Is it better to clean a little bit each day or all at once?

Cordula Y.
Unless I’m just in a cleaning mood, I clean a bit each day. Normally I’ll listen to a podcast and it helps me stay more interested in my goal.

Alix O.
all at once. it makes me feel like i’ve actually done something productive, i have a visible reward, and i can’t stop once i start anyway.

Barry T.
i think that you should clean like half of it one day and half the other because then your not working all day long and not tired at the end and your motivated to do it the next day

Neide F.
I just cleaned for 10 minutes today while listening to the radio and everything already seems better after only ten minutes. I’m actually really excited to clean some other stuff I did not get to today. I think 10 minutes everyday works really well instead of tiring yourself out instead of cleaning a lot/a long time.

Luka P.
Honestly, it just depends on what makes you feel better and makes more sense for your schedule. If you find yourself with nothing to do, it could make sense to spend a lot of time cleaning, but if you’re particularly busy, just clean a little bit at a time so you’re still working towards your goals. Good luck !

Jen O.
I find it better to clean each day a little bit because it will gives you a feeling that you have done something and the surrounding area will not get out of control messy

Cody X.
Start with a little bit. Then add one more place to clean each day. Starting small will give you a sense of accomplishment that you can use to propel you into cleaning the bigger things. Start with something an idiot could clean. Like the excess old toothpaste on your toothbrush. Too easy. And resist the urge to keep going so you don’t burn out the cleaning bug Too fast

Leroy C.
Tidying up and cleaning up a little each day helps reduce the effort when we plan to do a deep clean.
Cleaning a little bit each day also keep the environment stress free and you feel accomplished

Alyssa J.
Cleaning a little bit each day will help a lot to maintain cleanliness and tidiness , and also can be a good habit.
Whenever you have time and desire , you can clean everything at once.

Anthony F.
Both. Do a little each day and a weekly blitz. For the blitz put on dance music you love and put this mantra in your head. I love myself enough to create a clean space to live and flourish in.

Anita F.
I think a little everyday is best. I schedule an hour a day in the afternoon. So I pick one major thing like a bathroom or the kitchen or washing floors and then I go around the rest of the house for part of that time picking up stuff and neatening. I hate cleaning so an hour a day doesn’t feel so bad and my house stays neat and clean. And I feel I’ve accomplished something.

Julie U.
Make it a part of your daily routine to tidy up every day! Even if you just set a timer for 10 minutes, do as much as you can—wash dishes, pick up the clutter in your room, etc. I used to always let my mess pile up and get overwhelming, which made me even less motivated to clean. You don’t want to get to that point, and you won’t if you do a little bit each day!

Hans J Rgen R.
I prefer to clean a little bit at a time. I’m not very good at tidying. It sort of intimidates me. So I try to do it in doses. And hopefully one day I’ll be able to do it all at once .

Louisa P.
It depends.
If your room is very messy, throw on some music and focus on one piece of your room each day. For instance, Day 1 is your dresser, Day 2 is your nightstands, Days 3 and 4 are your closet, and Day 5 is finishing touches.
But, if your room just needs a bit of tidying up, I'd just hunker down and get it done.

Tony X.
Both methods are needed in life. The basics are needed everyday, but to really move forward, I like the Marie Condo method. She recommends focusing on one subject at a time and doing it deeply, ie clothes for instance. Empty all clothes into a pile, then one by one decide if it brings “spark joy”. Keep only items that brings this special joy. Have less, and care for what you have. Then move on to another large focal area, but the basics must be done first to keep the home a pleasant place to live.

Landon T.
Both. I like to clean a little everyday so it doesn’t pile up. But on Saturday OR Sunday mornings I’ll make a list of the “deep cleaning” items and ask my husband and son to pitch in. Only for two hours. We do as much as we can in that time, and that’s it. That way we are all committed to creating a space we like living in, and have enough time to do fun things too.

Brooke B.
It is much better to clean a little each day. I usually find that if I leave mess for a few days, it becomes a much more daunting task and I will usually put it off until the mess is huge and it is a mission to clean. So I’d rather clean a little mess each day – my house also stays clean which makes me feel a lot better about my living space.

Megan O.
In listening to Marie Kondo’s “The Art of Tidying Up”, it seems that her advice is to do a single, thorough tidying… after which continual tidying (not chores like laundry, dishes, etc.) will come very naturally as it will be just like putting something away in its place.

