What is the best way to maintain a tidy room?

Lisa X.
Have a dump box were you can dump everything and anything and then when you have the time you can empty that box and put everything away in its place
Austin Z.
Clean up as you go. When you are finished with an activity, be it a meal, a creative project, etc., take the time to clean up & clear the space of the activities contents. I call it closing the loop. Return to zero or homeostasis of the space. This will keep the room tidy. And by teaching those we share spaces with to do the same, a tidy room is sure to be maintained.
Noah Z.
Preparation is key: if you’d like to maintain a tidy room, you first need to organise your room (physically and mentally) in a way that makes keeping tidy easy. Assign each item a home area, such as books on a particular shelf, shoes and fashion accessories like belts in a box, and ensure you have enough hangers to hold all your clothes and place hangers not in use at one end of your wardrobe for easy sorting. Invest in a minimal laundry basket or bag to hang on the door to stop dirty clothes littering the floor.
Secondly, simplify your belonging. Set aside an hour a day for a week to go through your clothes, dvds and books, items of decor, and other such items and throw away – better yet, donate! – what you don’t use or no longer need. Be ruthless! The less you have cluttering the place, the easier it’ll be to maintain a tidy room.
Train yourself! Get into the habit of making your bed the moment you get up. The bed is a focal point of a bedroom, if it is made then the room instantly lifts. Once you have that habit sorted, start to put away your clothes the moment you no longer need them. This habit tends to be harder, you may have to work at doing this longer but you’ll get there!