Any tips to optimize laundry?

Marjolein O.
My husband puts the laundry in the washer and dryer, I fold and he puts it away. That way we both keep each other in check. Also he needs the hampers for the new load.
Marion E.
Only wash clothes when they are dirty/smell (except underwear). Wear shirts and pants a couple times before you wash them.
Elo Se Z.
I recently used my work from home day to do a few loads of laundry. I counted folding and putting away as part of my clean and tidy up to stop me having a big pile of clean clothes hanging around until I want to wear something!
Eva Marie Y.
Don't wash once a week.Wash 2 times in a week like every 3rd day and last day ot the week.
Washing many clothes in one time makes you feel tired and take a lot of time.
Adam Z.
Set up in your laundry daily routine. So you know what type of laundry you have to do every day or every other day. It helps me so well
Jennifer N.
I wish! the only thing that helps me is to overstock on the laundry bins, 1 in every room and one on each floor just for towels, then a 6 bin sorter in the laundry room itself with coloured labels on each bin so everyone knows where each item goes when they bring their laundry down
Astrid G.
I put in a load of wash first thing when I wake up, and by the time I am ready to leave the house, it can go into the dryer and the next load goes into the wash to go into the dryer as soon as I get home. That way, I have 2 loads done and out of the way without hardly thinking about it.
Michelle W.
I personally find it easier to keep up with laundry by keeping all dirty clothes in one area. Once the basket is full wash them. I also add vinegar to keep my clothes soft. One cup to a full load.
Jenn R.
If you have kids, stop folding. It's time consuming, and they'll just mess it up anyways. Although teaching them to commit to seeing a task through to the end is important, it's also important to teach them to prioritize time spent with family over the little things in life.
Dilza Q.
If you live alone, put the load that racks up the quickest in the washing machine instead of the basket. This makes it faster to accomplish as you go along and you don't have to sort it down the line. Just put your detergent and clean!
Lambert F.
Listen to music. Do o my one load at a time, so it doesn't feel like a mountain of a task, so I'm more likely to complete it and less likely to let it pile up more.
Mah Y.
I might not be the best person for this. Haha. I work from home, so I don’t dirty up that much laundry. But when I used to work away from home, I’d do it during the week, one load at night. If I did it on the weekends, I’d do it early in the morning to get it out of the way.
Wiltrud R.
Get the laundry ready on a Friday after work, make piles and figure out how many washes are needed. Saturday morning, first thing out of bed, start your [first] wash. While that’s running, make your breakfast, exercise, get the kids ready i.e morning routine. Once the laundry’s done get it out on the line or hung on clothes horse. Pick an hour for ironing on the Sunday while taking time out to catch up on your favourite program, and Bob’s your uncle, fresh clothes for the week ahead while leaving time for relaxing or adventuring.
Shumoos T.
What I usually do is I have bought two laundry baskets. One for white, grey, and very light color laundry and the other for dark colors. This way I can know how much laundry I do have and when is best to wash it. So, I try to wash the light colored laundry first, then the dark colors. I divided these into days. I had set a specific time for it, for example early morning I put the the laundry in the machine and forget about it for at least 3 hours (the time that are being washed and dried) then I set a 15 min time to check it and do what is necessary. I try to do this at least twice a week.
Celto F.
Try not to spill food on your clothes, wear napkins e.t.c. Don’t change your outfit heaps in a day. Try not to wear white when you are eating.
Gillian U.
If time is an issue: Try to make a habit to put dirty laundry directly into a hamper instead of letting it lie around. This will help keep your home clean and save time on laundry day. Also, think about what types of laundry could be washed together to help reduce the number of loads. Filling your washing machine fuller to wash fewer loads helps save time and money. Bonus tip: To save more money, try to reduce the amount of hot water used on laundry days. Hot water heaters can use a lot of energy to refill. Decide which works best for you, doing a little laundry each day / every other day or tackling it all at once on the weekend. Whichever you choose, try to make sure you can put the clothes up immediately once they are done. Don't let them sit in a pile and get wrinkly (or in my case also let your pets get on them). Go ahead and remove lint and iron anything you know you will need soon.
If motivation is an issue: Reward yourself for each load of laundry done by giving time back to yourself or indulging in something small, like a bowl of ice cream! You could also get a friend to help by making a game out of chores to be done. See who can get the most done, and winner gets a reward like being treated to lunch.
Lucy A.
Hi, Im not sure if my answer is to tje point……Normally I try to multitask while doing laundry. For example I like to do laundry at least twice a week so I don't build up a moutain of clothes to wash. This also allows me to use the express function of the machine. While waiting for my laundry, I would go clean my room, meal prep etc. and when Im done with all those, my clothes should be ready. I hope this helps