With a 10 minute daily cleaning habit, are there any big cleaning tasks left over that take extra time each week? Or is the habit enough?

Juergen U.
the way i feel it, tidying up it picking up the peices of rubbish off your foor or organising you desk or folding your clothes, but you still need to delegate time to do a thorough cleaning of your room like your sheets or vaccuming your floors or having a big pile of washing to get through. So although this is a great habit to hold onto for cleanliness you also have to have that weekly big cleanup.
Faith C.
I use the 10 min daily to just put away junk thats in the wrong place, throw away stuff, just to tidy up. That way when I do my weekly big clean theres nothing in the way! It makes my weekly cleaning easier & faster! 😁
Luis T.
For me, there are a few “big” task that to take extra time like laundry, yard work or dog baths. I try to think of it as multiple ten min habits within each task. This helps me feel like I’m accomplishing more and helps me still get the job done
Margarita N.
I would say there are certain cleaning tasks which I dread and do not do during 10 mins cleaning habit. For example, I keep postponing big choirs like wet-cleaning the floor or washing windows. Instead I choose to rearrange my stuff or take out recycling trash 🙂 so When It actually comes to undesirable tasks I get to put extra effort and time to do them
Georgia F.
The habit helps to maintain an already cleanish space so if you take day one hour to really clean up those 10 minutes everyday will help keep it that way