Kondo’s philosophy behind tidying by categories of things and not locations in the house (e.g. “Where are ALL my plasticeware and containers?” vs. “Let’s go through this one drawer of plastic food containers.”) is very helpful. However, the reality of the situation is that a person who puts off a one-off tidy-overhaul is one to also likely dread the continual maintenance and chores that come with keeping a kept castle.

For sure, prevention is better than cure. If you train your kids to not dare leave their backpacks on the couch, or you always remember to put your vinyl back into the crate when you get home from vinyl night, then there’s less cleanup needed. I find though that the state of “cleaning up” is really the state of caring about one’s space and having not only a plan for what that optimal environment would be, but also learning to enjoy the journey of doing the mundane tasks that keep it that awesome.

Julie Q.
It is good to clean a little bit each day along with having time set out once a week/month to do a a full scan to make sure nothing was missed in the daily cleaning, and if there are things being missed daily add them into the routine.

Alex O.
Yes because at the end of the week when you are cleaning the house, you do not have to put in as much work because your house will be somewhat clean.

Avery U.
A little bit everyday works for me. I try to do at least 15 mins cleaning everyday, celebrate when it’s more but never beat myself up for skipping the odd day.

Bryan F.
I think cleaning whenever it needs to be done is better. Putting things away where they belong will prevent the house getting cluttered and will help you be more productive.

Anna C.
I feel it is better to clean a little bit each day. It spreads out the time and energy responsibility and still allows time for occasional deep cleaning.

Baptiste E.
I clean as I go, but one thing that helps is that every morning and every night, I set a timer for 15 minutes. And in that time, I tidy up the house…wiping counters, putting things away, etc. That way, I’m at least keeping the house clean each day. Then I plan some deep cleaning time throughout the week and set a timer to do those tasks. The timer keeps me on task and I get things done faster because I try to race the clock. 🙂

Lola F.
It is better a little each day so you do not overwhelm yourself while getting into the habit of cleaning. Laundry one day and vacuum the next etc…

Jennifer S.
Depending on my mood I often leave it for a while, waiting till I feel like it to clean, then blitzing it all in one go (eg a sink full of washing up). But I think it's probably better to do a little bit each day, so that I have a cleaner, tidier environment in which to prepare food, run projects, find my stuff, and feel prouder of where I live and like it's a bit more of a sanctuary. I'm finding that having a time limit and using the countdown timer helps, as I can set manageable blocks of time to do it, which helps particularly when I really don't feel like it. I'm also finding that combining cleaning (something I don't want to do) with another activity like listening to a podcast (which I do want to do) makes it more palatable. It turns a dull, mindless, but necessary task into something more engaging and intellectual, and a chance to learn. It's like reading the papers and getting the house clean at the same time.

Bendavid Z.
It depends on you. If cleaning all day overwhelms you and leaves you feeling drained and grumpy when you’re done, so it bit by bit.

For me though, cleaning is extremely therapeutic, so I tend to do everything in one go over more than a day if needed. Obviously I sleep, eat and shower in between. But I’m left feeling accomplished and clear headed. Like I can breathe again.

Willibald T.
I would clean a bit each day and not push it too much. But if you’re having guests over the next day or something, I would try to clean as much as I can.

Louise U.
I like to clean 15 minutes at a time during the week for things like sweeping, vacuum, dust, sinks and toilet and do deep cleaning on the weekends, like scrub the tub, mop, wipe down trim and baseboards. I also don’t leave a room empty handed to keep things decluttered.

Abbie U.
This is personal preference. I use to have a cleaning day, once a week. Problem with that, if something came up the cleaning got postponed. I have also noticed that once there are dishes in the sink, more get added. The same seems to be true for clothe on the floor, etc. At times it felt like such a big job, it became overwhelming.
Now, it feels great to me!! I do a a little every day. I hold my family accountable as well. I use to do it all for everyone, now I have a whiteboard and write all the things down they can help me with (besides their responsibilities, also on the board). I don’t care ‘when’ they do it but it has to be done before bed. They to have learned to do it right away (everything has a home) instead of last min before bed. Now, I clean as I go, it’s part of my morning routine.
I just leave the deep cleaning to once a week, like bathrooms, doors, baseboards, door handles, floors, bedding,…
I hope that helps.

