What are some of the decluttering lessons you learned recently?

Christine U.
Decluttering has opened my eyes about how much stuff I have that I never use just because I feel like I have to keep it. I learned that even if someone gave it to me, if I think I will need it in the future, or if my mom likes a certain clothing item, if I don’t like it. I will never wear it. Why is it collecting dust in my closet? I can add something I do like and will wear instead of storing unflattering clothing pieces.
L Cio Y.
An important decluttering lesson that I’ve recently learned is that you need to be in the right headspace when cleaning out and decluttering. Otherwise, it can be stressful and sometimes even emotional.
Fabienne O.
I’ve learned that the sooner and more frequent you de clutter, the more efficient everything becomes. You start knowing where everything is and how important objects really are to you. I read recently that if you think of your possessions as your own ecosystem, it makes it easier to remove irrelevant things from your life. Living in a 335 square foot appartment, clutter is the biggest issue I’ve had. I have never gotten a chance to create my own space and keep it clean and organized. Adding the 10 minute clean into my nightly routine has helped keep me on track with decluttering and cleaning.
Romain E.
Decide how much of the type of items you want to keep, get containers for them and if you have more than the container holds than you probably don’t need that many items. It’s hard to see the big picture when sorting through the details so best to look at the big picture first.
Carolina C.
People are attached to their stuff like a cocoon. A dusty cocoon. I am going to need to bring a few things out per day, otherwise it gets tiring and overwhelming to bring everything at once.
Oc Ane Y.
Watching the marie condo show on Netflix definitely helped. Finding a place for each belonging, folding and using smaller boxes to organize has been really helpful.
Sylvana F.
Tidy a small area in one room first then the next area in the room then when you’ve finished, move on to a different room etc.
Lucas O.
To set a time each day and focus on one area at a time. Also, don’t get bogged down in memories. Seperate piles in to: KEEP in use, DONATE, and STORAGE.
Valeria X.
It has taught me that it makes me feel less mentally and emotionally cluttered. If I can tidy up each day just a little bit: that makes all the difference for the entire week for me. That way I’m not overloaded on a day that should be spending relaxing.
Liliana G.
I think the thing that has been the most helpful for me has been getting someone else’s support and having someone to help motivate me and realize that it isn’t something insurmountable. I try to just do little bits at a time and pick one area to focus on for a while so I can get in the habit of keeping that area clean and free of clutter.
Telmo Q.
I do clutter as I go. If I open a drawer and I haven’t used something for a year I’ll donate it to the Salvation Army. I keep a bag always ready to do that and drop them off once a week.
Am Lcar N.
I’ve recently been living by “if you can’t remember the last time you wore/used it and can’t think of when you will next, get rid of it”
Swen U.
A tidy environment and space helps you feel more relaxed and serene. Tidy mind helps you to achieve things more productively. Read or listen to Mary kundos the life changing magic of tidying for all the key principles but it’s about taking each segment of your house or life and fully decluttering all at once and only keeping things that spark joy in your life
Clara Z.
I learned to do a little bit at a time is better to wait on the moment to have the time to do a whole area. And it’s a good motivator to see a small area near and clean. It makes you want to tackle another one.
Clayton R.
I love doing it for just ten minutes a day like the app suggests. This makes it a less daunting task and I feel more organized
Jonathan Y.
You dont have to de-clutter all at once. Instead, work it into your daily activities—a part of your morning, afternoon, and/or evening routines. I find it more manageable, less intimidating. And it is amazing how much can be accomplished in just 5 minutes if you focus on a very small area at a time.
Jairo Q.
I try not to do it all at one time. Make everything into smaller tasks, and complete them in between other things. If you're watching TV, get up and start a load of laundry during the commercial break. If you're a writer, stop and do the dishes after you finish a page. The work seems less overwhelming in small bites.
Leta C.
Clutter is definitely something that makes me feel more stressed. I should definitely make it a priority to keep the spaces around me clean, especially in the areas where I choose to study or do work. It’s also apparent in the fact that I hate sitting at messy tables at restaurants and why I no longer like sitting at booths for cheap restaurants (Applebee’s, Chili’s, etc.). I need to make more of an effort to keep my surroundings clean. I think I’m gonna need to do some decluttering in my room when my table finally gets set up
Alvin P.
If you don’t love it or don’t use it don’t keep it.
Decorate with items you use not just stuff. (i.e. clear canisters of different color lentils/rice in the kitchen or pretty tea cups and tea pots)
Remember grandma threw stuff away too. Therefore don’t keep it around just because it was your grandmas.
Broken items or items that don’t work either fix it now or throw it away. If you don’t have the money to repair it now—remember getting rid of it now is inexpensive.
Sell items before they loose value.
Lawrence F.
I cleaned my entire closet bucket simply picking up and putting away, throwing away, or donating one item, every time I went into the closet.
Lloyd J.
I’m very organized. My environment is always clean and tidy and so is my mentality. I’m very disciplined. However, I’ve learned how to (start) decluttering my thoughts. My mentality is very straightforward but when it comes to stress and anxiety, my brain becomes beyond cluttered. I’ve learned how to sit down and breathe. It’s a very simple task, yet it has helped me declutter my thoughts and put me in the present moment. Meditation has also helped me declutter myself. I like to do the body scan meditation because I feel more grounded and connected to this earth and to my own self. I’ve learned to clear my brain if anything and everything while meditating. I’m not a pro at it yet, but I can see significant changes in my every day thoughts.
Lo C Q.
I have learned not to put off things that Ineed to accomplish…

