What if I really dislike cleaning and tidying up?

Austin Y.
All adults clean up. We take pride in being clean and having a reasonably tidy living space. It’s healthy, it’s practical (you can find things) and doesn’t take that long if you just establish a few routines. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t have to like it. It’s self-discipline, which will get you far in life. Plus isn’t this why you bought the app? If nothing else, a clean place is peaceful.
Don O.
What I have found is that if you get the big cleaning done in the beginning, tidying up won’t seem like such a big task. For instance, if your room is completely messy then clean it at the start of your week and picking up the clothes you left on the floor won’t seem so time consuming and difficult. Start by making your bed when you clean your room. This puts you in a productive mood so you will get the job done faster. This also helps tidy up the biggest part of your room. If you are completely overwhelmed with mess, hire someone to do it for you! I personally used to hate cleaning so I went towards Craigslist and found that was so much easier for me. After a while, you will see how expensive it gets and be forced to clean yourself.
Abigail P.
Yes, that is true, I dont like cleaning and tidying up too. But when it is clean and tidy up I feel better. I feel kind of lazyness about cleaning. But some things needs to be done. So I need to make habbit (trying with fabolous) to feel better.
Giuseppe S.
Start small. Maybe just do one load of washing or empty the bins. Say to yourself “I’ll just do this one task and then I can stop if I want”
One of the other things I suggest is making your home your own. Clear out the clutter so there’s less to tidy and then add in items to make it somewhere you want to keep tidy.
I’m currently working on making my spare bedroom a useable room again, doing 20 minutes here & there. It’s taken a couple of weeks but I’m pleased to say that I can see the floor again!
I also can’t praise chore rotas enough, feels a bit childish at first but it does help.
Think about what needs to be done everyday, once or twice a week and once a month. Then try and schedule them so you’re not doing them all at once. For me I do the washing on a Wednesday & Saturday (extra loads where needed) and I do a dust & polish of the living room on a Friday. Sunday I then do a deep clean of the bathroom, ready to pamper myself Sunday night before the next week begins.
But it all starts from taking that first task, even just making the bed in the morning. That one things that makes you go “I did something productive, I might not have done everything but I’ve done something”
Prisca F.
I’m lazy so i dont want to start doing it but i feel happier and more energetic when my room is clean and organized so i just……do it
Laila U.
There is accountability needed for this. No one is going to stop you from ignoring the task however it’s design allows you to keep yourself accountable consistently until your task becomes habitual
Colleen W.
I am not a fan of cleaning either. So I tend to wait until I have the house to myself, put on a playlist I really like (with headphones in) and dance around like a lunatic, occasionally taking breaks to clean or tidy in whatever room I’m in. I look at it as a fun, active thing to do rather than a chore.
Also, adding the clean and tidy habit in the app as part of my evening routine for just a quick 10 mins, I find it’s easier to keep on top of everything.
Kleydianne Z.
Then why are you focusing on changing that about yourself? Hire someone to do it for you.
I used to hate it too. Then I felt infinitely better when I had a clean desk and my chair wasn’t strewn with clothes when I woke up. It changed my whole day and how productive I was. I had goals for at home after to work to complete and I couldn’t do it with clutter. If you can don’t change it. You don’t have to tidy up if ruins your day. Just remember if you die in your sleep they’ll find you dead surround by a filthy mess.
V Tor P.
I used to really hate cleaning and tidying up and then one day it was like a switch in my brain flicked and now whilst I would rather be lying in bed I kinda enjoy tidying up. I find if you have a movie or music on in the background that helps a lot too. Sometimes I still don’t feel like doing anything but what spurs me on is the feeling I know I get when everything’s clean and tidy. I feel organised and less stressed. I feel like I can actually take sometime to do something for myself and not feel guilty about it the entire time.
Katherine E.
Pay someone to do it. If you can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you then train yourself like you would a puppy. Reward yourself with small treats. Play your fav music while doing it.
Tilde Y.