Jeremy N.
I think it’s better to clean as you go. A little goes a long way, even with cleaning. But I also think that you should devote a nice chunk of time to deep cleaning every once in a while.

Maddison W.
Both. I believe during busy days you can do small things but when you’re free you can clean everything; giving you a clean couple of days.

Claudeci Z.
I think a little bit each day to develop it as a habit. Doing it all at once also requires more time and planning upfront in a busy schedule where cleaning a bit every day is easier to implement

Suse O.
A little bit each day. If you always put back the things that you use or always wash the dishes after cooking, it is much easier to make a habit out of it. Plus your apartment always looks clean. Leaving stuff laying around for days destroys your mood and productivity.

Ka S Q.
i try to clean a little everyday but because im very incompetent, i usually have to just save one day for a deep cleaning

Barbara Z.
I used to prefer to clean all at once, but found I wouldn’t start if I didn’t have enough time to do a really great job. So time went by and the clutter coupled with my lack of time caused more stress! Now I clean a little bit here and there and only deep clean when I can. But the daily tidiness helps a lot with my over all stress!

Tessa S.
it’s better to clean a little every day cause then it takes less time and it easier to make urself do 5 minutes of cleaning every now and then rather than doing 2 hours of cleaning

Hinrich F.
It’s certainly a lot easier to clean a little each day. It sounds cliche, but it makes it much easier to chip away at big messes. You can pick a goal for each day and see real progress. It helps you to feel okay that everything isn’t perfect without losing aight of what you ultimately want.

Celina F.
It’s better to clean a little bit each day. Why? Because if you know you’re going to clean all at once, the thought of it will become a chore instead of enjoyment/mindful and calm. Less stress is good.

Tomothy P.
I’d say a little bit everyday keep your flat cleaner and your mind at peace – than a bigger cleaning once every 10 days or so is always needed.

Florian E.
In my experience, it’s way better to clean as you go. Try to build the habit of only touching an item once: so, instead of putting a jacket on a chair or table, putting it in the closet or hook right away.

Louane F.
All at once makes it a big task. If you tidy up a bit each day you will more likely do this since it only takes a few minutes.

Erol U.
A little bit each day is far more manageable. I find I really love the 10 min tidy up timer because it relieves the stress of having to dedicate hours to cleaning. It also makes me move fast! Be fast and efficient and do a 10 min each day.

Amanda Y.
I like to clean in increments. Like ten minutes then take a five minute break etc. it helps me focus more on the task it’s self

Victor C.
I try to do a little several times a day
It feels like a smaller lift.
Spring is a great time to think about what we have and what we can sort out to donate or retire one closet or drawer at a time

Hassan P.
Both 🤷‍♀️ I personally, can’t keep it up all the time, therefore it becomes necessary to do a bigger cleaning. And in general big cleaning is nice with longer intervals of time.

Valdemar C.
I think when your in the “Marie Kondo Mode” you should get as much cleaning done as possible. However, on regular days just clean until you get tired or have finished a task.

Suzanne E.
It depends on your schedule and how much cleaning you have to do. Personally I find it hard to do a lot of cleaning at once for various reasons so I try to do a little of it 3-4 times a week after work and some on the weekend. But I don’t want to spend most of my weekend cleaning. I need time for exercise and play.

Sara Z.
Clean as you go. Put each thing away in its place after you use it. Wipe surfaces as soon as your finished. Make your bed after airing it for a few minutes ( the time to shower) and you are already ahead and winning the clean and tidy home game😁

Denise Z.
For me and I think most people, it’s better to clean a little bit each day. That way you aren’t overwhelmed with everything that piles up after some time. It’s easier to do one task a day that takes 15 minutes than having to do the whole house that takes a whole day.

Ali E.
I think a good clean up can set you up to be able to clean a little each day. Until that big cleanup, a little each day can make a big difference 🙂

Dayane G.
It’s is better to eat a elephant piece by piece than to try an eat it whole. Cleaning a little bit each day helps keep your area well maintained.

