Should I worry about keeping things sanitary, or just clean?

Carl E.
In my opinion, it may be easier to set time aside to do both. Maybe sanitize right after you clean am area. I like sanitizing after cleaning. Maybe make them different goals? Baby steps!
Michele X.
During the week I only keep things clean. I have a weekend ritual that allows for time to do a more thorough job like sanitize the bathrooms and the kitchen plus do vacuum the rooms and dust everything. I do it over the two days. My focus is still on keeping the place clean. I think of sanitizing as spring cleaning which I do 4 times a year, that’s when I really go after the dust bunnies hiding from me. I hope that helps you.
Kate O.
I would say sanitary is more important than "clean" or uncluttered. especially bathrooms and kitchens where bacteria easily spreads. In bedrooms changing sheets and vacuuming to remove dust mites is important too
Cassandre Q.
Just clean. Not everything needs to be perfect. But straightening your room so you walk in and there is nothing on the floor and your bed made can feel really nice
Nicklas F.
For now, I’d worry more about keeping things clean. As long as you feel comfortable in your space and around your belongings, then it should be completely fine. If you have time on a lazy day or you’re feeling bored, then give your area a deep clean! I find it to be extremely rewarding 🙂 I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey!
Lisa U.
I would keep the kitchen and bathroom sanitary and the rest of the house just clean but what makes you the most happy? Do you enjoy everything being spotless or do you have other priorities. ❤️
Claudemiro P.
In this day and age we should try to keep thing sanitary as much as possible; however, we are doing ourselves an injustice as we are not allowing ourselves to be exposed to germs which means our body’s cannot build on their immunity appropriately.
Amanda F.
Both. But you dont have to go to extremes every day on either. For example, i clean one room top to bottom every day, while just tidying up in the others. As for sanitizing, i wipe down door handles and light switches a couple times a week. More often if someone is sick though.
Tamisonel N.
You should not have to be worried about keeping things up for sanitary, but just keep them clean. Do not be obsessed so much about sanitary.

Because no one is guaranteed that sanitary products are safe from viruses. Remember viruses are passed out through the air, so you don’t want to sanitary again and again in a few hours or in a few days to keep it being sanitary. With my opinion is just keep the things clean and don’t worry so much about sanitary!!!

Cindy S.
If keeping things sanitary add stress or worry to your life. I will just keep things clean and stay away from negative energy.
Ashley Z.
Both! Think of it this way, Keeping your place clean keeps the mind relaxed and stress free. Sanitary keeps you from getting sick!
Phoenix P.
Sanitizing things this time of year is very important! However, don't set yourself to the impossible standards set onto like public schools or doctors offices. Just keep surfaces clean! Don't leave out trash and make sure to wash hands! Normal stuff is fine.
Emma T.
Just clean is enough. Focus on more important matter. You can survive, we can survive. But the thing is, it's up to us when to omuse our time.
Killian Z.
Just clean and tidy, if you get caught up with sanitising everything I find I get sick more often as I’m not being exposed to bacteria. Bacteria is good!
Victoria U.
Yes if you have a baby at home, but only in the areas the baby will be and food prep areas. And you always want to use a clean blanket for tummy time or crawling babies you can’t help what you bring in on your shoes. Otherwise I say just get it done it doesn’t have to be perfect. Set a timer for 20 min and just start. I start with the biggest eye sores and work from there. If you do this everyday you will end up sanitizing what you want to. The easier it is the more likely you will follow through. Ex if you hate your vacuum get an new one or you won’t vacuum. Good luck and remember just because you didn’t do it yesterday doesn’t mean you can’t try again today
Herv Z.
Try keeping things tidy and clean then put aside one day a week that you can go through and do a good deep clean and sanitize
C Me I.
I wouldn't worry about keeping everything sanitary all the time. To answer your question try to keep everything as clean as you can and sanitise it every once in a while ( every 1-3 months) depending on how clean you are.
Hope this helps 🙂
Timothee B.
I think it is better to keep things sanitary if you can because you never know if you become allergic to something – like dust, for example- or someone near you developes an allergy. Also, you will be satisfied with the clean all around you, and the smell of your products if I were you I would chose very wisely the fragrance to use as it can motivate you even more to keep everything clean
Elise Q.
I think that it is important to be sanitary to the point that you are not in danger of getting viruses and mould. But I think that as long as everything is clean and safe, you do not need to be ‘clinically’ sanitary. I personally think that hoovering twice a week and dusting and wiping down all surfaces once a week is clean and sanitary enough. But also make sure to always wipe down a surface after something has been spilled on it or something unclean has been on it. Keep safe.
Razan N.
I think nowadays you should keep things somehow sanitary because there are many diseases and each day some new disease is being discovered, so try to keep things sanitary but don’t over do it.
Constance E.
Clean & Tidy

Within moments it will be collecting dust again. I studied bacteria and if left alone, it festers.

So regular intervals of Clean & Tidy will suffice:-)

There will be moments of Sanitary Attention… not more than once/week or once/2weeks.

