Do i need to tidy up everyday?

Britta E.
No you just have to clean when you feel uncomfortable in your room or it smells or you don’t want to be in it and you don’t want other people coming in it .But you should always be cleaning so it does it get to that point.
Lolo N.
Ofcourse I have to do that everyday every moment every minute. For me, I cannot be relaxed if I’m not tidied up nor me or the place around me . It gives me a special enternal relief that everything is cool, clean and smells good then the dopamine is highly enough to make whatever i like 💜
Anett X.
It really helps and making it a daily routine will result in it being easier because you don’t think about it but just do it. But if you really dislike it you could give yourself a day off.
Caroline W.
It really depends on the type of person you are. There are some people who clean up every single thing once they are done. Others who do most of the "big" tidying up as you do things (where everything has a place even if it is temporary) and should find time everyday or couple of days to devote more time to it. Finally, there are those who see tidying up as its own task. In this case, it must be done every day otherwise it gets away from you and the task just pile up adding to your stress the next day.
Wm Q.
For me – yes. Cleaning daily thwarts psychic vampires from appearing and entrenching themselves. Clearing daily allows me to remove distractions that impede my mind and space.
Ieda Q.
It is a lot easier if you do. Not only it helps you build the habit of keeping things on its place, but it is also a away of avoiding having a lot to tidy up in just one day. And, obviously, its easier to tidy things up 5 mins a day plus a bit longer once a week (i.e.) than it is to tidy up for hours once a week. And if can keep things looking good, you will feel A LOT better and capable every time you look around (:
Ana Lle G.
Yes. I have 3 kids. Even if you dont, doing a little bit each day keeps things from creeping up on you. Like dust. Or the stuff you keep kicking under the couch.
Karoline E.
yes because every day i take out new stuff and make a new mess that i need to clean up so i can start fresh the next day
Tristan E.
I don't think I do, but it's nice to focus on something to set myself up for success the next day. When I clean, I also can focus on what I'm needing to do the next day, which is helpful. Tidying every day is so much more than just tidying
Jonathan E.
Depends. Some people anjoy clean space, others don't mind mess. Some enjoy big cleaning sessions, other like to do it little by little. You have to decide what fits your lifestyle and schedule.
Mauri S.
Yes, i like to do it twice a day even, in the morning and evening. This way, when I wake up in the morning I am happy that everything is clean and it helps me start the day right. When I get home, I want my house to be tidy so that it gives me energy to put in my evening routine
Valentina I.
I'm a messy person. Always trying to find things that I need in my room, always tidying up when needed instead of have everything in order. People never love to force themselves to change their habit, but sometimes it can be useful to change perspective. So I challenged myself: tidy up your things to tidy up your mind. Tomorrow will be my fourth day on my own challenge and my things are all were they are meant to be. I think that tidying up is really helping me to create order in my mind in first place and to manage successfully all I have to do during my day, secondly. So, the answer is: yes, you're not tidying ing up your room you're tidying up yourself.
Meg F.
Tidy up whenever you feel the need. Try and tidy up as there may be some things you've missed and taking a moment to assess will help you become more efficient. Breaks are part of life. If you need a day, take a day.
Purple S.
Yes! Even if it's only 5 minutes a day you can get a lot out of the way and you ease the workload for when you'll put off enough time to do the heavy cleaning
Not A Genius N.
Not everyday, and not extremely. Tidying up can be as simple as making your bed in the morning or as complex as changing your sheets and vacuuming, what matters is that you are building a habit to want to live in a clean environment. And some days will be better than others, but slowly, your life will begin to reflect how you aspire for organization and tidiness. That's the point of this excersize.
Pam C.
For me this is essential. My mind needs the tidy and calm environment to be calm and function at its optimum. An untidy environment drains my energy and depresses my mood.
Cora Q.
Yes. It helps me to feel organized and relaxed. It helps me avoid feeling overwhelmed. It makes me feel like I'm making a positive contribution to Lucas' life. I feel proud of myself, and like a responsible adult.
Breanne X.
No of course not! The best method is to try and stay on top of keeping your environment clean so that on days your tired or not feeling well you can skip a day of tidying up.
Neiva F.
Yes, when I tidy up I feel a sense of accomplishment. I take pride in my home and feeling clean. It helps my mind be at ease with less to worry about. It gives me confidence.
Brian P.
Yes, I feel like it's an important part of creating a healthy morning routine and habits. And it is also important to live in a healthy clean environment
Ruben T.
Yes. Even if there are not any visible items I tend to try and tidy a drawer or closet. It is more difficult with kids but I try to concentrate on my things to be a good example.
Suhail N.
Tidy up? Yes. I recommend it. Especially if you have little ones at home. I usually tidy up once I'm up from bed, everything's clean for a while. Let my LO play, when its nap time i clean up behind him and once more before bed i tidy up. If there are no kids at home, just tidy up every morning, afternoon and evening. If you keep it up, it becomes a habit. Fabulous has definitely helped me keep up and its so much better & fun when you time yourself.
Laura V.
First question: is your house clean in your eyes, or dirty?