If you like dislike it you can hire a cleaner so that you house stays clean ! However it will cost you to hire someone on a regular basis ! You can also start small for example doing you dishes right after your meals or doing your laundry for half an hour small steps can make it a habit ! Good luck
Pat Z.
That is the main reason i put it on my checklist , if u do the 10 min tidy and check it off it it feels really good because the goal isnt to get something completed , just get into the habit so u dont spend the time thinking about how unpleasent it is
Nina F.
Same, I dislike cleaning but I sometimes feel motivated or know I need to clean! Prioritise you’re time and create a good mindset, then you are good to go!✌🏼
Melissa Z.
Start from small tasks or ranges and use a very short time to do so, such as your bed, your washstand, a drawer. Also throwing away useless sundries really helps me cause it makes me feel light-hearted and released. Let small changes make you feel good about cleaning up and bring you motivation to keep doing.
Daniel W.
I really dislike cleaning but I know I do it for myself, for being in a clean space and felling good with it … I play music it help me !!!
I hope it helps you 😘😘
Ethan F.
if you dislike this activity to begin with you should ease it in gradually. Maybe clean a few items away while you combine it with a task you enjoy the same time, this could be listening to music/singing as an example.
Deivid E.
This sounds terrible, but I tell myself, “you don’t have to like it. You just have to do it.” And I know I’ll be glad I did it when I’m done!
Bekir O.
You will like the feeling of peace and serenity when you get home to a place thats in order that you can rest and feel comfortable in.
Tracy B.
I’m right there with you! I don’t love tidying but I’ve come to enjoy it more by thinking about it as a gift to my future self.

So when I wash dishes in the evening, I think about how happy I’ll be the next opening to come down to a clean kitchen. And then the next morning, I make sure to notice and smile. I even thank myself for taking care of things.

I’ve also learned that small, regular tidying is a lot easier than dealing with a huge mess. So I used to ignore small messes, but now I try to pick up things that are out of place when I see them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an ongoing struggle. But I know it’s just a part of life, and if I keep it up it will never overwhelm me.

Leander F.
Music works for me, for the mundane tasks like cleaning, doing dishes, etc. Put on your favorite music and feel the energy as you let a song lift you up. The task will go faster!
Maria G.
I hate it too, but after I'm done I feel good because I did it. I nowadays even tidy my boyfriends stuff and I have began to like it. I like to organize!
Jayden J.
Try playing your favorite music and jam out well you clean.
Also set small goals instead of big projects when cleaning
Like don’t say am going to clean the whole kitchen, instead say I’ll take out the trash then when that’s done I’ll do the dishes, then clean off the counters . It will help make you feel like your making progress, and not get overwhelmed.
Audrey S.
Try reframing it. It’s a mitzvah— an act of blessing— and you are, in taking this action, performing love for yourself and those who live with you. Actions speak louder than words, and creating a pleasant living space is a loving caring activity. Practically: do a little at a time until it’s not s huge task. Make it EASY. I have cleaning buckets that I’ve put together and carry with me so my favored tools are right there. I also enjoy how cute and efficient my buckets are now that I have them together. Go ahead and carry around a trash basket too. Play music, a podcast, an audiobook— or listen to a meditation.
Vera U.
Meeeeeee too! I’m trying to embrace the fabulous motto of starting super small and doing 5 minutes a day. Still struggling a bit but there’s definitely been progress!
Alexa U.
I think the idea is to do something that helps get ready for the day tomorrow. You could “tidy up” your plans instead – plan your day or prioritize your activities or make plans with a friend.

My “tidying up” primarily consists of preparing breakfast and lunch for the following day and laying out my workout gear so that I don’t have to think about any of that in the morning.

Annette J.
I have so many things I’d rather do than clean house and deal with mess. So I have tried and adjusted a number of things.

1. I hire a housekeeper. She comes every two weeks and deals with the dirt.

2. I rethink how things are organized. The easier it is to put things away, the more likely I am to do it. This means reorganizing things and getting rid of things I’m not using.