Roland W.
I think everything in once, I like the feeling after cleaning and then the house is clean. But I try to ler everything organized in the others days

Valdete W.
I have struggled with this one for YEARS, and about 12 years ago tried a routine with set chores each day of the week which resulted in one complete cleaning spread across the week. It worked really well for me and I kept it up for about a year. Then we moved, life changed etc and I never got that going well again until this year— I am currently doing a routine with daily chores and weekly chores. When I stick to this, I usually have a clean house and the weekends “off!” As long as you pick up clutter daily and do a daily wipe down of surfaces (kitchen and bathroom counters,) the “little at a time” works great. Warning that it takes time to get there— be patient with yourself. It took me two weeks to get to a place where the daily cleaning only took about 20 minutes and the house at any given point in time felt and looked clean. Check out housekeeping blogs for schedule ideas and adapt it to you and your life. And DELEGATE! If you have kids, it should be very easy in a “little bit daily” routine to assign chores that won’t overwhelm them.

Bella Z.
Each day definitely. I feel like when you do it all at once its a bigger, longer, and less approachable task. When you do a little bit more often, I feel like its easier to manage and less stress free.

Hartmut E.
I’d say it’s better to do it all at once, although that may depend on what kind of person you are. For me personally, if I’d do little each day it would be easier to “escape” it or the first space I cleaned would have become cluttered again when I finished the last one. I would say that finding a good playlist with motivating music and just finding the time to do it is the best way to tackle cleaning and get it done, and then you’ll feel so much better when you sit down in your newly cleaned space

Phillip U.
I think if you don’t do a little each day then it can get overwhelming. So every evening I try to leave things at least as clean as they were in the morning. But I do save the bigger jobs (laundry, vacuuming) for weekends.

Terra E.
Definitely a little every day! This way you make a good habit out of it and when you have more time, you will clean the hard stuff that takes longer. It's a lot easier to postpone cleaning of you don't to it regularly. I'm saying this from my own experience 🙂
It will seem hard until you make it a habit but the Golden rule is "don't skip twice".

Bertolino Q.
Cleaning everyday is better than all at once. Tidying a little each day allows you to keep clutter to a minimum and makes large messes less overwhelming.

Brooklyn O.
I find it better to clean everyday. Clutter leads to chaos in my life. I feel focused and less anxious when things are neat and tidy. I try to put stuff away when I am done with it. Make sure dishes are all done before bed and this makes my day start out great in the morning.

Miriam W.
i find it better to have a deep clean all at once if you have time, it makes you feel refreshed, organised and more put together and you will feel much cleaner 🙂

Leo P.
It’s better to clean a little bit every day. It keeps you from getting overwhelmed, and it’s easier to do things in small chunks rather than huge projects.

Kirk A.
Whatever works best for you, but a little each day is just part of my everyday routine and likely is the ideal route for most (I just enjoy being Tidy). Simplify and declutter your environment so you spend less time worrying about it and keeping it all in order. If you have the budget, get a house cleaner every couple of weeks or each week

Regina P.
It really depends on your schedule and lifestyle. When I was a stay at home mom I cleaned a little each day so I had time with the kids. Now that I work full time I spend a morning in the weekend cleaning because that is the only time I really have.

Emy W.
When I reflect on whether it is “easier “to clean a little late stay plowed through things all at once my initial response is to plow through things all at once. In reality, it’s not a good method of cleaning. At my home, it doesn’t tend to be as warm and inviting It could be, because I put off but I could do today till tomorrow. Cleaning a little bit each

Dwight Y.
It is better to clean a little bit each day than all at once. The reason I believe this is because I’ve done both and I find that little bit each day sets you up for success and more sustainable effort. In addition, waiting to clean all at once doesn’t help to build the habit of cleaning. You may end up piling things up for when you do that big cleaning (resulting in more mess over time). You put things off and then the task becomes even more overwhelming. What I find that helps is focusing on an area and time boxing it to 10-35 minutes — which is a good way of tackling what can sometimes feel like a daunting task. If you do it more often in smaller chunks this can also help build the habit of cleaning. I hope this helps answer your question.

Charlotte O.
I clean a little bit each day because a clean home is welcoming, gives me a good feeling when I come home, and is less stressful to clean. I tend to put things away right away.

Laura W.
Marie Kondo says we should do a major cleaning once to clear out negative energy, which enters our lives in the form of clutter.And then we should clean a little every day.

Hector Y.
I’ve found out that a little everyday gives you more peace of mind. When you do it all at once, means that you haven’t done it for a while and that in that while you’re living in a messy environment that it’s not healthy for you, mentally and maybe even physically. So keep in mind that you want a nice place around you and you can make it better a little every day. Maybe you want to make a big clean up once, and then keep it like that dedicating a few minutes daily afterwards… whatever you decide, keep it up and make a habit of it.