Em Y.
Sanitary and clean are synonyms. At least for me, they are. Dirt and dust build up and you have to wipe things down regularly to keep them clean/sanitary. My mom cleaned for a living so I know difference between things being tidy/in their place and clean! People would tidy up before she came so she could come clean their house well – focusing on getting all surfaces wiped/dusted/vacuumed etc.
Curtis C.
Keeping things sanitary is important for preventing illness. Just because something is “clean” doesn’t necessarily mean it is free of germs and bacteria.
Yuri E.
I think sanitary only matters in terms of food safety or if you or someone else in your home has been ill. Otherwise, cleanliness is enough.

Also, it depends on what you mean – personally I don’t think it’s necessary to ever use antibacterial soap ingredients in the home or in public restrooms. Chemicals like triclosan are causing antibiotic resistance in bacteria that cause disease.

So I think most of the time regular cleaning with a standard all-purpose cleaner and regular handwashing are sufficient.

Nicole O.
I am going to be me honest here but KEEPING things/rooms clean is the best if you are going to stretch or exercise it is best to keep that room clean. It is all up to you it is not my lifestyle but I like keeping rooms clean and sanitary. Thank you for the question!
Abbey N.
Just clean! I’m my opinion, We need germs in our life and too much sanitation limits our exposure which causes us to get sick more frequently. I grew up on a farm and I only started catching colds from people when I moved away from the farm
Oneide S.
If you're struggling to clean up as in keep the floor clear or putting clothes in the wash and ironing them or making your bed, then focus on staying clean in bedrooms living room and such places during the week. But at least once a week attempt to do a clean with sanitary products as it’s important for your health and those around you. If you never clean a kitchen bench bacteria can build up and when your cooking it can be harmful to the food your eating and in turn harmful to yourself. I’m only 18 and I struggle with finding the time and energy to tidy my room but once it’s done it’s a weight off your mind the same when I hover and dust. It suddenly feels like a new room, but sometimes you don’t have the time so the best thing to do is try.
Hope this helps.
Savy U.
I think for the bathroom and kitchen, and for products you use on your face or inside of you (in any respect) it’s important to keep things sanitary most of the time, but otherwise keeping things clean is probably sufficient. You can always “sanitize” if someone in the house gets sick or you or someone was recently sick, but I wouldn’t go crazy. If you don’t get sick often as is then you’re usual deal is probably fine. That’s my unprofessional opinion haha.
Todd J.
I depends on the part of the house. However, regular cleaning will be enough. Sanitising will only be required around very young babies or if things have been left dirty for a long time. Do a bit of cleaning regularly plus one batch of spring cleaning a year and you'll be fine. Good luck!
Alexis N.
Just clean! Sanitize stuff once a week or every other week as long as you keep it clean and picked up it shouldn't need sanitation very often at all
Amos U.
Unless you love in a hospital, things don't have to be 100% antiseptic all the time! Of course, you want to sanitize things periodically, especially during flu season. But for day-to-day cleaning, I focus on tidying. It has a strong psychological benefit
Jan F.
Isn’t the point to live a happy and joyful life? So good habits build the foundation for good emotions. Keep it clean so you are not spending time on yesterday’s work.
Magn Lia E.
Things should definitely be sanitary for physical health reasons and I find for mental wellbeing having things clean, tidy and organised help with improved mental health. But it all starts with a healthy and sanitary environment, which can then be built on to create a better living environment.
Marilyn Z.
All the places that you consistently inhabit should be sanitary. The time you can go between deep cleaning depends on the room. Your bathroom and kitchen should be cleaning more deeply and consistently than your patio or garage. Your clothes, sheets and makeup brushes should be very clean as well since the always touch your face and bare body.
Peta N.
I grew up in really messy home.. I'm fine, nothing is bad with me, but I really need things clean.. if you keep thing clean throughout the day you can sanitize once x-days, because you will have time instead of need to clean up again..
Courtney U.
That is an amazing question! I love that we as users can encourage one another, I think the main thing is to simply keep things clean. Dusting and washing floors and windows makes you fell accomplished and anyways, most sanitary item leave a pungent smell. I really love norwex products, they are excellent. They clean windows and floors best in my opinion. I believe there is a 30 day free trial so if you really hate them, then you can return them. In Christ
Your Fellow Friend
Burckhard O.
You should first worry about keeping things healthy. Clean doesn’t always mean sanitary and healthy, because you could have everything hidden under your bed and it’d be “clean” but not sanitary. Clean your house/room properly, take out trash, clean the windows and the floor, change your bedsheets etc.. I hope you find a good answer!! Good luck on the next one !!!
Emily Z.
Keeping things clean will absolutely result in me living in less. To keep everything absolutely sanitary, I would finally live in an environment I'm happy and comfortable in. Cleaning is what I do because I'm already drowning in mess — but it gets me no where. I need to MAKE everything sanitary, and then have a STRICT mindset of keeping things SANITARY..
Michelle X.
At first I focused on just tidying up. My timer for this was only 10 minutes. As it became more routine I was able to include quick sanitizer with Lysol wipes.
