Do you have any tips for organization and making things LOOK neater?

Ir Na X.
"10 minutes rule". Every eve having 10 minutes timer to clean up the room. As much as you get done.
10 munites in the morning to make the bed and prepare workspace.
10 minutes excercize in the morning.
Tamren N.
Baskets help out a lot. I forget where I got that tip but I started collecting nice baskets. The ones that are covered are even better. Decluttering also helps. Sometimes things can look not so clean and neat just because there’s just too much stuff.
Gabrielle T.
I love organizing, so I have a thing for cute containers to categorize everything. A big thing is to either give away or throw away things you know you wouldn’t use at all. It’s difficult to part from things I know, but I promise if it’s something you know you won’t use, you will not remember it later.
Heather P.
Look online for hygge and minimalism. Once you find what makes you feel warm and cozy, you may find you don’t need so much organization. Life is so complicated. Simplify where you can.
Lukas P.
Minimize. You don't have to follow minimalist style, but really think about if you need 35 drinking glasses or 8 pairs of jeans.
Also, make flat surfaces clear… there is nothing under my bed and nothing but a lamp (and phone) on my nightstand. All kitchen appliances are in cabinets except for the coffee maker and toaster because we use them every day. Do you use a springform pan or is it just dead weight?
Living with nothing isn't helpful, but living with everything is a burden as well 💚
Martin Z.
Storage bins instead of loose items, or if items are loose (like dishes in a cabinet) then space in between items or stacks. Spacing and empty space in between things to give them some definition helps a lot!
Zoe O.
Wicker baskets lend a lot of character to a room in my experience, while looking good, whether they are full, halfway full, or slightly overflowing. Also, while some places in a room can be quite cluttered, such as shelves, a windowsill or that corner of your countertop, it always helps to keep a few places entirely clean, such as your most used table for meals, your desk, the place of yoir countertop where you work most often. For me, the only thing on my tables are plants. Hope you will succeed in creating a home that supports you! And remember, you are free to experiment and change your opinion on what works and looks best.