Jeremy Z.
It’s better to clean as you go so you won’t be in crisis mode. I am overly scheduled and have been letting things build up and it keeps me from relaxing.

Charlene U.
i prefer cleaning up a little every day, so i don’t have to do it all at once in one day and feel overwhelmed and keep postponing it. the bigger the laundry/dishes/papers pile, the more scary it looks. it’s easier to wash one plate and fork right after you eat rather than wait for the sink to be full over the top. i mean, that works for me now. before it used to be the other way around, i would do a major clean up once a week or two. and only do the dishes when i had no clean ones left. just do whatever feels more like you, both ways are perfectly fine as long as you feel comfortable

Lyna P.
I think cleaning a bit at a time is better because then you aren’t overwhelmed with all of the work you have to do. It’s just like leaving your homework to the last minute.

Thiago N.
A little bit each day works for me. I can get I overwhelmed if I put it in the all at once timeline – and that typically occurs on a weekend when I have time. However, I’m committed to my downtime, and spending a day cleaning on a day off simply doesn’t work. It took a few times noticing the effects of trying to do it all at once – my old pattern – before I broke down the cleaning, cleaning up into shorter bursts through the week.

Franklin O.
I think, its better to clean little bit every day. Because it creates routine and habit. To clean little bit is easy. To clean All at once sometimes feel overhelming and it is easy to procrastinate.

Storm C.
I would say that it would be better to plan a day where you would only be cleaning all day, and from that day you would only have to clean a little everyday

Gorete Q.
The best solution to messy rooms is to clean frequently as it gives you the sense of cleanliness than having a messy room all week

Jamie P.
Clean a little bit each day. Even though cleaning a lot really does help me feel better when I am having a rough day, cleaning a little bit each day helps you to prioritize your day and really make use of the time you have.

Alexander Z.
For me, definitely a little each day. If I put it off and try to do it all at once it seems overwhelming and I put it off even longer.

Elio E.
I’ve always cleaned all at once but my perfectionism makes me overwhelmed just thinking about cleaning because I know it will take so much time to clean everything the way I want to which in turn leads to no cleaning which in turn leads to me feeling even worse about myself and telling myself hat I’m useless. SO it is better to clean a little bit every day. I’m still trying to implement that though.. it’s very difficult when you’re mindset is “all or nothing”…

Rebecca E.
During the work week, I try to keep my space tidy and neat so I can focus, which usually takes 10-20 minutes a day. But I like to spend an hour or two cleaning with more intention when I have time.

Martin P.
I see neither being better than the other. If you have time for a deep clean then perfect…if you only have time for a whizz round then that’s perfect too!

Mabel X.
Commit to a small chunk of cleanup or organization – day, two minutes, with the promise to give that length of time your complete attention. Often you will get into a groove and power through.

I’ve been cleaning up for 10 minutes nightly while listening to the “fabulous moment” soothing music. Things are improving little by little. If you over do it, say hours of cleanup, you run the risk of building a negative association with how hard it was, and your next session will be pushed further and further.

Emily Z.
A little bit is way better because you cannot do too much or on the other day you’ll feel better that you haven’t accomplished enough

L Andro T.
I personally think that it’s better to clean a little bit each day …cleaning all at once can be plentiful and demotivating.

Bernice F.
a little bit each day, unless you’re feeling super productive. if you really don’t like cleaning, do a little bit at a time

Amy J.
I think cleaning a whole room/area per day and moving to another the next day is what works for me. I don’t like to tackle my whole apartment at once, I end up getting burnt out too quickly.

Irmtraud F.
For me, a little each day helps me have a routine. I do that each day and then I add a little bit more in the form of another area. I change that area each day and find that parts of those can become a small extension of my daily routine, too without adding in too much more time.
My goal is to keep the clutter put away, in general. So I designate a place for stuff as I pick it up and put it away. My house looks neat most of the time. Then, about every 3 months, I do a deep clean of 1-2 rooms at a time, using vacuum tools, wood conditioner, even a toothbrush etc. I touch pretty much every surface, including the walls and ceiling. That takes me about 4 hours on 3 consecutive days. It feels fantastic to be in a room and know it is as clean as anyone could make it.

