What’s something you tell yourself in order to get up and clean even when you don’t want to?

Marion G.
I set myself 3 times a day for mini clean ups. After breakfast or mid morning afternoon and before bed. I think of the clean ups more like pushing the reset button to make everything nice and tidy before I move on to the next task or leave the house etc. Because I tidy three times a day it’s only really small quick tidy ups not huge chaos to spend ages fixing. I also do quick tidies whilst I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. Sometimes even small talks feel like a big effort, like emptying the dishwasher. However it’s actually really quick and easy and takes less time than waiting for the kettle to boil. Each time I do a mini tidy it reinforces for me that it’s easy and quick and makes me feel nice and organised and less stressed with no clutter or mess.
Obviously sometimes you have big tidy or clean jobs to do that 5 -15 mins just won’t cover. If I need to do something big and have zero motivation I’ll break it into smaller less intimidating tasks. I have a sewing room and it can get chaotic when I’m in the middle of projects. Today for example I tidied one shelf. Tomorrow I’ll tidy my table. Worst case scenario If it all needs to be done in one day I’ll section of some time say an hour for two hours (with breaks if it’s a long job) and I’ll crank some music and set an alarm for when my allocated time is up. Having a clearly defined end goal removes the feeling of a task being never ending or impossible 😊💪✊
Maria Y.
I like to use “5 second” rule. There’s a book written by Mel Robins, you can find her spear cg on YouTube. I think about doing something and stand up in the next 5 seconds to do it. Don’t remember exact science behind it, but it’s If you will wait longer than that -your procrastination mode will turn on.

I have some personal traits which probably helps as well. I really don’t like cleaning, but I don’t like mess even more. I like when my surroundings are organised and tidy. Also, cleaning everyday a little bit is easier than later spend the whole afternoon for something you don’t like to do.

I would also suggest clean as you go – start tidying up kitchen meanwhile cooking, put your belongings back into their places as soon as you are done with them, leave your clothes in the same place instead of scattering them around. Using method like this you just need a minute or two at a time, so it really becomes much easier.

I hope it will help.

Silje C.
Remember how you feel after you cleaned up. The satisfaction and clarity of mind that comes with cleaning and tidying things up is what matters as it’s an emotion.
That emotion is what will make you take action.
Lee Y.
Often if I just put myself in the space that needs cleaning, I’ll start to feel annoyed that it’s messy and that gives me motivation to clean it.
Lana E.
I just remind myself that if I don’t clean now (during that moment), I’ll regret it later when I have to clean up my whole room, after procrastinating Lear’s to chaos. Clean whenever you think you need to.
Nino I.
I tell myself that it’ll just be quick (and 9 times out of 10 it’s only a few minutes) and that I’ll feel much better when it’s done. It’s better to do it now when it’s small and quick than when it’s all piled up and much harder to do. I also try to do little things when I’m up and about already – like when I get up to make tea or do anything else. I figure I might as well, since it’s not out of my way.
Camila Z.
I actually don‘t really tell myself something to clean.i kinda think about this feeling you get, once your room is clean. And I love this feeling! So I want to feel it. That‘s what gets me motivated
Amanda U.
It’s really hard! I think about how my family will be blessed by a clean house. Or worst case scenario, I think about my mother-in-law coming over and seeing my mess. Yikes! Whatever works
Ewen Z.
I find that it is so easy to walk past and ignore things for days. Then when l do actually roll up my sleeves it occurs to me that I could have just been doing this on auto pilot all the time to make it less of a job or a chore at all. Yet I dish this wisdom out to my kids all the time 🧐😂.
So I’m trying to break up my day and not get sucked into my phone or laptop- it can end up with hours of tech and nothing gets done!
Eckhardt J.
You’ll feel so much better relaxing in a clean space knowing you’ve taken care of what needs to be done. I ask myself the thing bothering me the most then rank the others accordingly. If I accomplish that one big thing, great! If I accomplish the rest, even better.
Ethan F.
I tell myself I will just do ten minutes and that after that I can stop if I want to. I set a timer and put on something I want to listen to (I love podcasts so that’s usually what I choose). Usually after the ten minutes I’m kind of in the zone
Elias A.
What I do is I just say
Look if I don’t do this my room is going to be a mess. If I don’t do this I won’t feel clean and proud of myself. So I get up and do it after I feel wonderful.