Is it important not to hoard ? I love my stuff

Malone Q.
Yes, at the end of the day, hoarding leads to a cluttered lifestyle and the things that we end up keeping are hardly ever useful, important, and probably just lay around taking uo extra space.
Perry U.
Honestly, it's time which tells this, at a certain point in your life will l end up letting go, through motivation, through a sudden urge of change you will let go of some really old possessions, but most of the time only the less sentimental to you.

In a general note though for the present time, hoarding and be a negative part of life, sticking to the past and fearing the lose of these items thinking you'll lose the memories associated with them, thats far from true, letting go helps you appreciate them even more and gives you the sensation of cleanliness and realisation that these important events and memories linked to these items will always remain with you and their affect on you will remain.