David P.
Well I can get completely swept away with cleaning and prioritise it over things that have more priority. I think the answer is to clean up the daily things daily like dishes and hygienic stuff. But really do the balance all at once when it needs it. I usually invite someone over when my house needs cleaning then I have a time limit to get it done before they arrive;)

Adam F.
Depends on your time and if you’re in the mood. Sometimes for me it’s little by little in the week… and in the weekend its all at once.

Zehra X.
It is better to clean a little bit each day, this way you don’t feel overwhelmed, especially if you have a busy schedule already. Tackling things one small bit at a time is the way to go.

Danny W.
A little bit of tidying every day stops the mess building up and makes your brain feel calmer. Then once a week you can do a clean of floors and things that take a bit longer.

Eddie E.
It depends on your personality AND the task at hand. Little resets throughout the day help the house stay clean. But big projects (for me) need to be tackled all at once. I’m too nostalgic and if given too long I will sit in the memories and not get the job done.

Alicia F.
I used to be an all at once cleaner. However I found I really hated cleaning after a while because I would be spending a whole day cleaning and scrubbing in order to be thorough, that I eventually kept putting it off until I just would avoid it altogether. I would say that a little bit at a time (a room or a task or two each day) is a better way to work. Every now and then, maybe bi-monthly, I think it would be worthwhile to do a spring clean and get it all done. But as a rule, I’d stick to manageable chunks. Particularly if you’re a worker, have a family or medical reasons taking up your time! Good luck. Cleaning is the worst! (Hint: download an audio book or podcast to help you almost look forward to focussed time!)

Caroline J.
It is better ti clean a little bit each day but I don't have enough time and when I get back home I am already tired and don't want to clean the house.

Julie G.
Both! It’s good to clean every week or month all at one time to get small things or things you may not normally clean or straighten up. Cleaning up a little every day helps me be more organized and have a clear mind throughout the day ! It can be for only 10 minutes but that’s a lot of time for you to make your environment more organized!

Calisto B.
I honestly think that it’s better to clean a little bit each day because you can plan it out for example: today I will clean the dishes, tomorrow I will do all the laundry etc.. and you don’t want to make yourself tired, you have to at least have some fun after cleaning.. I think you will become more organized and more relaxed if you do a little each day other than do it all at once

Adri O Y.
I think it is better to do this with small parts. Every evening after work I clean up my room, clothes, cosmetics and etc. Today I plan to clean up my earrings box. Good luck, to everyone

Alana Q.
I tend to clean twice per day. Once during the afternoon & night. Personally I feel that it is better for me to clean a little bit each day to prevent dust or dirt build-up.

Anna T.
A little every day helps me stay on top of it. It means that mess doesn’t accumulate over a few days – which for me, makes me feel like my home isn’t stress free.

Rayan E.
Depends on how motivated you’re feeling, I typically like to do a little each day so I’m not overwhelmed and feel like I got something done even if it was only a small thing 🙂

Eckart E.
It’s not so much a right or wrong way to clean. As on most subjects, it depends on the perspective. Are you tired and just want to go to bed and rest, then you might give yourself some slack. If you are tired of the mess, you might want to go ‘beast mode’ and start to clean! (-:

If your question is one of a weekly (returning task), you do what works for you.

Keep in mind that to keep your house (?), carage (?), need to be maintained so you might want to keep that in mind.

Also, if you seeking guidelines to ajust your current ‘cleaning habit’ see if it works to choose two day’s so you are reminded your cleaning habits. Do what’s needed to be proud at yourself. See how that works. Good luck!!!

Linda O.
I try to do a bit each day in the rooms I use the most, my kitchen and office so they are always functional, but I also do bigger cleaning jobs when I have large chunks of time (like weekends).

Cristina Z.
I clean a little bit every morning while I make breakfast but there are also some days where I power through it all afterwards so that I get a breather day in cleaning the next day. The power through days for me are when I have to do laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and cleaning up the house in general. Most of my days are filled with making my bed, cleaning the kitchen, and finding a small side project that can be done in less than an hour, like organizing shelves or cleaning the bathroom.

Faith G.
I find a little at a time as it’s more achievable than going for a big ambitious goal. That way you increase your chances of hitting your goal.

Clara P.
I personally do both wipe kitchen and tidy up living room every day. Then clean bathrooms and bedrooms and mop all floors once a week.