Toi G.
I think the worry should be about keeping this clean. Sanitizing should happen maybe once a week; that thorough clean. However to sanitize things daily is very time consuming and out bodies are naturally made to fight off any foreign invaders.
Mohamed N.
I like everything to be perfect so cleaning my things should be perfect too.
Dishes, personal cleaning tools etc all should be in sanitary condition .
Melissa C.
i think that it is good have things clean but a little messy so you have things to do when you are bored. but i always think that it’s way easier to fall asleep when you have a clean room
Margot W.
That depends on many factors, such as time, energy and health. If you try to keep everything fairly tidy and clean, it is easier to have a deep clean when you need to.
Zarco N.
Of course, because of all the germs that have potential of harm plus normal everyday healthy bodies come from constant consciousness of keeping germs off and away as much as you can. Wash hands, cleaning your room, clothes, sheets, trash can, all keep you healthy and in control.
Samantha N.
You should worry to keep things sanitary because cleaning isn’t the only thing you should do, being sanitary is better because cleaning isn’t enough, but the bad thing is that being sanitary is kind of stressful sometimes because you have to clean everything with dedication
Khalid N.
Dont worry about any thing, stop cleaning when you feel satisfied of the conditions of the area you cleaned after all it’s you living in it. You know the standard of cleanliness required for your own relaxation. Sometimes i just feel I cannot stop cleaning its not only you . Good luck and think more of you your own of peace of mind.
Roy F.
I think both are important. Your things should be neat and clean, also you should keep them in sanitary. That way you will clean more organized and refreshed.
Fridolin Y.
This is a seemingly complicated question. The first part of it questioning if you "should worry". I would argue that given the option to engage in worried or not that one should tend to choose to not worry. If the true question here is to determine whether or not to exert effort into an extreme standard of cleanliness, or merely a typical level of cleanliness then I would encourage a more case-by-case assessment of the scenario. For example come on certain items or areas may require some degree of occasional Sanitation such as bathroom counter, or food preparation surfaces. However, it seems unrealistic in my opinion to expect a Broad and or continuous application of Sanitation methods throughout one's entire living space. This seems like a recipe in futility, and frustration. Therefore, I would say use your judgment in terms of what is both necessary, as well as realistic given your resources, including time you have available and realistically wish to dedicate to cleaning and sanitation.
Jennifer Z.
Sanitary is important for certain areas, like the bathroom or kitchen. I believe tidy and clean will help organization and anxiety, but too much can hurt your mental health. If you worry too much about sanitary then it may not be doing what you are looking for in your space.
Brittany C.
Both. Having things sanitary, keeps your health in check. Keeping things clean keeps your mind in check, a clean environment contributes to peaceful environment. In my opinion clean and sanitary go hand in hand.
Taylor N.
You should always strive to keep things sanitary to avoid sickness or disease. keeping things clean is a great mental motivator as well to get up and be more productive. do your best to try to keep your environment both sanitary and clean for optimal health and performance. cheers!
Vanesa I.
No need to keep things sanitary, it would make you feel stressed for no reason. Keep things organised, clean and tidy is important, but not the most important aspect of your happy life 🙂
Samantha F.
A little of both every day , always clean and sanitize kitchen and bathroom daily ,, little of both keeps you on top of everything and declutters and clears your mind
Justine E.
To be honest, clean and sanitary to me are the same thing. Don't worry about what others do in their home or what they think about yours. I like to vacuum every week and mop extra every two weeks. Just make sure your bathroom and toilets are nice and fresh and all is good.
Andrea W.
Sanitising is very important to protect yourself from harmful bacteria, it is an act of self care to look out for hygiene and keep your body safe just like you wouldn’t allow harmful chemicals touch your skin
Genevieve N.
I might not be the perfect person to answer that question. Once a doctor told me little dirt don’t kill but the anxiety to keep everything super clean does. If you don’t have time to keep everything sanitary as you say, clean is very good. My house is far to be sanitary, with a dog, it is impossible and I much prefer doing other things than cleaning
Demy E.
It shouldn't worry you. Just try work it into a habit. A cleaner living space is a happy living space! Just keep that in mind 🙂
Buffy T.
Just clean, you need some bacteria naturally so your immune system can keep developing. Sanitising everything is uncalled-for and unnecessary, unless you are working in a laboratory. Good old-fashioned soap and hot water will be fine
Caroline O.
Do what you feel you can achieve right then and there. Sometimes you can keep things sanitised, sometimes all you can manage is a quick clean. Never think a little isn’t a lot. It can go far.
Johan Z.
I keep things clean almost everyday and o sanitize every week to once a month. I think this because I don’t think I need to sanitize every day just clean everyday
Lawrence E.
Clean as you go and take note of things that need extra care such as door handles, the bathroom, and kitchen. Don't stress yourself out trying to keep things sanitary or overly clean. Clean what you can and if you have a moment to deep clean do.