I q
3. I tell myself I only have to work on loading the dishwasher or reorganizing things for 5 minutes. Once I've started I usually do more than 5 minutes, but after 5 minutes I can stop.

4. I am dropping the perfection thing, so if my house is messy, it’s good enough.

Delfino Q.
I used be this way too, but then I realized the feeling I had when I was living in a cluttered and messy space was worse than my dislike for cleaning up. I now enjoy cleaning because it makes me feel accomplished when I do it. You can clearly see the product of your efforts and it is nice to relax in your newly clean space.
Louane Z.
I know this feeling. You may first have to force yourself to clean and tidy up. Bad feelings will come up and you’ll have to fight them. While cleaning up imagine yourself playing a game. It will make things easier when you see it as a challenge. It’s maybe hard to imagine how happy you’ll be when the room/house is clean while doing the annoying work but I promise you: when ur finished relief and joy will flow threw your body and your mind will feel as cleaned and ordert as the world that surrounds you.
Also is has to become an habit of yours. Every time you have nothing to do, pick up some clothes, bring books back in the bookshelf, clean the dishes and organize your desk. Step by step you will succeed. Once it has become a habit that is connected with positive emotions everything will be easy and you will not anymore dislike cleaning or tidying up. Hope I could help you in any way. Good luck.
Christian P.
Je moet schoonmaken dus dan moet je je er gewoom voor zetten en t doen. Meestal is jet lastig om er mee te beginnen en als je eenmaal begonnen ben is het goed. Je kan natuurlijk ook betaen voor een schoonmaker
Abbie P.
I’m not a fan of it either, but I like a clean house. I set a timer for 25 minutes and get through as much of a task (or as many tasks) as I can. Then I take a 5 minute break, and repeat if I have time.
Jeppe F.
We may not like the process of cleaning and tidying, as it can be exhausting, however. We must remember, “How does a clean living room make me feel? How do I feel when I walk in to my room at night, and the bed is made, the floor is clear?”
L Onard Z.
I would break it down into smaller tasks, clean as i go, instead of accumulating the dishes for example. Remind myself that i keep my environment clean because i care about myself
Gabrielle Y.
If you dislike cleaning & tiding up focus on how great & accomplished you’re going to feel when you are done. I like to Put some music on & enjoy the process. 😊
Soline A.
Try setting a timer for a short period of time- like 5 minutes. Then you can take a break and do another 5 minutes.

Or to make it more enjoyable listen to an entertaining podcast or audiobook while you tidy.

Caitlin O.
try to make it as comfortable as possible… you should put on some comfy clothes and listen to songs that motivate you!
Carter F.
We often are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task before us and decide that we don’t like to perform the task. The key to overcoming the overwhelm and dislike of a task is to break it into smaller tasks that are manageable. With respect to tidying up, you can pick a small (1 square foot) area that is messy. Keep that small area tidied up for 7 days. For the next 7 days increase the area to 2 square feet. Continue expanding your tidy area each week until you reach a ‘comfortable ‘ sized area to keep tidy.
Lori E.
Tidying/cleaning can be a pain if you let things pile up. The best way to stay clean is to clean as you go. Instead of throwing the mail on the counter/table, sort it now into trash/bills to pay/etc and put it away now. Instead of putting that bowl in the sink and walking away, take the 45 seconds to wash it. Most of our mess is an accumulation of little things. And when things stack up(and they will) just ask yourself which you like least: cleaning or living in a mess.
Mitchell P.
I hate cleaning and tidying up, too ! I crank up good music throughout the house and make little games out of cleaning. I try and beat my previous times on different chores. I also designate one chore daily so I’m not stuck cleaning the entire house on Saturdays
Linda C.
Do something that really puts you in a good mood like listening to music while cleaning so it doesn’t seem like you cleaned for long time. Personally I like buying organizers that I know will make my room or any room of the house look better which encourages me to do it. It really just depends on you and what you like.
Tristan W.