These include taking my medicine, grooming myself… Etc

Jeffrey J.
I am currently reading the minimalist home by Joshua Becker. As I am going along in the book, I am trying a few things. One tip I have learned is to immediately get any items out of the house that I am either throwing away or giving away. If either of these items stay in the house, my tendency is to look through them and pick out anything I think I might need. Another tip is to organize as I Declutter. I make sure that I have appropriate containers on hand for organizational purposes. I like pretty containers for open spaces, and modular containers for closed ones. For sock drawers, I love my sock organizer, which has spaces for all my pair of socks, while allowing me to see the color and type.
Jo S S.
I learned to focus on giving yourself me time and even cleaning or meditating helps you focus and declutter and once you get in the habit of doing that you will begin to feel more time consumed
Katrina X.
If the next season, you haven’t used it, worn it, or forgot you had it, then it’s time to donate it, sell it or bin it!
Pasquale X.
Minimalism! Trying to rid my house of things that no longer serve a purpose and that just cause clutter and chaos! I think back to when we moved into our apartment, but didn’t bring the majority of our possessions home until the next day. It was so nice and free of clutter, then bam! Messy and disorganized.
Dorian E.
10 mins is and isn’t a long time but it makes such a ginormous difference either way you look at it. 10 mins a night helps so much, obviously the apt looks and feels much better but an added benefit I hadn’t really expected was HOW MUCH mental and emotional satisfaction it brings. Little messes pile up but cleaning up each day keeps that from happening so it actually stays nice.
Naod S.
If I can spend 10 minutes a day picking up around my house I don’t feel nearly as cluttered. There is still clutter, but overall I’m more relaxed because I put away several things. You’d be amazed how much you can do in 10 minutes once you start.
Jessie X.
Decluttering your space is also decluttering your mind. Having a cleaned space is opening your mind for new possibilities and maybe life changing situation. Also, having your home, your space, your sacred escape space clean will create a space for you to reset yourself and a space to let go of experience. Because you created a space you don’t have to worry about because it is decluttered.
Dianne O.
After you are done cleaning your living area or workspace. Not only do you feel better you are able to be way more productive. Which means you can finish your work faster and easier since nothing is obstructing your way and mind from thinking.
Magnus A.
To care about myself and my health e.g. having makeovers make my self look pretty drink water have a good body and so on
Signe P.
only keep what truly brings you joy and happiness, tidying up every day for even just 10 mins can make a big difference on clutter and dirt.
Alexis J.
I have learned that you should donate things that do not spark joy to you, and that when you get read of clothes that you should empty all of them out onto your bed to see how much you actually have. That makes it easier to decide what to get read of.
Mark N.
Going through all of my belongings once in a while sustains my overview of my home. I often look for things I don’t need anymore and try too pass them on to someone else. For instance if I haven’t worn a specific piece of clothes for a couple of years, then I would rather give it to charity than have it take up space in my closet.
Telmo Q.
Not to be afraid to throw things you no longer use away. I have a son and a husband who are attached to their things. But it causes such a clutter that they would live with a mess than a neater room. There is nothing wrong in letting go of what you don’t need anymore.
Lisuarte F.
I have learned that decluttering makes me feel clean. It gives me a small sense of accomplishment, which then pushes me into wanting to be more productive within other tasks. Simple acts of decluttering, such as making my bed in the morning and tidying-up at night, helps keep my mind clean and fresh. If I have a clean and organized work space, I will be much more productive and willing to work.
Margarida S.
I always ask myself, “when is the last time I used this?” and, “am I likely to use this anytime soon?”. I have to be very honest with myself but it’s worth it!
Enora C.
I learned a that being clean and organized helps me feel better. Not only does it help me feel better knowing I come home to a clean house or work in am organized space, I notice I feel better about myself and my accomplishments.
Liam Z.
Well, I have learned that journey to perfection doesn’t exist. The perfection we imagine is just our brains challenge to see if we actually know what we want.
Johanne W.
I have been focusing on filing and by that I mean keeping the things I need at hand and having a place to put things I want to save in a place where I know I can find them.

