What is the best way to sit for meditation? I am having trouble feeling still and comfortable while meditating.

Lily J.
I like crossing my legs.. you know! Like umm ur legs get folded on one another so you put down ur right leg then u put ur left leg under the right 🙌🏼👏🏼 It comforts 🥰🌈😉😆
Theresa J.
Taking a shower will help you before sleeping, being in a clean and silent place is useful too. Once you feel the benefits of mediation you will keep to do. Do not force yourself, just motivate yourself to feel relaxed
Sally P.
I either sit, lie down or stand up to meditate, the main goal for me is to breathe and clear my head. It just depends on how I feel and where I am.
If I lie down, I’ll close my eyes and breathe in and out every few seconds.
If I’m sitting, I either sit like I’m at a table or a desk or I sit in the lotus position to relax. If I’m standing up, I focus my eyes on the horizon and breathe. I just listen to what my body says and if it is not relaxed, it makes it harder for me to meditate
Rachel O.
I personally like to lie on my bed, I usually meditate before I go to sleep as I find this relaxes me. I have trouble sleeping (menopause!), I also lay on an acupressure mat which is surprisingly relaxing.
Tom T.
Start with the breath.
Relax and soften.
Try leaning back on your hands with your chin raised, or folding over with forehead on the ground.
If sitting isn’t comfortable, lie down.
Just get comfortable so the discomforts won’t distract your mind.
Noah Y.
Anyway is fine. Being still is key but if you cannot settle than pace until you can. But don’t stop. Keep practicing.
Sometimes I stand or lye down but usually I sit.
Kiara Z.
I’m no expert, but you can either use a chair and then you stop having to worry, or you sit on a comfortable meditation cushion and you have to practice keeping your back up straight within tensing your entire body. The position should be upright and straight without feeling stiff or tense. What can help is breathing slowly in and out and relaxing after you’ve gotten your back straight.
Michaele U.
The best way is the most comfortable. I got one of those foam kitchen mats and I put either a yoga mat or a fluffy floor rug in top. I sit on one pillow and put another one behind my back and lean against the wall. I have very tight hips and knee problems so I stretch my legs out a little until it feels better. I’m hoping I will get better at this posture with time so I can just sit like normal. 😀
Brayden S.
Perhaps you have some restless energy in your body before you sit down to mediate? Try going for a walk first, or perhaps a bit of some other form of exercise. Also, practice makes it easier. It will feel awkward at first, and you will easily get distracted. But the mind is like a muscle, keep flexing it!
Lohan Q.
The best way to sit is comfortably! So if the position you’re choosing doesn’t work, change it. You don’t have to sit on a hard floor. You can sit on a chair or stool. I often put a cushion under my hips so my hips are higher than my knees (i sit on my yoga mat with a bolster under my hips). Prioritize your comfort, so you can be less distracted by the body.
Emilie U.
If you can’t get comfortable sitting for meditation, then try laying down. You’ll still be able to feel your body connect with its surroundings…there are headspace meditations made for being in bed! (Granted, they’re for falling asleep). It’s more important that your mind is focusing on the meditative act than your pose, so just cut out the distracting discomfort.