Start tidying up one item a day. Make decision about it. Keep it and find place for it or throw it away. Every day add one more item. At the 30th day you will finish 30 items daily. Watch Marie Kondo show on Netflix. She is the expert in tidying up and can help you with it more.
Aleixo F.
Hey, I never liked to clean up. But over the years it has become something to maintain my clarity. I use the time to de-clutter the house as well as my mind. Even if it’s listening to some music while I do the chore. It’s become a relaxing routine in my day to day. Giving me more time on the weekends to invest my time into things I enjoy.
Mirela A.
I typically use the time I clean as a me moment. I do my chores listening to a book on tape or podcast to make it entertaining and take my mind off the boring task at hand.
Carin Z.
I find that listening to music really helps me when I have to clean up. It doesn't have to be a particular playlist just the songs that you like at the moment. Cleaning can be very therapeutic and can help you feel energised and motivated. I know that it might not sound true but it is and I believe that if you have a go and do it with a happy mindset rather than going into it like it's a chore than you will really feel a difference. And don't forget the music!😘
Marin Z.
Sometimes doing things we don’t like doing will really benefit you more then you think and the faster you get it done the faster you can move on to what you want to do
Louane Q.
I used to hate cleaning until I bout Marie Kondo’s book. Her Konmari method to decluttering was motivating and even enjoyable.
August A.
Consider it a challenge where you feel successful once it is done. Working in 10 minute intervals prevents feeling overwhelmed. If you like checking things off a to do list do that. It’s a great feeling when you have checked everything off!
Rasmus G.
take 5-10 mins and just tidy up a little bit. By the end of the week you will have the whole house cleaner and tidy. It will become a habit and expectation you put on yourself
Mads P.
It'll make you feel a lot better and you will even overall feel a lot cleaner and more open. Just give it a try and maybe listen to some music whilst doing it, maybe you’ll like it ❤️
Christian O.
It’s all about mama having your resources. Remember: your time is a resource too. I hire a cleaner for two hours a fortnight. It costs one resource (money) to save another resource (time/energy/sanity!). Find out what it is worth to you.
Rachel J.
There are a couple of ways you could go about making cleaning up a little be more fun. If you’re competitive, you could keep score against yourself (eg. yesterday, you cleaned up 2 things, so today, you’ll aim for 3 or more). Or, you could start really small, like taking care of your wastebasket, fixing up your desk a little, or just straightening out your bed/curtains/rugs/etc. Maybe you could make it into a sort of game, or time yourself. The possibilities with making it a game are endless. Above all, know that cleaning up isn’t completely pointless as long as you go to some extent to keep the space clean.
Janet O.
Find someone willing to take time to clean your house/flat once every fortnight. Then you only have the small tasks to clean to keep on top
Leta J.
If it is hard for you to do cleaning and tidying up that can mean something is on your mind. Environment around us is the reflection of ourselves. When it’s a mess it means that there is a mess inside your brain. You may feel uncertainty, vulnerability, fear or emptiness. This feelings are projected on your environment indicating your condition.
When i sorted out the things that was bothering me i started to clean and tide up on daily basis. But if sometimes i feel like i don’t want to clean, i sit and reflect on myself asking what’s bothering me, what makes me feel so unpleasant? Try to ask yourself this question to and see what you can find
Sans O A.
I understand. The task of cleaning requires expending energy which goes against one of our three primal motivations: energy conservation, pain avoidance, and pleasure seeking. But if we’re focused on the task instead of the outcome, we will always be in a state of dread. It’s normal to not enjoy the task of cleaning, but if you’re able to change your perspective to be operating in mindfulness and gratitude while you work, you’ll not only find the task of cleaning more pleasurable, you’ll have a deep sense of gratitude for your possessions and for the space around you. For example, while you’re washing the dishes, you can be grateful for each dish as you’re scrubbing it saying thank you for allowing healthy food on you so my family could eat tonight. Thank you to your jeans as you fold them and become reacquainted with them for their service to you, for your towels and your t-shirts. Being mindful that so many others don’t get to live with such luxuries. Also, focusing on the finished product and how wonderful you will feel when the “clean counters” become a stronger pull for you emotionally than the dread of dirty dishes. Or the build up of your own self-image because you followed through. The reward being one of self-satisfaction and a growing sense of confidence because of your growing discipline practice. Good luck as you move through your journey of embracing choosing the best version of yourself daily, and your work of your own self-mastery.
