How often should you wash your sheets?

Sandra R.
It depends. My husband frequently suffers from night sweats so that will increase frequency. When I lived in a dry part of the country I used moisturizer at night that increased frequency. If either of us have been sick, immediate changing. If I have a wound I'm likely to change the sheats before bed.

When all is normal, the frequency is weekly. That was also the rule when I worked at the group home.

Christian Z.
Well I think it should be every week, i shower twice a week and i change them every Sunday, after i do that i feel more fresh and lighter, so yeah i think every week is a good thing
Adam F.
Mine get dirty quite quickly, so I will wash them tomorrow I guess which is around 10 days I think. But I think it's the case mostly because I don't wear slippers and the sheets get messy due to this
Roy C.
I try to change the sheets once a month, it’s sometimes more like one change in two month but I try. If I’m having someone over at my place I change them either before or after their visit.