a huge sideboard and all the toys were hid in there in the dining room. Play room by day dining room by night 🙂 excellent tips I had were clear everything into baskets and then take to right room. Leave stuff on stairs, every trip that someone takes, take it with them. The little ones can do jobs get them on it, matching socks etc. Putting washing in and taking it out. Hope that helps!
Nathan R.
My answer would be create one place that is there’s to have messy and one that is yours to have clean and be firm on it. Then turn cleaning into a family game rather then a chore. Who ever finds the most wins or who ever can clean or do something to help you you give them a ticket to get a reward and put up a board to see the progress.