Rafael U.
Everyone has something that they really dislike doing. I hate bathing and doing dishes. For me, I find I'm more likely to do it if I have a defined and limited amount of time I will be doing it so there is an end in sight. I also like to pair the tasks I don't like with something I do. Like a cup of tea while doing my budget or a podcast while I tidy. I also try to remember that consistency is not perfection and I can try again and again and again.
Abelardo Z.
1. Hire a housekeeper or trade your preferred skills with someone who can do it
2. Break it down into 5 or 10 minute tasks and just do one
3. Put things away as you use them
4. Find a way to make it pleasurable (listen to a podcast or music, make it physical exercise, get a friend to talk to you while you tidy, etc)
5. Simplify your environment so there’s less to manage (give away unused items, choose a smaller house or apartment to live in, etc.)
6. set up systems that make it simple and quick to stay tidy (put a container of Clorox wipes or Evo or other cleaning wipes under sinks and at end of day, take one and wipe out sink after you brush your teeth). Find other easy ways to build tidying into your existing routine in simple 1-3 minute tasks
Nino Z.
I do too. Congratulate yourself for any progress you make. I shout “whoo!” every time I put something in its place. I also follow the 2 minute rule: if you see something that needs to be done or cleaned that can be done in under 2 minutes (replacing the toilet paper, hanging up a jacket instead of tossing it across a chair) go ahead and take care of it. You’ll realize that you can get a lot done that way!
Marvin Z.
I really hate cleaning but it’s a necessity for healthy living. I just need to get motivated to do it.This app truly helps nudge me in the right direction.
Avery F.
I think it’s important to tidy up and clean because it makes you more conscious of the space you have and the things you own. I often end up finding items I was considering repurchasing because I couldn’t find them. Not liking to tidy up is something I struggle with as well. It’s a never-ending task. There’s always more to do. I think once you get in the habit of cleaning you will start enjoying it.
Sofia P.
I don’t really dislike it – more that I’d like to be more efficient at it. How to do that? First thoughts are to have less stuff, flow in the home and every thing has its place.. now to start..
Alfred C.
Listen to music or stories with headphones, or call a friend, while you are doing it. Have a posted chart (“brag wall”) where you write down what was done.
Keep visualizing what you want the space to look like.
Darren O.
Because I see very little progress after a lot of time. I am overwhelmed by all of the different tasks and rooms that need to be done and I can’t seem to just do one – and for my family I can’t really only choose one. I am also always tired.
James T.
Think of it as an investment in the health of your space or your nest. Ultimately it will decrease stress and leave you feeling accomplished.
Isabella F.
Try to make it as fun as possible! I usually put on some dancing music and clean while I dance (this is part of my exercise routine). Start small. If you try to do too much, you’ll just remember how much you hate it and you won’t do it again. Start with maybe choosing a room and pick up 5 things that don’t belong and return them. Choose a different room the next day, etc. Eventually it will look tidier and you might be able to handle doing more!
Gabriel Z.
find something that doesnt feel like cleaning to start with. make your bed, straighten your books, fold laundry. or just focus on one section per night, like your desk or closet.
Candice Z.
I’d say start small. I’m also the same way, and I find getting systems that simplify work best. Have you checked out the home organization for ADD people book? That’s been helpful for me. One of its tips is to have small dishes or trays for stray stuff: keys, hair ties. I also have a big wood tray on my bathroom counter. If I can’t do a lot, I will often just start with putting all make up and other products upright, with lids on, in the tray. It helps a lot!
Nora P.
Just force yourself to do a little bit, even if it’s just two minutes, regularly. Eventually you will see a big difference in your life, even after what feels like minimal effort.
