How can I keep my space clean all the time

Mayara Z.
Bueno creo que es importante ir de apoco es decir cada vez que tienes algo o ensucies, lo recojas y lo limpies y así al final no se te juntara todo, al principio puede costar un poco pero con el tiempo lo harás automáticamente.
Have a great day and a great life 🙏🏻🌺

Mariyam N.
My dad used to say that keep cleaning along with doing normal stuff like you pass by your desk and see books out, just put em back in and continue your normal work, also take a few hours to label everything and have a space for it

Folker X.
Every little thing you do, you should put back to its place when you are done and leave nothing for later. That way everything will be tidy and they won't built up to then be too much to handle.