If dirty, try doing a little bit of tidying everyday. Whether it's one room, or one simple task like cleaning the toilets (that's mine for the day).

If your house is already clean in your eyes, I would say the only tidying you should do is just maintenance work such as picking up after yourself.

Right now is a great time to do some sanitizing work.

Stay healthy, and cheers from a user from Kansas

💛 N.
I think not. Usually during our week we tend to put things over the place, so if we spend one evening or morning (it’s indifferent ) tiding up everything, it will be sufficient (usually Sunday or Saturday are the better days because it’s the end of the week).
Jenny P.
Theoretically, if your home doesn't need it, not really. However, I feel like the process of tidying up every day, whether it's moving thing to their proper place or doing dishes, is something that can give you peace of mind. Clutter can make your feel cluttered and like your mind can't focus
Dana N.
Yes, tidying up for just 5 or 10 minutes saves hours of work later. You could keep it tidy and clean for a while by tidying up for just minutes everyday and then plan some time to do serious cleaning once a week or whatever suits your lifestyle. A messy place will affect you and your concentration, you could feel irritated without even realizing that it's just the mess around you. A clean organized surrounding would reflected on your mind and way of thinking.
Nichol Y.
If you want to make sure your house stays clean and you don't end up with a couple hrs worth of deep cleaning then you you want to tidy up every day and pick up after yourself
Heather Z.
It's easier to tidy a little each day than have lots to do once or twice a week, pottering round the house for 10-20 minutes each day will make it so much more manageable and it makes it look nice constantly rather than just in the 1 day a week you've spent cleaning.
Ida N.
You decide that for yourself. I choose to do so in the beginning just to create a routine. Doesn’t have to be for long, just do something little if everything’s already clean
Genevieve G.
You should. Especially if you have children and a busy schedule. 10 minutes a day. Get the kids involved when they are old enough and make a timed game out of it.
Jessy Q.
It helps too tidy everyday, so a mountain is not created to loom over like dark shadow..
If it is challenging (as it is for me) just do alittle bit. I have a playlist made up of 10min songs. And I only clean one room a day. So 10mins of tidying
G Raldine F.
Yes. Tidying up every day declutters your environment, and therefore clears your mind for you to be creative. It helps you keep focus on what you need to do next and aid clarity of mind.
Sean F.
Yes I do. It's for my sanity. A clean clutter free environment is more relaxing and way less work. It's better for the kids to learn this while they're small too.
Crystal C.
I think so, especially depending on the type of household or who's occupying your household everyday; will be the deciding factor in a tie. Also cleaning up and tidyingup is two different thing. So yes I do believe a person most likely would need to tidy something up everyday in order to not have to clean up, which would take longer and be more extensive.
Katherine F.
I'll let you in on a fabulous secret: You don't "need" to do anything! You can do whatever you want! You're (presumably) an adult! Capable of making your own decisions! You just have to decide if tidying every day is something you want to do. Would it be worth it to you? Or can you stand to let the clutter pile up for a few days? Or does that clutter stress you WAY out? That's all your call.
Antonio U.
I think I do need to tidy up everyone day to increase my good mental health and make me feel much better about myself as I’ve been low recently
Selena W.
It seems so small and unnecessary, however, a tidy house, causes less stress (that never ending to do list and the where is). Also a tidy house looks cleaner, also makes it easy to clean, as your not running all over the house putting things away just to clean a room.
Irineu C.
Yes we need to tidy up everyday because we have not only one day to live and we do not have to eat only one day. We eat daily so we have to do something for obtaining our food. In this way our body needs much care everyday. So we have must to do to maintain the body too that the tidy up.
Martina X.
Yes. I believe that at least 10 minutes of tidying every day refreshes your surrounding and your mood. Also, deep clean can be tiring if work piles up. It's much easier in little doses.
Jules N.
I think it’s about what works for you. I did the challenge of throwing away 2 things everyday that don’t serve me. Can be a small receit or donating a sweater I don’t wear. Maybe you can start with tidying up 2 times a week? Or start with a bit of cleaning every day and maybe after a week or two just twice a week? Love
Jesus T.
Yes! I need to clear my space of clutter so I can start to feel a sense of normalcy. Being sick always sets me back and I’m trying hard to ray on top of everything but it’s impossible with so much not having a place it should be. I need to organize and simplify so daily cleaning is easier to mange. Need to reclaim my space so I can be more productive too.
Danai P.
That's what I do. I tidy up a little bit every day and clean the bathroom and kitchen often during the week so that I won't have to clean for hours at the weekend when I do the deep cleaning.The house also looks clean and fresh every day by doing this.
You don't need to waste all your time tidying up . do it some minutes every day
Melissa U.
Well, you don’t have to do something like spring cleaning or anything, but I would pick up a little around the house just so it’s not a total mess. But I also suggest that you could do a little spring cleaning every once in a while. But if you don’t like cleaning, you could make it better by listening to music, or turning it into a game. I would say you tidy up a little everyday because it’s good hygiene, and when your done, you feel good about yourself because you’ve done something productive. Thank you for reading!