Aleu Q.
If you don’t like cleaning up do it in short intervals. Instead of doing all of your cleaning in one day, simply split it up into 5-10 minutes a day. Remember any progress is progress!
Miguel O.
La accion de limpiar puede no ser la mas placentera en mi caso me funciona recordar como me siento cuando todo esta limpio y en su lugar, ese sentimiento de bienestar me ayuda a hacer la tarea.
Dylan Y.
No one really likes to clean up but it has a therapeutic result for me. It allows me to organize my day and feel good about the result of having a clean space. If my space is dirty and disorganized I have a tougher time thinking.
Graciliana A.
In my opinion I think cleaning is a way to calm nerves and release stress. If you don’t like cleaning you should focus on doing one thing at a time, instead of everything at once. For example one day pick up garbage around your living space. Maybe the next day vacuum or mop. You need to pace yourself. If you do to much at a time you’ll get tired and stressed. Another possibility is to take breaks between tasks. You could have a snack or even watch an episode on TV. Also, it’s a possibility to ask someone for help, like you partner or child. Get yourself in the habit of cleaning and then you won’t hate it as much.
Axelle Y.
You can try ways to make it fun like playing some music while you’re at it, and doing it for a short amount of time so it won’t feel like such a big task.
Adam Z.
I really can’t stand cleaning and ‘tidying up’ myself, but I have to keep in mind how much better I, myself, feel when I’m finished with the particular goal I set for myself for the day. I’ve found that no two people are the same but in general you have to look into yourself for the positive and use it to motivate you.
Lav Nia E.
Most people do dislike tidying up. I challenge my family to do speed cleaning in 5 minute bursts. I find that we can get most rooms looking semi presentable in 5 minutes. So even if you don’t like it, you have only spent 5 minutes.
Joel A.
I try to focus on the feeling of accomplishment and relief I get at the end of a job done along with getting rid of the nagging and unpleasant feeling of an unfinished business. I also divide it into two parts, saying to myself “I’ll do only one of them” but after finishing the first just go on and finish the second. That feeling of relief is a great reward in itself.
Emily U.
All people don't like cleaning. But it is the most important thing for your health. You can do this when listening to your lovely music, for example ))
Cl Vis Q.
I try to incorporate things I like when I clean. For example, playing music or listening to a podcast. Or if it’s in my room I’ll turn a tv show on. Sometimes I’ll reward myself if I finish it.
Sylvia P.
The best thing to do when you don’t like cleaning 🧹 or tidying up is to listen to your favorite music 🎶 . With each step or item you touch, you’re singing along and the time flies. Always be sure to start with a clear simple objective in mind and use the baby 👶 steps method. Instead of saying “I’m going to clean 🧼 out the garage” in the 20 minutes or whatever you give yourself, say that you’re going to clear out 5 boxes 📦 or arrange all of the gardening supplies to the left of the door 🚪 Always have clear simple
Objectives and the music makes the time fly!!
Indal Cio C.
I would try to shift my attitude and take it one step at a time. Think of tidying and cleaning up as normal as breathing. As we breathe in we pick up something and put it in its home. Everything must have a home so either make a home or decide if you even need the item. Maybe there is so much stuff it is too overwhelming to clean. Paring down and making a place for everything makes it more fun and rewarding to clean and tidy. By removing dust and opening space for energy or “chi” to move you are increasing your happiness and well-being. Everything begins to flow better in life.
Frederik X.
Start by deciding to do some cleaning and tidying, but for a very short time – say two or three minutes. Tidy a small area, or tidy away just one or two items, or clean a small surface.
Even if you don’t really like cleaning and tidying, you may like the results and the benefits you notice might include: more space, cleaner air, things easier to find, fewer germs, home more inviting to guests, easier to move around, more available kitchen surfaces, etc.
Angie E.
Break the task into small items. For example, to clean the bathroom just do the toilet one day, sweep all the floors the next, wash all the mirrors, the next, etc. When I see progress is made it gives me energy to do the next small thing.