Before I save anything, I seriously think about how important they may be in future. Do I really expect to use it again. Can I easily re-create it etc

To avoid saving it just for memory’s sake, I tell myself that I’m not running a museum.

Leslie F.
Go through mail with the trash can. If it is not worth reading right away, you won’t get to it. Also, change your clothes directly into your laundry basket when the baskets full do a load of laundry. You can sort it right from the basket and only wash the items that are the right color.
Anatole C.
Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t throw it away, put it away. Pull it out later to reflect from a distance and then use it like water to learn/grow.
Rhonda Z.
So I’m a bit of a musician, and when it comes to band practice cables the electric instruments tend to go everywhere. I’ve put up hooks in my room to hang the cables up afterwards. So I would say it’s important to give yourself an infrastructure to be able to declutter.
H Ber Q.
I like cleaning my room sometimes, as it can get quite relaxing. However, I can be quite distracted sometimes. Do you have any advice for me?
Christian X.
Put any rubbish u see in the bin rather than saying I’ll do it later and put clothes away and put things on ur desk in piles and tidy the table and ur home will feel neater
Amanda W.
Doing 10 minutes of tidying and also doing 10 minutes of organising. (using a calendar) Helps greatly with keeping on top of the clutter that accumulates in life.
Juliane Q.
It’s better to declutter frequently and for a shorter amount of time. Right when you think about putting something in “the pile”, pick a true place for it to go. A night time tidying before bed sets up the next day for success.
Liara E.
I desired to start with a project that I have wanted to do for a long time but it always felt overwhelming. I have a difficult time getting rid of clothes so my closets are a mess. I have clothes that span nearly 15 years of accumulation. I desided I would commit to getting rid of anything I haven’t worn in the past year. I committed to working on it for 30 minutes. I filled one large trash bag in about 20 minutes and freed up a lot of space. It felt great, I accomplished my goal! Next week I will work on another closet. It took years of accumulating clothes and hanging onto things I will never wear again. I do not feel overwhelmed taking on this task in small increments and setting incremental goals. Now I have a huge bag of clothes I can donate.
Lori J.
I learned that delcuttering opens up space in your life for other things. It allows for more focus, less distraction and a sense of peace
Oraldina Q.
That one can’t expect to accomplish a long lasting goal in one day… it takes time, patience, self control, memory, and self love to truly understand the reason behind your actions.
Margie F.
It’s alright to get rid of stuff you really like, if you’re not using it. Uncomfortable shoes, clothes that don’t fit you now, stationary and desk items, things that may have cost a lot can go if they aren’t being used.
Christian G.
Be honest with yourself about whether or not you truly need to keep the item. Will you use it or have you just grown used to it being with you. Everything should have a purpose not just a place.
Christof O.
The book of Marie Condo is awesome. Her idea’s do help me to be strict in what I really want/need and things that are more ballast!