I have trouble being motivated to keep a clean space and also getting rid of old things, any tips?

Rabea T.
I have some tips to forget your old things, you can rest and get some fresh air at the outside. You also can try to do something that make you happy and enjoy and keep thinking positive,okay? I love clean things and I really don't want people to get something that can make my room dirty. That is normal but sometimes you should do what you want like, eat some food in your room and let your room got mess if you don't know you need to do something enjoy BC after you do that you let out your stress or anything then you can clean it later. Sorry if this is not the answer you want. Byee
Rasha X.
Honestly same :(( my house looks so messy because of all the extra stuff that doesn't have a place to be put away into. I don't know what to do.