David O.
I divide up the tasks for each day so I never have to spend too much time on one task. Also making it into a reward system! Oh I got this whole room cleaned? I get my favorite dessert after dinner.
Avery J.
Try not to push yourself to do ALL of the things at once. If you only finish the dishes one day that’s okay. Look at it as implementing time to clean daily – not doing everything at one time. I don’t think anyone likes doing that!
Katherina U.
I really disliked cleaning and tidying up in the beginning. There would be wrappers on the floor and clothes flowing out of my closet. What worked for me was cleaning up EVERYTHING one time. After everything was clean, I decorated my room nicely. Once I did that I was able to keep my room clean because I enjoyed looking at it decorated nicely, haha. Each day at the end of the day I just tidy up my desk and anything else, but it isn’t ever much anymore. I’ve gotten into the habit of picking up after myself now!
Ida X.
I suggest making a playlist that gets you pumped up and movin and in no time you’ll be to busy to notice that you’re all done with cleaning that’s what I do and I think it works wonders
Karlheinz F.
Set a timer so you only have to clean and tidy for a short length of time then afterwards give yourself a much loved reward. This will give you an incentive to to clean and tidy.
Mae E.
There are different things you can try. For instance, you need to find a way to make it fun. You like the result? Do you? Keep that in mind while tidying up! But also if you just put it in your routine I’m sure it is gonna work for you. Put on some nice music. You don’t have to tidy up really intense! Do it on a nice and relaxing tempo! I believe in you! You can make this work!
Gloria Z.
Do it anyway, but only for a ridiculously short time until it becomes less of a “drag”. Set your goal so low that it becomes easy to reach. I like to start with just 5 minutes and a small area. This way the challenge is so small that you are bound to master it. Anyone can clean something for 5 minutes, right?! Once I have started, I usually notice that it is also very satisfying to have at least one are neat and clean, and I keep going on a little longer.
Julia Q.
Break your tasks down into small doable steps. Put just one thing on your a list for the day. Doing the small stuff in life has great rewards
Elias P.
Defining your goal and the time you give to it may help. For example, maybe you would be better off if you make it tidying OR cleaning. Maybe you say I will clean one sink (in 10 minutes) rather than I will clean the whole house or the entire bathroom
Maur Cia O.
Think about how you’ll after you’ve done the task, vs how you would feel if you hadn’t done it. You’d have a clearer mindset, whereas a messy space can cause stress. Focus on the end result.
Ruth F.
Tidying is so important because without a clean healthy tidy environment you will not be able to motive yourself. You will be more likely to stay in bed depressed the next morning.
Noah X.
I like to use cleaning as “me” time. This often means watching a movie while I clean, or listening to a podcast. Sometimes I use it as a mindfulness practice, trying to stay present as I clean.
Camila J.
I then put on some uplifting music to then get the mood going for cleaning. And try to visualize a clean space to get started.
Mathilde F.
For me tidying up has always been a coping skill for my anxiety and depression but i understand it is difficult. I try to turn on music that is upbeat or turn on a podcast to listen to while i do it. Sometimes if i need to feel motivated i just start with something small like dusting off the counter with a rag and usually gain momentum that way.
Tim O.
While most of us find cleaning a boring task, the benefits that come with it make it much more enjoyable. Setting aside 10 minutes everyday to clean is much easier than 3 hours once a week, and really does make the difference. It helps reduce stress and ease the mind
Rodney C.
Well, you can break up the cleaning into categories for example, today I’ll clean the bathroom tomorrow I’ll work on the bedroom. When it comes to cleaning I clean everything at least once a week. And then during the week I just keep the house as tidy as possible so by the end of the week I won’t have to stress so much over what has to be done. I too have lazy moments, but if I do a little bit at a time, it helps a long way.
Alice C.
Ask yourself in what house or condition do I want to live? Then decide what you want to invest in time effort and money in achieving this. Then go for it and make it work and enjoy the results!